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APOCALYPSE, How to Survive a Global Crisis, is the first of a three-part series by Dan Martin.
After receiving a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Hawaii, Martin became a consultant, performing hundreds of sustainable-living projects abroad, teaching others how to make their own renewable fuels, harness alternative energies, build with natural materials and live independently. Dan Martin’s has written his guides so that everyone, everywhere, of all ages and genders can easily carry-out each set of step by step instructions at the lowest cost (often with free materials) possible. A shocking, life-altering appraisal of what can happen to our world and what actions we may have to learn to take to survive. This book teaches me all I need to know to take care of myself and my family (which is my mother who lives with me).
From the philosophical to the practical, you packed it all in—a lot more information in here than it appears. I think in times of catastrophe, we try to reach out and help our brother than take from him. Dan Martin presents a number of global disaster scenarios,ranging from the readily plausible to the truly exotic. Dan Martin pulls no punches with his clear eyed description of the potential modern world ending catastrophes. For Dan Martin, the old rules of society will be replaced by a ruthless law of the jungle aftermath, where people will be forced to change how they think about life, property, and other people. For me, the power of the book is how Dan Martin provides realistic and plausible scenarios of global disasters that would end modern life as we know and understand it.
I highly recommend the over sized and potentially life saving book Apocalypse: How to Survive a Global Crisis by Dan Martin, to anyone seeking a no holds barred survival guide to global natural or man made catastrophes. Read the startling and surprisingly hope filled book Apocalypse: How to Survive a Global Crisis by Dan Martin, and discover how to build a life when the world as we understand it is long gone.
Before I read this book, I thought it was impossible to brake away from society with all its rules. The crow bar is light, able to kill and zombie in one swing, and you can open doors and other ojbtces with it.
Thanks for listening, check out the book, it talks a LOT about this stuff and feel free to add me on facebook! Learn what do do in ANY local or global, natural or man-made catastrophe to keep you and your family safe in these unsettling times.
It’s the intention of this book and the will of its author to teach you what you’ll need to know to survive IF it does. Martin has written and published dozens of do-it-yourself guides on the subject—from How to Make Your Own Ethanol, to How to Build Your Own Solar Panels and Wind Turbines.

He has designed and supervised dozens of private corporation and governmental projects overseas, lectures, teaches university seminars around the world, and conducts workshops on sustainable and renewable energy projects in Asia and South and Central America.
R-rated, and in some places, X-rated, Martin shocks us to get our attention to sit up and take notice, to learn survival skills he sets before us, to wake us from our lethargical, self-induced, rote mentality television haze, before it’s too late to save ourselves. I can’t imagine leaving my job and society and just going off into the mountains like that and living on my own without seeing anybody for 5 or 6 years. But I guess you’re talking about after a global catastrophe (hence the title!) where everything is gone and it’s a wasteland. The author describes the potential nightmare disasters that can destroy society as we know it, and how to survive not only the catastrophic events themselves, but also how to survive in the new and dangerous world that would emerge in the aftermath.
Far from dismissing even more fanciful sounding prophecies, the author considers them surprisingly realistic descriptions of world wide catastrophes of epic proportion.
The author leaves no doubt in the mind of the reader that should events unfold in any of the global destroying events described in the book, that the world we know will only be a distant memory.
The scenarios presented are frightening, and outside of the life experience of most people. The author describes with unflinching clarity the difficult and soul searching decisions that people will be forced by circumstances to make to ensure the survival of themselves and their families. The techniques shared in this book may not be for everyone, but the author leaves no doubt that people would never know what they would do in the rubble of a destroyed world. Instead of becoming one of the uncounted casualties of a global apocalypse, this book teaches real world survival methods that can and will save your life and those of your family and loved ones. Martin now operates self-sustainable ranches in Texas and Mexico where he also runs a non-profit organization. After a history overview of prophecy and governments, “Apocalypse” gives us a brutal look into the realities of having to fend for ourselves when faced with annihilation. The thing that people don’t get is that we’re living thru these cataclysmic times right now with global warming, solar ice caps melting, extreme weather like flooding and hurricanes, especially on the Mississippi River and Midwest part of our country, and nobody’s had a plan of survival except Dan Martin, as far as I can tell. In all of the various societal destroying cases, Dan Martin recognizes that the general population will be completely unprepared, and chaos will be the immediate result. Instead of our usual daily routines, concerns, and obsessions, the first needs will be simple survival, food acquisition, shelter, and personal safety.
As a result, Dan Martin offers some lessons in disaster survival, many of which will be repugnant to most readers. It should be noted that not all of the survival strategies and tactics are ones that would appeal to most people The author provides a service to his readers in making them aware that other crisis survivors might not be as ethical as the readers of this book.
Dan Martin has drawn the attention of established global newspapers, websites and magazines, and has conducted numerous radio and television interviews.
Some parts of the book are a little hard to take, granted, but you tell it like it is, and give us a practical plan to follow.

I liked the history about Edgar Cayce and the other prognosticators, but I think you could have left the list of all the Popes out. But I have to take issue with your argument that we will have to be prepared to protect our turf which may mean killing others to survive (which was a little too graphic for my taste, I must say!) Given the examples we’ve seen recently from the Boston Marathon bombing and even 9-11, the first instinct many people had, after they realized they were alright, was to help their fellow man—fight, not flight. And that stuff about the government having underground bunkers to take care of the officials in case of a catastrophe.
The author points to examples like Hurricane Katrina to demonstrate that governments will be unwilling or unable to provide the needed assistance for survivors.
He offers those ideas to give people a rude awakening as to what a post-apocalyptic world will be like in no uncertain terms. On the other hand, Dan Martin provides some very useful strategies that can be employed in local disasters; along with the global society destroyers presented in this book. Written by a retired Boeing Aerospace Technician who lived 100% self-sufficiently and cut-off from society for six years, Dan Martin presents an eye-opening view of humanity; and his insights into possible future events are thought provoking, to say the least. I recommend this book for those who have strength of mind and spirit who will, with Martin’s help, no doubt survive when so challenged. Disasters seem to bring people, especially Americans, together, rather than turn them against each other.
To prevent this lack of preparedness from endangering the lives of his readers and their families, the author shares many survival techniques ranging from the simple to the extreme. The world as we know will have ended, and Dan Martin shares harsh lessons in extreme survival techniques and strategies. Any normal book this size would take the reader a couple weeks to read, I read it non-stop in 9 hours. I’m sure there will be those who will flee and try to protect what’s theirs, but on the whole, I think man is more altruistic than you paint him to be. From the religious and scientific based predictions, to current events worldwide to what the future holds. Then came arrows, catapults, muskets, rifles, canons, sniper rifles, ship artillery, missiles and now we can drop bombs from unmanned drones from the comfort of an van in DC. You’ve made me start thinking and re-evaluating my life to go in a different direction, start learning to be more self sufficient, man.

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