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A First Aid kit is something that all of us should have in our homes, our cars, at work and even to some extent, carried on our person. If you already have a First Aid kit for the home then review the contents and make sure that the supplies are adequate for what your needs are.
Two: If you already have a home First Aid Kit, review the contents and see what needs to be replenished or tossed out due to expiration date. Three: If you already have a home First Aid Kit and have recently reviewed and replaced and deficiencies within it, then it’s now time to move onto a vehicle First Aid Kit and begin working on your IFAK. Your IFAK should be tailored to the items you use or feel that you’ll use on a daily basis.
USA Cycling is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States. A fire engine carries dozens of tools and supplies in its compartments, including forceful-entry tools, nozzles and hydrant connection adapters. Firefighters have to take dozens of tools and other equipment when responding to a fire or medical call. Barrel strainer - This is an attachment put on a hard suction hose when sucking water out of a lake or pond. Hydrant wrench - This is the wrench used to turn the hydrant on.Jaws of Life - This extrication equipment is used to free victims from car or building accidents.
In addition, fire engines also carry bolt cutters, a sledge hammer, a fire extinguisher, a water cooler, a 24-foot (7-m) extension ladder and a 16-foot (5-m) roof ladder. As you can see, there are a lot of tools and devices stored on a fire engine, and the design of the fire engine maximizes all possible storage space.
With your tots constantly tearing through the house like a sugared-up freight train, you’re probably used to some shaking, rattling and rolling in the old homestead. Some things are inherently terrifying – spiders, ghosts, missing the Barney’s Warehouse Sale (shudder). You and your family won’t always be home when an earthquake strikes, much less together, so have a plan in place for a variety of scenarios. Want More Los Angeles Adventures?Let us help you be the rock star mom (or dad) we know you are! This might also be a good time to place a smaller version of the home kit in your car if you don’t already have one there. Make a note of the items that are being replenished and create a chart to place inside the kit or taped to it.

Since my garden grows bigger every year, I have decided to start experimenting with growing things right from my pantry!
If someone is bleeding out you can help keep them warm and preserve life until help gets there with a blanket. Let’s say you saw a car accident and someone has a really big wound that needs to be taken care of, you can wrap them up nice and tight with the cloth bandage and hold it together with the cloth tape.
You can use these to disinfect your breathing barrier after you use it so you can use it again. All of this equipment is stored in several compartments that line the sides and back of the fire engine.
This tool keeps debris out of the water supply.Nozzles - Different nozzles are needed for different situations. Read How the 'Jaws of Life' Work to learn more about these hydraulic machines.Exhaust fan - This fan is placed in the doorway to suck smoke out of the house.
Some trucks may also carry chain saws, rappelling rope and backboards, which are used to transport injured people.
But earthquakes are a whole other animal – just ask folks who remember the 1994 Northridge Quake all too well.
Earthquakes are no different, but with a little hands-on education you can help your kiddos deal with their fear before one occurs. FEMA has a great, conclusive checklist of necessities you should have on hand in the event of a disaster. Sign up for our picks for the best things to see, do, eat and explore with your kids in Los Angeles.
The average IFAK should be able to slip into a purse or into a waist bag without difficulty. The gloves you pack should be non- latex because you may have someone that is using your first aid kit to help you and they might be allergic to latex. Fire engines may also carry a positive-pressure exhaust fan, which blows air through the house and out the other side.Salvage covers - These are used for covering furniture on a lower floor while firefighters attack a fire on a floor above.
When a quake hits, you and your tots should immediately DROP to the ground, take COVER under a sturdy desk or table and HOLD ON until the shaking stops and it’s safe to come out. These items could be butterfly closures, skin glue, more gauze, non-stick pads, gloves, etc.
You don’t need an entire surgical suture kit in your IFAK unless you already use sutures daily or are trained and experienced in their application.

If you and your pet normally do outdoorsy events together then adding in medications and bandages designed for pets to your IFAK is definitely something to consider. Dont know what uses some items we take for granted or think are trash can actually turn out to be.
And we say what better time to finally get a proper kit and family plan together than a brand spanking new year? Repeat this same procedure for any aftershocks that may occur, as they can be nearly as strong as the original. Things like a beloved teddy bear, cozy blankie, board games, puzzles, cards or their favorite bedtime books.
If it’s not there and you’re in a retail establishment, try asking at the pharmacy which should be in close proximity to where the 1st aid kits are located. There will be some overlap between items you have in your IFAK and your BOB, don’t worry, this is very common and quite practical. I am also working on planting red potatoes in containers and continue to use a "salad bowl" to grow lettuce and spinach for my salads, were I can just trim as I need it and keep it growing!
So drop, cover and hold on because we’ve got the whole shebang on getting your kiddos quake ready. If your family would like some real world practice participating in a statewide earthquake drill, be sure to check out The Great California ShakeOut next October 16th. Do a scavenger hunt where each family member tracks down items for the kit or have your little ones create a song or story that includes each piece of the pack. Recheck your kit a few times a year to make sure things haven’t passed their expiration dates and are still in working order.
Do you have an out-of-state point person everyone can contact in case you can’t reach each other locally?
The Southern California branch of the American Red Cross has fantastic tips on creating a plan, as well as some special thoughts on helping kids deal with a disaster.

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