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While European and American developers seem to get a renewed interest for the horor genre there’s still an extreme shortage of horror games from Asia.
The statistics portion in Math SL covers Descriptive Statistics, Binomial distribution, normal distribution and linear correlation of bivariate data. A good IA topic should be based on student's own individual interest which may include current social, economic or environmental problems in the community.
Catherine, a Fatal Frame II remake for the Wii and Spirit Camera for the 3DS have been the most noteable entries of the past years. It may not be a very new title, but it is a freeware horror adventure game created by Kouri that deserves some extra attention. It focusses on puzzle solving and exploration, it has multiple endings and can be finished in a few hours. If you are interested in economics, you may like to consider optimization of profit from revenue and cost curves.

A large part of the Math used in MC Escher's art is hyperbolic geometry which not within the Math SL syllabus.
Based on my experience as an IB trained tutor, linear correlation is a popular area used for Math IAs. But there are some little, unknown gems to be found in the deep and dark corners of the internet. Possible topics you can apply to MC Escher circle limit artworks include sequences and logarithms. This will be especially useful for the statistics component which usually comes out in paper 2.
Linear correlation is used to investigate the strength and direction of a two variables by collecting data. You just have to plot 2 different sets of data on the same scatter graph (one for the good data, and one for the anomaly).

To score well, you need demonstrate real understanding the mathematics in the topic and show meaningful engagement. You can then put a regression line through the first data-set to figure out the relationship between concentration and time. Remember that you must ignore the anomalous value here, as this will be your first data-set (i.e. Series 1)Continue to click Add A?a€ a€™ Select the range for your X-values (which is the time that the anomaly occurs), and your Y-values (which is the anomalous concentration) by highlighting your data on the screen.

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