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To Book Publishers and Other Professionals: If you would like to purchase a non-exclusive commercial license for this image, to use in a publication, you may do so at the Online Store. And here is the diagram in black and white, for those of you who wish to save your color ink, or make coloring pages out of Maslow’s Pyramid. Abraham Harold Maslow (April 1, 1908 – June 8, 1970) was a psychologist who studied positive human qualities and the lives of exemplary people.
If you would like to include this illustration in your book, website, or similar commercial media, you may do so by purchasing a non-exclusive commercial license for this illustration at the Tim’s Printables Online Store. Each of these charts was created by Tim van de Vall and is copyright 2013 Dutch Renaissance Press LLC. Hi Tim, thank so much for the illustrated hierarchy of needs chart – really easy to understand, and perfect for explaining to students. We love this pyramid and feels it exactly explains what we discuss about Technology as it pertains to Senior Living.
Thanks so much for this beautiful resource and for all the resources available on your site. Thanks for providing these charts of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, will use them in teaching the concept to a Human Relations course at NMSU-Alamogordo, per Terms and Conditions. Conventional wisdom about creating content for the Internet constantly changes, but the options for generating ideas for that content don’t. If you’re thinking strictly in terms of what appeals to actual human readers, creatively inspired content is the best. Just because creative content is more genuine doesn’t mean it will automatically be a hit with your target audience.
So, creative content is the most enjoyable to read, but ignoring data about what your target audience wants can doom your content strategy to failure. Any time you adjust your content-creation process, you have to tweak the way you generate topics. Data-driven content is content that’s based on information from big data, real-time analytics and similar resources.
When you base your content strategy strictly off of data and metrics, you’re always following and never leading. It Often Results in Generic Content – Because the same basic, proven ideas are reused and reworked again and again, the resulting content tends to be stale and generic. It Stresses Out Your Writers – Even the most talented writers will start running out of ways to rework the same ideas. Content is, has been and will continue to be king, and it needs to be fresh, unique and engaging in order to work.
There’s a lot to be said for coming up with content ideas using your creativity alone.
Planning is More Difficult – In many ways, taking a creative approach to generating content ideas is akin to flying by the seat of your pants. If there are drawbacks and advantages to both content-generation strategies, perhaps the best thing to do is strike a balance between them.
Don’t ask yourself whether you should base your content off of data or off of activities like brainstorming.

If you have children at home, having regular meals together is one way you can improve their health and academic performance.  Iowa State University staff review the research behind the benefits of family meals and tips for putting family meals into practice in a blog called Family Meal Time and a publication called Say “Yes” to Family Meals. This continuous professional development (CPD) programme is aimed at professionals who wish to develop their leadership skills. This (CDP) programme is aimed at professionals of all levels who would like to improve their leadership skills and for organisations who wish to develop talent from within.
Students demonstrate a clear understanding of technology systems and operations and practice safe, legal and ethical behavior.
The News Manual is a resource and guide which was initially aimed at Journalists in the field within developed countries.
Journalism is not for the faint-hearted, you’ll need passion and you need to be a go-getter.
I imagine this diagram will be useful to all kinds of people: Psychology students and teachers, philosophy students, thinkers, and all the introspective folks who feel the need to question everything about the universe. The first is a straight-forward version of the Hierarchy of Needs Chart, with high quality hand-drawn illustrations to represent each row of the pyramid. In 1954, Maslow created the Hierarchy of Human Needs and expressed his theories in his book, Motivation and Personality.
As shown in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a person’s basic needs must be met before self-actualization can be achieved. I will use this weekend in a presentation for family physicians – I am a psychiatrist. If high-levelled human beings look down and low-levelled human beings look up, their eyes will definitely see the same thing – the need of unique human being! You can rely on data, including metrics for things like traffic and conversions, or you can rely on creativity.
Internet users are savvier than ever, and they can spot unauthentic content from a mile away. The most effective way to figure out what your audience responds to favorably is by turning to concrete data.
Just figure out the kinds of content that appeal to your audience and rotate them throughout the month. The topics themselves just need to be reworked so that they are unique enough to avoid making Google angry. That fact alone should convince you of the merits of generating content ideas through creativity. They are aware of the fact that a lot of online content is just created with search engines in mind. The process is much more organic, so it doesn’t lend itself well to long-term planning.
Now that you have a list of content ideas, take them and compare them to what the data has shown in the past.
Basically, the majority of the content you post should be brainstormed using a creative process. He writes regularly providing thought leadership on topics related to SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Sometimes when I eat alone I choose popcorn and a diet soda.  When I eat alone I do not have the opportunity to discuss what is happening in the community around me. Participants will gain an understanding of leadership roles and they will develop their skills and knowledge to lead, supervise and to manage resources effectively to achieve organisational and personal goals.
While Maslow’s Pyramid remains a popular framework for human motivation among business management leaders, high psychological instruction prefers attachment theory as a model for understanding human behavior.
Commercial use of these printable worksheets without purchase of a commercial license is prohibited. If you see such an error, please let send me an email, and I will look into the mistake as quickly as possible.
When content is created based on things like personal knowledge and enthusiasm, it tends to go over better with readers. Your editorial calendar will have to be changed accordingly, and your writers will have to be brought up to speed too.
Therefore, you can be more strategic about the content you write and are more likely to enjoy consistency when it comes to things like traffic and conversions.
Despite their best efforts, your writers will start churning out content that’s dull, vapid and pointless.
The simple act of coming up with it on your own, however, increases the odds that it will be unique in the most important ways. By using a creative-driven process to come up with content ideas, the results will be authentic and sincere. That kind of content is the stuff that gets shared with others, and it’s what will really help you get ahead in terms of marketing your website.
With any luck, some of the ideas will dovetail nicely with what’s been shown to work. To ensure that your site continues to enjoy forward momentum in the rankings, though, mix in data-driven content from time to time. If you have to prioritize one method over the other, however, content that is created using a creative approach is the way to go. With these points in mind, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of both approaches before implementing any changes.
Creatively generated ideas are far more likely to make the kind of splash you need to gain invaluable visibility. When your content is engaging, fresh, unique, informative and compelling, you can’t go wrong. I am not liable for any mistakes, mishaps or damages incurred by the use of these materials. It’s crucial to revisit the brainstorming process often and to keep an eye on important metrics like conversions, traffic and social media sharing.

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