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We designed Eclipse Pro to be as user friendly as possible, but if you do run into trouble we provide a support forum, and precise documentation. Map of the Barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire showing the major incursions from 100 to 500 CE.The Migration period, also called the Barbarian Invasions or Volkerwanderung (German for "wandering of the peoples"), was a period of human migration that occurred roughly between the years 300 to 700 CE in Europe, marking the transition from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages.
I know I talk a lot about zombie survival, alien invasions and other crazy Apocalyptic scenarios, but most of that is to keep a somewhat serious topic (human survival) to more of a fun level. So I’ve decided to share a list of items I have in my personal Post Apocalypse survival kit. Emergency Blanket (Thermal blankets): These are those little aluminium- looking blankets you can buy at any camping store. Energy Bars (food ration): Have a couple in your kit for backup if your food source is running low and you need that extra energy.
Rubber Gloves: Anytime you’re administering first aid to someone, you should wear gloves! Tinfoil: Can be used in lieu of a mirror to signal planes or boats, and takes up less space.

They also have some premade survival kits and survival backpacks if that makes it easier for you. These movements were catalyzed by profound changes within both the Roman Empire and the so-called 'barbarian frontier'. Rabolu, the great Colombian researcher in esotericism, the focus of the book is on spiritual preparation for the coming Hercolubus pole shift. A survival kit you can simply put together yourself and may already have a few of the items in your home. Try to go camping or hiking every so often, to test your skills of survival in the wilderness. They are good for making into an emergency shelter, keeps you warm, and is reflective (i.e. Something easy enough so you can grab and go and is your life support till you find new resources. Migrating peoples during this period included the Goths, Vandals, Bulgars, Alans, Suebi, Frisians, and Franks, among other Germanic and Slavic tribes.

This book was written by a non-technical spiritualist and yet, the astronomical predictions fit with current Planet X science. I would recommend you make a survival kit for each member of your family just to be extra safe. So after listening to Carles, you might want to rethink your planning and preparation strategies.
If you have something someone else wants desperately, they will fight for it, or even kill for it.
The truth is that if you are more prepared than your opponent then you’ll have a bigger chance to win and survive another day.

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