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It's a Saturday afternoon and as your bowl of potato chips balances delicately on what can only be referred to as 'a little extra to love,' you think to yourself: if it came down to it, would I be able to survive in an extreme situation? With the help of The Weather Channel's resident Survival Expert Creek Stewart three guys will face nature's reckoning and find out what they are truly made of.
These guys may not have a clue how to survive on their own, but by the end of their week in the woods they'll have the knowledge, and courage, to survive. Creek Stewart has been a survalist his whole life, becoming an Eagle Scout at 14 and teaching his very first survival class at just 21. When I was learning to make fire using the bow drill I browsed the internet for information, I found that there are quite a few websites out there that have articles about the bow drill, but I felt there was never enough information. Hopefully with articles like this you will be able to learn faster and not struggle for as long as I did to get my first flame. You should also take your time when making a bow drill; everything needs to be perfect to give yourself the best chance of success otherwise you are just wasting your time. The basic set-upThe drill is twisted into the bow and is held between the hearth board and bearing block. Hearth boardFirst of all you will need to select a suitable wood to carve your hearth board from. The DrillFor the drill I look for shoots of wood that are already the thickness that I want the drill to be.Strip the bark off and then carve one end pointed and the other end into a blunt point as shown in the photo. The bottom of the drill is carved to a blunt point so that there is a lot of surface area to cause as much friction as possible where as the top end ideally needs to be as friction free as possible so that more force can be easily concentrated on the bottom end of the drill, this is why the top end is carved to a point. The BowThere are various natural materials that you could make a string from such as rawhide, sinew and various plant fibres, however I admit that I have not experimented with such materials enough to give advice about them.
Bearing blockThe bearing block should be as friction free as you can make it so tough fresh wood is best.
Before using the bow drill each time always stuff some green plant laves into the depression; this acts as a lubricant and will help to reduce friction to some extent. Tinder:There are a lot of natural materials that you can use for tinder, My personal favourites are Lime (Basswood) bark , Clematis bark and Honeysuckle Bark but there are so many other materials that you could use. Getting your posture correct:Ideally you should be in a position that is comfortable, stable and one that allows you to breath properly. The hearth board is pinned to the ground by your foot to stop it moving and then the bearing block is held against your shin to keep the drill from wobbling about.
The drill is twisted into the string so that the loop and drill are on the outside of the bow. Before you start drilling you need to make a slight depression in the hearth board where the base of your drill will initially sit. Now take your position and begin to bow until you have burnt a circle the width of the drill. Now you can start bow drilling again but this time for longer; give it everything you’ve got!
If all the conditions were perfect and you had a good technique then you may be lucky enough to get an ember.
Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. BRADENTON — On the edge of a bed inside a seamy motel room, in a stretch of town where scraggly lost souls sit on benches and mumble, a despondent man clutched a jagged knife and shuddered at the thought of his barren new existence.
He was once a successful fence builder in Delaware whose business succumbed to the economy.
He moved to Florida with his longtime girlfriend and lived in Holmes Beach for two years but a nasty split recently left him with nothing more than some clothes, power tools and desperate thoughts. He called 911, spent a few days in the hospital, and then walked out into a world he remains shocked to find himself in and ill-equipped to navigate through. He is clean, thoughtful and determined to rejoin society, yet he struggles terribly to adjust, mightily to survive, and is prone to painful bouts of crying and long stretches of depression. Season of Sharing provides emergency funding to individuals and families in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and DeSoto counties — money, for example, to help with rent, an electric bill or child care. Contact the foundation at (941) 556-2399 for more information or to request a credit card form.
Just the other day, a homeless man took some goulash he had in a container, threw it down and ate it right off the street with a fork.
He is talking to a homeless man with a long, gray beard who is sitting in a wheelchair with a peace sign attached to it.
Davisson not only struggles to survive among people who prey on his vulnerabilities, but he fights to maintain his current existence because every day without hope moves him closer to becoming the man in the wheelchair. Padilla calls people like Davisson the “new homeless” and understands perhaps better than anyone what he is going through. Padilla says what Davisson is experiencing in the early stages of homelessness is similar to the grief process, and the biggest shock for a new homeless person is not knowing where to go and living among people who prey on them. If Davisson is not careful, his fear will turn into familiarity that will be difficult to escape.
There are a prostitute’s pink pumps atop an old mattress on the cluttered floor of the house. Drug needles and spoons are strewn throughout, and when Davisson enters the house he covers his nose with his shirt, but the stench is so bad that he runs outside and vomits. While staying at the Salvation Army, a man approaches Davisson with some potentially big news: A construction company is hiring in Lakewood Ranch. Steven Hallet has lived the last few years in Bradenton with his foster parents and was recently laid off from his job. He has lived the last few years in Bradenton with his foster parents and was recently laid off from his job.
On Thanksgiving, Hallett and some friends borrowed a school bus and drove around Bradenton. Hallett and Davisson go to WalMart, where Hallett spends $50 for a pup tent and sleeping bag for Davisson.
Then they go to Lakewood Ranch, where Davisson is immediately hired for $15 an hour as a painter for a company doing a remodeling project. Davisson then picks out a spot in Lakewood Ranch to set up his tent, one close enough to ride his bike to work. A man is texting on his phone as he fills up his Lexus convertible at an upscale Lakewood Ranch gas station that sells wine.
Davisson has just finished setting up his tent across the street, in the woods, by a marsh, and is standing in the parking lot watching the man in the Lexus. A short time after the man in the Lexus has driven off, Hallett and Davisson holds hands in the parking lot, close their eyes and pray.

Wearing camouflage shorts on Christmas Eve, Davisson walks past sportscaster Dick Vitale, who is sitting at an outside table eating lunch. Then he walks by people buying holiday hams and last minute gifts, everyone in a rush to return home to their families. Davisson had to move his tent from its original spot after only two nights, but not because of snakes. His tent is now in some woods only a few hundred yards behind a Lakewood Ranch shopping mall. He knows he is in an affluent area because there are cigarette butts on the ground in certain places. He has had too much time off from work over the holidays and it’s been hard to keep his mind from wandering. The nights of sleeping alone in a pup tent — deer and who knows what else snorting outside — are taking a toll.
On Christmas Eve, he sits on a bench near a man ringing the Salvation Army bell he is tired of hearing, and washes down some M&Ms with a bottle of Mountain Dew. Over the weekend he had returned to Holmes Beach to retrieve all he had — his clothes and tools — but the man holding them said he did not know where they were.
Davisson says he got into a fight with the man, maybe broke his own wrist, and then spent the weekend in an alcohol-induced haze. He was facing the prospect of spending Christmas Eve alone, in a tent with only a radio and his guilt to keep him company, when Hallett contacted him and invited him to his house in Bradenton. Davisson and Hallett went to church, ate at Applebees and watched the latest Superman movie.
Davisson returned to Lakewood Ranch with his clothes and tools and then he scurried like an animal into the woods before anyone could detect him. What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid?
Baskets are extremely useful for gathering food and medicinal plants, collecting eggs, and storing various items. Gourds have been used by Native Americans for storing nuts, seeds, grains, and various other items.
Lindenwood is recommended for carving wooden utensils, because it is a soft wood and is easy to work with. Here’s an easy way to make a wooden bowl for food, water collection, grinding seeds, pounding nuts, etc. Please keep in mind that we are sharing the following information in the context of a survival situation.
To snag birds who spend their time on the ground pecking and scratching in the dirt, use this primitive snare trap. Whether you’re hunting turtle for meat, or clearing a pond to put ducks out, knowing how to catch turtles without a store bought trap could come in really handy.
Mallets are great for pounding poles into the ground to make shelters, fencing, traps, etc. We’ve all heard people talking about how to do this, but how many of us have actually started a fire using a bow drill? I wanted to include this video along with the one above because I love that the author uses plants other than trees for his materials. The fibers from dried stinging nettle are soft like cotton and extremely strong when twisted together.
This is one of the simplest and most effective shelters you can build if you ever find yourself stranded in the woods without cover.
If it looks like you’re going to be sheltering in at one place for quite a while, this is an awesome setup to construct. Here’s a pioneer style way to keep your poultry safe from predators and harsh weather, using materials you find laying around in the woods.
I'm a homeschooling, homesteading mama of four, doing everything I can to help my family live more self-sufficiently on our one country acre here in the Bible Belt South. As you wipe the last of the potato chip grease onto your sweatpants, the answer is inevitably yes. Each person has their own tips and specialist knowledge around the subject and hopefully the things that I have written in this article will be an addition to the bank of bow drill knowledge.
The assembly is kept secure and sturdy by securing the hearth board to the ground with your foot and by holding the bearing block tightly against your shin as shown. Experience has lead me to believe that Sycamore, Lime (Basswood) and Willow are some of the best woods to use. The wider the drill the less full rotations it will make for each stroke of the bow; also I find it harder to apply as much downward pressure with a wide drill. I recommend sticking with something that is more hard wearing when practicing because a string breaking could be just another thing to go wrong out of another 100 potential problems. If you were in a survival situation you could try using your shoe lace but many laces are not usually strong enough for repeated use so what you could do is replace your boot laces with your indestructible cord so that you always have the means to make fire wherever you are.
Wood that is dead and dry when found may act differently to wood that is cut and then seasoned. Just look around for fibrous materials that are as dry as you can get.A lot of tinder takes preparation. You will feel quite tired and energy depleted if you are not able to breath normally (kind of like going for a run whilst holding your breath). Apply pressure from the top with the bearing block and bow smoothly and quickly, once you get a good rhythm going try to maintain it. The pile of black dust on your ember pan will continue to produce smoke if you have got an ember. This week wea€™ll be exploring the practice and, to get us started, herea€™s the skills you need to live through pretty much anything.
4 of the Blue Boy motel, on a frantic and dark night a month ago, alone with no possessions or friends to mourn his death.
His feet are full of blisters from walking and his body aches from sitting and sleeping on cement. Now it contains a $189 food stamp card he already used, a bus ticket, a shower coupon from One Stop and the phone number of a man who runs the carnival that was in the mall parking lot a while back.
It was a particularly cold evening, so Hallett gave a man in the street the jacket off his back. No one notices him because people are too immersed in their own lives, and Davisson does not look the least bit out of place.
He returned one night and found a green-eyed animal with a goatee hissing and sneering at him.

He may be only yards from one of the wealthiest communities in the region, but it can be spooky, eerie and empty where he sleeps.
But he is intentionally keeping his distance from the homeless camps in Bradenton for fear of being robbed, beaten, or even worse: becoming one of them.
But time and time again we read stories about some poor person (or family) who by one reason or another found themselves struggling for survival.
Anyone interested in self-reliance and homesteading would greatly benefit from mastering these skills and crafts.  Watch. Along with wild grape vines, you can also use: blackberry and raspberry brambles, honeysuckle, wisteria, and ivy.
These are better for storing small items than baskets, which have gaps the seeds could fall through. Some of the hunting methods here are illegal except in life or death situations, and some could be considered cruel to the animal and should be reserved as a last resort. Catch multiple fish effortlessly while you spend your time building other useful survival items. I appreciate this more simplistic fish trap design because it doesn’t take much skill to construct, yet still frees you up to go do other things instead of sitting for hours on end hoping to catch a fish with a rod. Where most bow drills that I’ve seen made are from wood, this guy uses Mullein and Jerusalem Artichoke stalks for his spindle. Although my husband and I grew up as city kids, in 2008 we started feeling the urge to begin pulling ourselves out of the "system" and learning how to provide for our most basic needs.
This article hopefully covers everything you need to know whether you are a total beginner or more experienced, there should be something of interest for everyone.
The bow is then moved backwards and forwards quickly, making the drill rotate and rub against the hearth board causing tremendous friction.
However many more can be used and part of the fun is choosing and experimenting with your own choice of wood and getting familiar with the properties of each kind.
Buffing it between your hands will break the fibres down and produce fine fluffy tinder and the friction of this process will begin to dry it out somewhat. Encourage the ember a little by wafting air over it with your hand, you may see the hot glow rise to the surface.Peel back the hearth board away from the ember, now you are ready to add it to the finest part of your prepared tinder. I dona€™t like to call IndefinitelyWild a a€?survivala€? publication, preferring instead a€?Adventure travel in the outdoorsa€?. Davisson, 39, recently got a construction job in the Lakewood Ranch area but is still homeless living in the woods. The Community Foundation of Sarasota County allocates Season of Sharing donations to 13 area agencies, although more than 50 agencies can receive funds on behalf of clients. He says he was shot twice in the leg during Vietnam and receives $900 a month from the government. Would you know how to set up camp and make all of the tools and materials you would need to stay alive until help arrived or it was safe to leave (depending on the scenario)? When choosing pine needles for basket making, you’ll want to look for varieties with a length of at least 5-8 inches.
Be sure you know how to identify common wild plants in your region so you can avoid grabbing any poisonous ones- such as poison ivy! The inner bark of some tree species, Yucca, and other plants can also be used to make cordage. A notch is cut out in the hearth board where a small pile of black charred dust collects underneath the drill. Dry, dead wood is more suitable than fresh wood and dead wood that is lying on the floor is also less suitable because it may have picked up moisture from the ground. Keep your tinder somewhere dry, in a pocket for example.You can add a small amount of downy tinder to the centre where you will introduce the ember (tinder such as Thistle and bulrush down). The time it takes to create an ember will depend on the properties of the wood and how good your technique is.
Ponderosa Pine, Southern Pine, and Long Needle Pine are some of the most commonly used varieties. But after watching this video I have confidence that I could do it myself… with a little practice. The Weather Channel is taking average Joes and lifting them off the couch and conditioning them to not only brave the elements, but to conquer them. This dust becomes so hot that it eventually ignites and begins to smoulder, this smoking ember is then added to the tinder and blown until it bursts into flames. Wood which is still attached to the tree or caught in a branch is much dryer even after rain the wood can be relatively dry. Carve off any sharp corners etc.The set of three pictures below show a simple modification I made to my bearing block. If you don’t apply enough downward pressure the depression in the hearth board and the bottom of the drill will polish and begin to screech causing insufficient friction. Even if you never have to use them, these skills can help you solve problems, be comfortable with less and also help put temporary discomfort into perspective.
But just in case, we’ve put together a pretty awesome list of things you can learn to make in the wilderness to greatly improve your chances of making it home alive. This video shows several ancient techniques for building fences out of trees, vines, and cordage. I've been sharing about it all on my website, New Life on a Homestead, and am excited to bring the preparedness aspect of this lifestyle to all of you here as well!
Even though survival is about the extreme and life-threatening, Creek knows that people learn more when they are comfortable. It is a good idea to choose wood that has as little knots as possible as these parts of wood are too hard. Thisa€™ll be hammered home all this week, but the best advice Ia€™ve ever received, survival or otherwise, is: be prepared. If you’re fortunate enough to have this kind in your area, definitely choose it over smaller lengths.
Free of life's usual comforts (a bed, showers, a takeout menu) and forced into nature's most challenging situations, these men will put down those potatoe chips and fight to prove themselves. Cut a piece of wood about a foot long and at least 3 fingers width in diameter.You should whittle your chosen wood into a small plank which takes little work with a axe and sharp knife. This makes an amazingly good friction free surface and you can see that the top of the drill has polished off nicely.

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