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Designed for all teenagers, whether college-bound or not, "The Real High School Handbook" empowers students with practical information and real-life stories--about courses, grades, testing, communicating with teachers, and post graduation options--essential to making informed decisions about their high school careers.
Erlback examines what it is like for a student to enter and survive the middle school experience. Gr 6-8-Sound advice for dealing with the difficult transitions this audience faces is dispensed in a straightforward and explicit voice. Here's a manual for middle-aged kids-those children no longer little kids, but not yet teenagers.
Read an Excerpt The Middle School Survival Guide By ARLENE ERLBACH WALKER & COMPANY Copyright © 2003 Arlene Erlbach All right reserved. Watch all popular cartoon episode of Anglina Ballerina.Meet Angelina Ballerina and all her friends. Give & get free stuff in your local Freecycle, Freegle, ReUseIt and Full Circles groups. Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device. The book includes course, test, and college application worksheets and GPA calculation charts. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Chapters such as "A New School," "The Opposite Sex," "Home Life," "Puberty," and "Being Yourself" cover much of what an incoming middle school student will encounter.

Topics range from academics to sexual abuse and include quotes from students who have been there and survived.
They're in grades five through eight, depending on how the school defines its middle school, and they face a variety of special problems: group showers, cliques, extracurricular activities, puberty, a new interest in the opposite sex, drugs, and peer pressure.
ISBN: 0-8027-8852-1 Chapter One A NEW SCHOOL, A NEW ENVIRONMENT Nobody asked me if I wanted to change schools. Angelina Ballerina is a fictional mouse, created by author Katharine Holabird and illustrator Helen Craig, who is featured in a series of children's books. Our experience in TV Broadcasting allows us to offer a complete, quick and easy to use guide with daily update of the information. Middle school happens at that tumultuous time in life when ones not a teenager and not a little kid. Sensitive discussions touch on such topics as pregnancy and violence, and in each section kids also offer advice on common problems. Somehow in all of this, students are expected to be part of things while staying true to themselves. An effective index allows readers to browse topically, and the text itself lends to browsing. We are not responsible for any copyright issues as the app gives access to YouTube videos as is. Expectations-from teachers, parents, friends, siblings-can all change dramatically, causing worry and concern even for the most laid-back student.The Middle School Survival Guide covers every issue, inside school and out, from the most trivial concerns to the most serious issues that middle school students face today.

The chapter on the opposite sex is exactly that: Relationships between boys and girls are discussed with little room for the possibility of GLBT relationships.
Though a bit cutesy, with its "dorky" and "awesome" and advice to people who would "rather eat worms than shower," the honest, direct tone of the guide will appeal to middle-school students. Arlene Erlbach has assembled a teen advisory board of 200 kids between fifth and tenth grade who give advice about topics from cracking a locker combination, to dealing with multiple teachers, to sex and dating.
Same-sex relationships are only afforded a two-line section of the chapter, alluding to admiration rather than the possibility of something more.
Humorous, cartoon-like illustrations and italicized words of advice from fellow students keep the tone light even as the subject matter gets serious, with discussions of sexual intercourse, oral sex, drugs, and peer pressure. Leave this lying around; curious preteens will pick it up and, perhaps, find information they need.
These topics might indeed be a part of middle school students' lives, however, the cover, cataloging (373.18), and overall tone of the book do not belie content of this nature. It contains hundreds of bodies vying for popularity, a place on the team, and decent grades.

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