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In this spine-tingling tale where the line between imagination and madness is sometimes hard to find, a girl fights to save her home and her life from a mysterious stranger.
Daisy Fitzjohn knows there are two worlds: the outside world and the world of Brightwood Hall, her home—and the only place she’s ever been. When Daisy’s mother leaves one morning without saying goodbye, a strange visitor, James Gritting, arrives on the estate claiming to be a distant cousin.
Tania Unsworth takes readers on a twisting, heart-pounding journey through dark corridors and wild, untamed gardens in this novel perfect for fans of Doll Bones and Coraline. The daughter of the late Barry Unsworth, Tania Unsworth spent her childhood in Cambridge, UK, before moving to America in her early twenties.
For more information about having Tania Unsworth visit your students, please contact her directly by clicking here.
Rare diseases are hereditary in nature and may only affect a small percentage than the common disease that can found in some people. Water allergy: Water allergy disease is very rare and is affected only 30 individuals till date. Microcephaly: Microcephaly is extremely rare condition of the nervous system that is visible immediately at birth or even before.
Argyria (blue skin) : Argyria is rare disease which is characterized by a blue or gray discoloration on the skin. Werewolf Syndrome: Werewolf is rare genetic disorder that cause excessive amount of hair growth on the body where hair will not supposed to develop.
Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis: Epidermodysplasia verruciformis is also another rare skin disorder which is genetic in nature.

This will in turn results in the formation of scaly macules and papules, especially on feet and hands.
Fields’ disease: Field’s disease is also one of the rarest neuromuscular diseases in the world.
Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: This can be a rare disorder in which muscle tissues as well as connective tissues like ligaments and tendons are slowly substituted by bones and develop bones outside the skeleton that constrains your normal movements. Daisy and her mother have never needed a life beyond Brightwood Hall, with its labyrinth of rooms, many animals, and stores of supplies. But as the days tick by and Daisy’s mother doesn’t return, Gritting becomes more and more menacing.
She is the author of two previous novels for adult readers—The Seahorse and Before We Began. This kind of disease causes skin to become unbearably itchy and burning after exposure to water.
It is due to an extreme exposure from silver or an intake of sliver salts, which are found in particular prescription medications.
It is a very rare autosomal recessive disorder, which is characterized uncontrollable human papillomaviruses infection over skin. It affects because of a new mutation characterized by the dramatic and rapid appearance of aging starting in childhood.
The usual life time of the people who are suffering from this particular disease is 13 years while some others are able to survive until their early twenties. With the cause of this disease, the muscles of the body gradually begin deteriorating and additional limit the body movements.

All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Daisy has no computer or phone, but she has all the friends she could want, including a mischievous talking rat named Tar and a ghostly presence of a long-ago explorer who calls herself Frank. He wants to claim Brightwood for himself, and Daisy soon realizes he will do anything to get it. Because of this disease, patient’s physical development is significantly unnatural as well as mental development is also delayed. The main symptoms include headaches, weakness, dizziness, breathing difficulties and psychological changes. This disorder affects only girls and till now it is restricted the lives of so many girls to wheelchairs. The main symptoms of this disorder are lack of facial expressions, crossed eyes, inability to smile and to move the head. With no one to help her but her imaginary friends, Daisy must use her wits and her courage to survive.

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