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Ett allt vanligare spellage i genren ar sa kallad battle royale dar man under relativt ordnade former slar ihjal varandra i Hunger Games-liknande onlinematcher.
Det beskrivs som ett MOSA (multiplayer online survival arena) och gar ut pa att upp till 72 spelare ska forsoka avliva varandra i foranderliga miljoer med dodliga dinosaurier och monster. Robin Wright Penn as Mrs Everdeen Jodelle as Katniss Lindsey Shaw-Katniss Drawing of Hunger Games.

District Map Peeta Katniss and Peeta BTS picture of Jennifer Lawrence on the Catching Fire set Katniss Hunger Games Cast The cast talks about their characters Foxface Capitol colors by China glaze foto del casting (juvenil) al completo Yara Shahidi as Rue Alexandra Daddario Tribute Costumes Nightlock Katniss Everdeen Wallpaper peeta and katniss comic Gale Wallpaper Katniss There was no in-between for her Hunger Games Fanart Fanart, by me. Katniss Everdeen Claudius Templesmith Danielle Campbell as Katniss The Hunger Games Wallpaper Capitol colours Comic Finnick and Annie Peeta's got 99 problems Peeta Hunger Games Funnies The Hunger Games quotes 201-220 The Hunger Games Funnies!

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