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We are enrolled in the Missouri State Food Program.  Which requires that participants meet high standard nutritional meals and snacks.
Whether in a high chair or sitting at their little tables, the children are being nurtured by their teacher as she assists and guides them through their mealtime. Toddlers look forward to the silly games their teachers play while they are being diapered. Time is enjoyed at the table.  We color, stack toys, paint, assemble puzzles and create with play dough. As singing leads to dancing and all other kinds of exercising, lets finish it off by running and jumping. Our children are learning through out the day.  Teachers turn each situation into a positive learning experience by communicating with the children.
Children play outside everyday, weather permitting.  If the weather prevents out door play, the teachers make sure the children have the opportunity to do a high activity game or they may do exercise or dance to the music. DON’T PRATTLE ON ENDLESSLY about the amazing cellar you have at your house, the tremendously rare and expensive wines you’ve enjoyed in the past and your last trip to Bordeaux … and then order a $35 bottle of sauvignon blanc with your porterhouse steak.
The stretch of Grand Canyon Drive just south of Flamingo Road is engulfed on both sides by a sprawling series of parking lots and strip malls bounded by a Target and Kohl’s on the west and the Las Vegas Athletic Club on the east.

Our seventh annual celebration of all things Las Vegas, from the best place to fix your speeding ticket to the best Bloody Mary.
You crack it open and are immediately confronted with myriad confusing choices, some of which cost more than your first car. Don’t say “Bring me the best one” or “What’s your favorite?” Even something as simple as “red wine that goes with lamb” or “I really like pineapple” is enough to start a dialogue that will help the sommelier find you a bottle you’re going to be happy with.
It is confounding that this particular speck of minutiae has made it into the popular consciousness regarding wine, and actually stuck.
Within this area are plenty of spots for physical-fitness buffs to grab a bite after their workout. Carnevino beverage director and certified sommelier Kirk Peterson cuts the foil and pulls the cork on everything you thought you knew about doing the deed.
The next thing you know, someone in a suit is standing there offering his or her assistance, and all eyes at the table are on you. Sommeliers are hoping to guide you through the wine list, to aid you in making selections that you will enjoy and that will complement your meal. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, either say so or point to a price on the wine list and say, “I’m looking for something like this,” and your guests will be none the wiser.

The saturation of color and rate at which the drops of wine drip down the side of the glass does give some minor insight into the wine’s origins that can be helpful in terms of professional blind tasting. No need to panic; all you need are some basic principles to get the wine you want for the price you’re willing to pay, and look competent while doing it. Despite what insight you may think your subscription to Wine Spectator has imparted you, they still know more than you do. But otherwise, it’s a completely useless detail that clearly reveals you to be someone who has no idea what you’re talking about.
Wine has flavor and aroma, but it also has texture and structure that are just as important in terms of your total enjoyment of the wine.

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