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Thanks to My Southern Health from Vanderbilt, here is an article on making your own first aid kit.  You really need one in each car, at camp, etc. Be prepared for an emergency with a first-aid kit for the home, car, lake cabin and beyond. Having your own fully stocked first-aid kit will make you feel like a rock star next time one of the kids scrapes a knee or an aspiring chef nicks himself in the kitchen. The first step in creating your own kit is to find a portable container with compartments like a small fishing tackle box, a small toolbox or a large makeup organizer. Find smaller organizers for your family’s vehicles or the boat, and consider an even smaller soft case that can be tucked into a backpack for times when you go on adventures away from the car like hiking, canoeing or cycling. If your adventures take you to remote places, you should add additional survival gear like electrolyte tablets, water purification tablets, splint-making materials, waterproof matches and more. The home-base or cabin first-aid kits can contain full-size packages of assorted bandages and full-size bottles of pain reliever medication, but for your car and backpack, consider including either travel-size items or individual pill packets.

You don’t have to restock your first-aid kit each time you bandage a boo-boo, but take inventory every few months to make sure you aren’t running low on a valuable item. Even if you never have to open the kit except to stock it, you’ll feel more confident just knowing you have one ready. If your family needs a walk-in clinic, see a list here of locations staffed by Vanderbilt physicians.
Grandparents sometimes need a refresher course in home safety and baby-proofing before babysitting. Tennessee Poison Center warns about the dangers of ‘Dewshine’ as first cases of illness, deaths reported to the state. What’s a doctor to do when the patient is fat and won’t exercise and has one of the 60 diseases related to obesity?
Ingredients in Chocolate, Tea, Berries Could Guard Against Diabetes- thanks, Science Daily for that news!

Sitting here with a stuffy nose, a cough, feeling miserable- WHAT works to shorten these things? If you are FAT, but your cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure are okay, you don’t have to worry about heart disease.
With everything in one place, you’ll also be ready to act fast in the unfortunate event of a more serious injury. Learn more about which items to include and more with these tips from the Red Cross.
A stocked medicine cabinet is great, but bathrooms can get cramped, and bringing an injured person into one isn’t always feasible. You can also take a few items from your larger kit (like bandages, gauze packets and antiseptic wipes) to help cobble together these smaller kits.

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