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As a Pokemon trainer newbie, you’re still most likely confused about all the functions and features in the game. After you’ve caught your Pokemon and leveled it up, you need to take it to a gym to prepare it for battle.
To activate a battle with other trainers, you just have to tap the boxing glove icon when you’re near the gym. The Eight-Point Star quilt is an intricate star pattern that traditionally allowed a woman to showcase her needlework skills. The Eight-Point Star quilt has a scalloped border all the way around and is very neatly hand-quilted by one Amish lady, which insures uniform stitches in approximately 200 yards of hand-quilting.
One such confusing part of Pokemon GO is the gyms, which are important aspects of the game that will help you improve your skills and become a Pokemon master.

You can identify if it is the red, yellow, or blue team that is holding the gym based on the color and emblem on top of the tower. When you see that your health (the blue bars under your Pokemon) is full, unleash a more powerful attack by pressing the screen longer.
You can dodge attacks by swiping left and right, and you can even access your backpack to use revives or potions.

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