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The workshop on advanced communication skills is aimed at improving the general interpersonal interaction of the participants with a special focus on handling various social situations, making impressive presentations as well as faring well in Group discussions and interviews of all kinds. The course will not only focus on the essentials of effective communication in all the above situations but will also provide a platform to participants to practice their skills and receive corrective feedback. Students, working professionals, businessmen and all those who need to communicate well as a part of their profession.
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Skills required by all FSA employees at all levels in every area to perform their functions, accomplish FSA's strategic goals, and maintain its current operations. In today's world, cultural communication is very common and can sometimes be an issue if you don't know how to handle it when you come across it.
This continuous professional development (CPD) programme is aimed at professionals who wish to develop their leadership skills. This (CDP) programme is aimed at professionals of all levels who would like to improve their leadership skills and for organisations who wish to develop talent from within.

It will eventually equip them with adequate proficiency to be better communicators and thereby to develop impressive personalities.
Participants will gain an understanding of leadership roles and they will develop their skills and knowledge to lead, supervise and to manage resources effectively to achieve organisational and personal goals.

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