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Much of the ICT research and development in the 7th Framework Programme was build on and extend the work carried out in the previous programme (FP6 2002-2006).
This page provides you with access to details on projects in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Research topics cover a wide range of ICT fields (see the image), and with one click on the project acronym in the image of clusters you will find the respective Project Synopsis. ACTIVE technology aims at increasing the productivity of knowledge workers through tools that leverage hidden factual and procedural knowledge. ADVANCE will develop an innovative predictive-analysis-based decision support platform for novel competitive strategies in logistics operations.
ALIADA will automatize the publication in the Linked Open Data cloud of open data hosted by different Library or Collection Management Software. ANSWER assists the creative artist to record a distilled, clear, accurate description of the media she wishes to create.
APIDIS will investigate the automatic extraction of intelligent content from networks of multi-modal sensors.
AXLE focuses on automatic scaling of complex analytics, while addressing the full requirements of real data sets. BioASQ will push for a solution to the information access problem of biomedical experts by setting up a challenge on biomedical semantic indexing and question answering (QA). Big Data is an emerging field where innovative technology offers alternatives to resolve the inherent problems that appear when working with huge amounts of data, providing new ways to reuse and extract value from information. BIOPOOL objective is to build a system able to link pools of digital data managed by biobanks (comprised by histological digital images of the biologic material and the data associated to these images) and to develop added value services for the exploitation of this information (data sharing, image visualization, text and image based search queries and advanced functions such as region-of-interest extraction or automated pathology information extraction in certain cancer types). BYTE will contribute to the formulation of a strategy that defines the research efforts and policy necessary for the realisation of the big data economy through a consideration of the positive and negative societal externalities associated with big data. CASAM will facilitate the synergy of human and machine intelligence to significantly speed up the task of human-produced semantic annotation of multimedia content. The project COMSODE is an SME-driven RTD project aimed at progressing the capabilities in the Open Data re-use field.
CODE focuses on research papers as a source for mining facts and their integration into LOD repositories and light-weight ontologies. The constantly growing amounts of data and an emerging trend of incorporating unstructured data into analytics is bringing new challenges to Business Intelligence (BI). CUBIST is an EU-funded research project which envisions to leverage BI to a new level of precise and user-friendly analytics of data. While in recent years a large number of datasets has been published as open (and often linked) data, applications utilizing these open and distributed data have been rather few.
The goal of the Dicode project is to facilitate and augment collaboration and decision making in data-intensive and cognitively-complex settings.
The use and disclosure of personal information for private and business life is a major trend in information society. DOPA will enable European SMEs to become key players in the global data economy, as the impacts of the DOPA RTD activities will likely materialize in both the supply and in the demand side of B2B vertical market segments of the data related services. EUCases will develop a unique pan-European law and case law Linking Platform transforming multilingual legal open data into linked open data after semantic and structural analysis. EUCLID will facilitate professional training for data practitioners aiming to use Linked Data in their daily work, through a curriculum implemented as a combination of living learning materials and activities (eBook series, webinars, face?to?face training), validated by the user community through continuous feedback. FERARI Vision: the project intends to exploit the structured nature of M2M data while retaining the flexibility required for handling unstructured data elements.
Since 1999, over 16 large-scale national body scanning surveys have been conducted around the world (six in Europe) gathering 3D shape data from over 120,000 subjects (~50,000 Europeans). How to focus on the relevant while making financial decisions in a world of information overkill?
The FIRST project provides an information extraction, information integration and decision making infrastructure for information management in the financial domain. Information is amongst the most valuable assets in the financial industry and reducing information asymmetries and increasing transparency by providing a fast, real-time, automatic and more comprehensive information base can help preventing false decisions. The study of marine ecosystems is vital for understanding environmental effects, such as climate change and the effects of pollution, but is extremely difficult because of the inaccessibility of data.
GAPFILLER project aims at filling the gap between big manufacturers and SMEs by providing the researchers and developers' community with a unique extensible data pool enabling performances prediction and simulation of new Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based applications and algorithms. Fusepool develops an user-adaptive «Living Knowledge Pool» for product development and re-search.
The goal is to make publishing and reuse of linked data as easy as possible for end user and data developers based on a thriving market economy with data publishers, developers, and consumers along the value chain.
Making data reusable and interoperable within and outside the organization requires a fundamentally different approach to ‘storing’ knowledge.
The advent of the Data Web demonstrates how Web technologies can be employed to integrate dispersed, heterogeneous information. IKS creates a technology platform for semantically enabled content and knowledge management, targeted at small to medium CMS technology providers.
IMPART will research, develop and evaluate intelligent information management solutions for 'big data' problems in the field of digital cinema production. INSEMTIVES will develop process methodologies for the creation of semantic annotations for different types of Web resources, jointly exploiting human intelligence, community effects and automatic machine processing. The instrumentation of the world with diverse sensors, smart phones, and social networks acquires exascale data that offer the potential of enhanced science and services.
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The project will advance research and integrate technologies to realise the vision of an integrated and contextualised knowledge workspace, which will result in the ACTIVE Knowledge Workspace. It will provide a dual perspective on transport requirements and decision making dependent on the latest snapshot information and the best higher-level intelligence. ALIADA will support the whole life cycle of reuse of multilingual open data from public bodies, initially the ones in the consortium, providing a usable and open source tool that automatize the selection, publication and linking of datasets in the Linked Data Cloud by the ALIADA users.
The project will produce a notion system (DirectorNotation) for describing the creation of multimedia content.
It will exploit the knowledge to automate the production of video content for controlled scenarios (sports events or surveillance). ASAP assumes that no single execution model is suitable for all types of tasks and no single data model (and store) is suitable for all types of data.
One of the main tenets of biobanking is the digitization of our genomic information for its archival and analysis.
BIOPOOL aims to establish an intelligent biobank network, demonstrating the potential of this data pool for medical research, diagnosis and educational activities.
Positive and negative externalities refer to the effects of a decision by stakeholders such as industry, scientists, policy-makers and other decision-makers that have an impact on a third party (especially members of the public).
The project will deal with the task of aggregating human and machine knowledge with the ultimate target of minimizing human involvement in the annotation procedure. Hence, it will leverage the wealth of knowledge contained in research publications on a semantic, machine-readable level by creating the Linked Science Data cloud. CUBIST follows a best-of-breed approach that combines essential features of Semantic Technologies, Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics. To do so, it will exploit and build on the most prominent high-performance computing paradigms and large data processing technologies to meaningfully search, analyze and aggregate data existing in diverse, extremely large, and rapidly evolving sources.
Advantages like enhancing social contacts, personalising services and products compromise with notable privacy risks arising from the user’s loss of control over their personal data and digital footprints. This tool will run on the user’s devices, and rely on scalable peer-to-peer communication in order to avoid external storage of personal data as far as possible and to enhance data portability. It will reuse the millions of legal documents from EU and national legislative and case law portals, and open access doctrinal work. Taking into account the structured nature of the data will enable business users to express complex tasks, such as efficiently identifying sequences of events over distributed sources with complex relations, or learning and monitoring sophisticated abstract models of the data. The availability of these data pools has created the opportunity to exploit shape information beyond current 1D-measure use.
The project aims at developing efficient technologies for intelligent knowledge extraction from globally growing loads of images, text and other structured data and also at fostering the use of these data mining methodologies in data-intensive sciences. This area is extraordinarily faced with the challenges of extremely large, dynamic, and heterogeneous sources of information. Undersea video data is usable but is tedious to analyse (for both raw video analysis and abstraction over massive sets of observations), and is mainly done by hand or with hand-crafted computational tools. The coordination action will promote a critical mass of interdisciplinary activities to encourage different communities to learn from each other while contributing valuable skills to the problems of 3D content and knowledge capture, interpretation and sharing.
Compared to existing search and knowledge management solutions, Fusepool provides two core benefits: the automated transformation of content from web-harvesting and participating organizations into structured Linked Open Data format and the automated group-specific optimization of knowledge finding and matching based on transfer learning from individual users.
The research will enable the increasingly automatic manipulation and re-use of characters, with changes of viewpoint and lighting.
The objective is to provide an easy-to-use knowledge and content management framework which raises the semantic capability of European software houses that are active in developing intelligent content solutions for customers. The goal is to enable a 'Virtual Film Factory' in which creative professionals can work together to create and customise programmes. The project will enhance semantic content authoring in several areas related to semantic technologies, ranging from ontology engineering, ontology learning and ontology population to the semantic annotation of media and Web services.
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Martin Cooper was hired by Motorola, where he worked extensively on portable wireless products, such as police radios and eventually the first cellular telephone.  Although Bell laboratories introduced the idea of a cellular communication device in 1947, it was not until April 3, 1973 Dr.
This platform is open and scalable and well integrated into existing desktop applications and intranet portal solutions of an enterprise. Our software framework will be available open-source, as this way, low initial investment will encourage also smaller enterprises to exploit the solution. The project will also consider personalised and potentially interactive content summarization mechanisms to address heterogeneous user needs and access conditions. In order to do this CALBC will prepare an appropriately representative corpus of biomedical literature and construct a web based system that would allow any developer of biomedical text-mining applications to submit their annotation of the corpus, determine how this submission diverges from all the others and exploit this information to improve its performance. Intelligent human-computer interaction is of central importance, and the concept of effort-optimized knowledge aggregation will be introduced.
The foreseen solution can be viewed as an innovative workbench incorporating and orchestrating a set of interoperable services that reduce the data-intensiveness and complexity overload at critical decision points to a manageable level, thus permitting stakeholders to be more productive and concentrate on creative activities.
Large amounts of scattered personal data lead to information overload, disorientation and loss of efficiency. However, these data pools are dispersed and heterogeneous and, above all, the exploitation of 3D data at industry level requires knowledge, skills and resources beyond the means of companies, especially SMEs. The daily work and the business success of all decision makers in this industry depend on the availability of highly trustable, easily acquirable information. Fish4Knowledge will allow a major increase in the ability to analyse this data: 1) Video analysis will automatically extract information about the observed marine animals which is recorded in an observation database. It will also coordinate actions devoted to the dissemination of available research solutions to a wide community of users. Only with integrated access to the data it's possible to have apps on top of that data that scale across single implementations and provide added value for a wide variety of end user and data developers. The project intends to radically extend the use of metadata, linking it to semantic technologies to support and enhance the creative processes, to unify the treatment of sound and image, and remove the barriers between postproduction, customisation, formatting and distribution.
Three case studies will apply and validate the developed technology in the sectors of telecommunications, online marketplaces, and computer animated virtual worlds. A lot of our students see our 30 Day Make More Money With Your Blog Course that has been reviewed by over 100,000 clients and they want to follow suit and do the same thing. YouTube is what I use when we are doing a free course, looking for more SEO effect and it's not something that is going to a private group.
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Cooper was able to publically demonstration his creation of the first cellular telephone.  Dr. ACTIVE will generate sustainable impact by deploying the tools and applications in three industry sectors: consulting, telecommunication and engineering. Also, previously unidentified needs will receive better coverage as development can proceed in close collaboration with the users. Creative artists in several domains will be allowed to express creativity in an artistically significant language. APIDIS will develop applications that are cost-effective and fully automated production of content dedicated to small-audience, but also automated summarization for video surveillance. CASAM will provide a significant boost to the long term goal of achieving really large-scale and precise annotation of multimedia documents with minimum human effort. These barriers have until now confined the use of existing 3D shape data to scientific research.
2) Interfaces will be designed to allow researchers to formulate and answer higher level questions over that database. FOCUS K3D has identified a number of applications that are both consolidated in the massive use of 3D digital resources (like Medicine and Bioinformatics or Product Modelling) and emerging (like Gaming or Archaeology).
The result will be film quality 3D content in a structured form, with semantic tagging, which can be manipulated in a graphic production pipeline and reused across different media platforms. The INSEMTIVES Toolkit is envisioned to be deployable as Web and client-side applications and will target the broad Internet public. I have to remind them that before we had that free course, we had over 45,000 people go through our 7-Days To WordPress Video Course. Cooper’s invention jumpstarted a movement of communication directed toward the individual, rather than the home or a specific place. The facility that notes have provided to music, and dance notation to choreography will be acquired.
Informercial Queen Chalene Johnson taught me to video tape right when the sun comes up or right before it goes down. The ANSWER tools will optimise the human, artistic, conceptualisation, understanding and creative mechanisms that lead to the production of media, and also offer a process of recording this conceptualisation in a machine-processable representation. Have your assistant help you to upload your document to a password protected section on your own server or hosting account. Now you've worked out some of the bugs, your clients are asking for what they need next, you are there to serve.
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