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MrHockeyPants started in Ian's video by spying on Ian's call while they were recording Tekkit. Before Tekkit Episode 12, Lava13blue posted on the website that he had sent a Minecraft account to Sean so he could change his name from dowdlea to MrHockeyPants. Sean also has quite vulgar language at some times proven in Iancoullahan1's Diversity Let's Play as in Episode 1 of it,he says "F*ck my a*s with a tuba" and in Most Perverted and Weird Blooper,Sean also says disgusting things. Sometime after this,Sean had a favorite show when he was young (presumably The Wiggles by Batman)and he loved to watch it. Ian then released the first episode of 8 Ways To Bully A Kid In Minecraft, which was Adopolus' real first appearance. A while later, he "evolved" from a pig to the old skin, he also had a slave (AkA ThatNinjakid) for the episodes he had this skin. After about 2 episodes, he then "evolved" in the current skin but is still bullied by Ian often. Adopolus once attempted to kill Santa Claus with Special Johnny, after killing Santa's elves (Baby Testificates) the two entered Santa's house only to find a witch, which puzzles them but so they killed the witch instead afterwards Adopolus was possessed by the witch's spirit forcing him to kill Special Johnny and then burn himself in lava. Adopolus was raised by Ian and Dowdlea, but after they saw his face they kicked him out of their home. Adopolus somehow thrives on his own to become a hot teenager and a "chick magnet", while hiding his face from the public.

Now without having his face teased in public, he starts blowing up houses and dancing around a village while spawning tons of pigs. On a daily basis, Adopolus works at Pedro's Shoe Shop, a shoe store that sells Kangaroo Shoes. He is nicknamed Preeb by adopolus, mainly in the Tekkit series. He is also the main recorder for the channel. He has an addiction of potatoes in the 1.4 Halloween update and is now known as the "Potato God". When the viewers were asked if they liked turkey or potato sandwiches better, he shouted "POTATO!" out randomly. In this series, he is a stupid kid constantly being bullied by HB_ian and sometimes Special Johnny , however he sometimes helps HB_ian when he bullies Special Johnny.
Adopolus also features in many of HB_ian's Let's Plays such as Skyblock, Stratosphere Survival and more.
He had his start in "How to tame pigs in Minecraft", Ian's 4th video, as the pig to be tamed. He bullies HB_AQUA_MAN and Adopolus in their popular series 8 ways to bully a kid in Minecraft. He usually does not have music in the background on his Minecraft videos other than a remix of a theme from "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time".

Also in some episodes Adopolus has a slave played by THAT_NINJA_KID, he also knows karate as proved in some of the older videos. Ian supposedly tamed him by punching him and then shortly after feeding him pork, then telling him to destroy diamond blocks and kill chickens.
Also, in Epic Sandcastle Fail, it was proven he has multiple homes, both of which were destroyed by Ian at that time (using WorldEdit and TNT). Although the last part is not confirmed, it is implied since Adopolus is in Ian's newer videos. Other videos he posts are random videos about the Shankapotami and a somewhat gruesome video named "Barney 2013". He is a piglet as shown in the "Mickey Mouse takes over Minecraft series" and has pink skin, except his face, which has two square eyes and a mouth, and his chest which has the word PIG on it, while most of the P is hidden beneath his head. After every Minecraft video, he ends with a tune from a children's show and a woman saying "Today's episode is brought to you by the letter three and the number potato".

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