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Banksia is distinguished from other Proteaceae by the dense flower spikes and distinctive woody follicles. The gentleman slips into his Kracherte (leather pants) and Haferlschuhe (Bavarian rugged shoes), while the lady opts for a dirndl — ranging from the traditional long cotton dirndl to sexy couture. Anyone who still wants to continue partying can find one of the numerous Oktoberfest after-parties. I'll explain how weapons work in this game as well as let you know of the upgrades options you have.
Weapon Types - All the types of weapons you can use in the game and explanations on when to use each. Armor Types - All the types of armor you can use in the game and what the different types mean. Crossbow - Ranged weapon that is great for keeping distance, staggering, and knocking enemies out of the air. Melee Weapons - Besides the steel and silver swords, you can get other weapons, such as axes or maces. These armor types have different defense values depending on type, but there is also something important to know about them. Cat School Techniques - Each piece of light armor increases critical hit damage by 25% and fast attack damage by 5%. Griffin School Techniques - Each piece of medium armor increases Sign intensity by 5% and Stamina regeneration by 5%.

Bear School Techniques - Each piece of heavy armor increases maximum Vitality by 5% and strong attack damage by 5%. On the other hand, you can get a 100% increase to critical damage and 25% increase to fast attack damage by getting the Cat School Techniques skill and equipping full light armor. You can get 2 or all 3 of them if you wish, but with limited skill slots, you probably should not do that.
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During the weeks that follow, traditional fraternities and Munich’s youth come and go in a continuous stream. In 2005 the owners ran out of fleas shortly before the start of the Oktoberfest, but helpful dog owners were able to rescue the circus just in time. The passenger jumps to get on a treadmill moving at high speed to get to the the top of the 100-foot-high tower.
While you sit with a few other volunteers on a giant rotating disk, the staff makes every effort to get you to fall off. If you don’t want to take a taxi or the subway, there are plenty of clubs near the Oktoberfest grounds.
There are several types of runestones, which can add anything from increased sign intensity to a poison damage to your weapon.

If you like to use Signs a lot, like me, investing in the Griffin School Techniques skill is a good idea. They give things like resistances to certain damage types, sign intensity, and attack power.
Staying there with a rising blood alcohol content level is a true challenge — and real fun for spectators and participants alike. Check out the Runestone guide for full details on all the possible runestones and diagrams to craft them. Then, try to get medium armor for all 4 pieces to get an increase of 25% in Sign intensity and Stamina regeneration. You likely already know this, but avoid head and neck shots on an elk with a bow.Firearm hunters have basically the same option, with a neck shot added for skilled shooters. Since elk are broader and have larger intestinal tracts, arrows shot at them in the quartering away position are not as ideal as they would be with smaller deer. Shoot from different positions, but always with the same equipment and clothing you plan on taking into the field.
But when you’re ready for the field, hopefully this guide will help make that quick decision and lead to a n ethically harvested animal.What other pointers would you include for elk hunting shot placement?

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