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In my latest release, Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies, the hero Jax is a total hottie zombie hunter. Who doesn’t love a ginger who is funny and knows where to find a good beer even during a zombie apocalypse? Okay, I admit I’d feel pretty dirty the next morning, but there is something about Woody Harrelson that says he would be a real good time. The treasure hunter… Veronica Kwon is determined to be the only person in control of her destiny.
The ex-fiance… Jax Taylor is a Southern charmer with enough sex appeal to melt the polar ice caps. The magic beanstalk… Brought together again by their dying mentor, who has found three enchanted beans, Veronica and Jax agree to an uneasy partnership.
Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip.
If you are interested in guest reviewing or if you have a particular topic you would like to discuss at Smexy Books, please contact Mandi for more information. The majority of the books reviewed at this site have been provided by publishers, authors, or other third parties like NetGalley. Home Alone DogThis little guy wasn’t allowed on the bed…so he waited until his owners were out before he went FREAKING CRAZY.
We’ve seen this before in Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, and Warm Bodies, but this satire of sorts isn’t as smart or funny as any of the comedies listed above. If he would just make a zombie movie I’d totally add him to my hottest zombie hunters list (what, like you don’t have one).

Shaun of the Dead is my favorite zombie movie ever and I have a complete crush on Simon Pegg, so you know he had to make the list.
Enter to win a Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies prize pack (including a Shaun of the Dead DVD, zombie hunting license and more) from Avery Flynn and a $25 Amazon gift card! After surviving a broken engagement and turning her back on her wealthy manipulative father, sheis started a treasure hunting company and is ready for the adventure of a lifetime. He disappeared three months before their wedding and swore heid never cross paths with Veronica again.
Together theyill climb a magic beanstalk to the cloud kingdom, but will their destiny be the riches they so desire, the passion they thought dead…or will the undead get them first? Find out more about Avery on her website, follow her on Twitter, like her on her Facebook page or friend her on her Facebook profile.
Whether they are up to no-good, are wearing silly outfits or are simply SO CUTE AND SO FLUFFY, we've spent many an hour trawling YouTube for our top 20 favourite moments from man's best friend!
If you’re looking for a gorier alternative to Goosebumps, though, Scouts Guide is a fun way to spend your Halloween night. But, alas, he has not, so I have to enjoy him singing Channing All Over Your Tatum on Jimmy Kimmel instead.
Seriously, who didn’t want to curl into a little ball and cry when Glenn heard Maggie being tortured by the Governor?
Also, if you figure out how to send Oreos through the Internet, she’ll be your best friend for life. It’s also a much more competent film than something like Zombie Strippers, although a zombie stripper does actually make an appearance here.Our heroes are the typical teenage geeks you’d expect to see in a movie like this.

He is my TV boyfriend, so all the rest of you can get in line behind me and I warn you now, I’m not moving out of the way any time soon. They’ve all been in scouts together since grade school, meaning that they’re prepared for anything. Accompanied by Sarah Dumont as a stripper cocktail waitress with a heart of gold, the three put their scout training to effective use when zombies attack, and rise up as unlikely heroes.While the story isn’t anything special, director Christopher Landon of the Paranormal Activity movies knows how to set up a creative action set piece. Any film that manages to work Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 theme into a zombie attack is clearly doing something right. There’s also an entertaining sequence involving Cloris Leachman as a zombie cat lady and her zombie cats. A severed penis is additionally thrown in for good measure.The best gags in Scouts Guide are visual. The dialog isn’t quite up to snuff, although the screenwriters do a solid job at capturing how crude teenage boys talk. For what it is, though, there is just enough humor, violence, and passion to appease the target audience.
Of course, Monster Squad was already only a couple more swear words and some nudity away from an R rating. Score 6 User Ratings (0 Votes) 0 Christopher Landon Joey Morgan Logan Miller scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse tye sheridan Share.

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