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Knowing the right to pick a cantaloupe can mean the difference between a good crop and a bad one. So you want to pick some cantaloupe but you’re not quite sure how or when to go about it.
One way to tell if a melon is over ripe is by looking at the rind, which will appear quite yellow and soft.
In addition, a ripe cantaloupe will not require tugging or pulling in order to harvest it from the vine.
Once your cantaloupe is ready to be harvested from the vine, it helps to know how to pick it.
Harvesting your cantaloupes is a rather easy task once you know when and how to do it correctly. While often sold as a flowering perennial, yarrow plant (Achillea millefolium) is actually an herb.
Yarrow is most often propagated by division, so chances are you’ll buy your yarrow as a plant. Regardless of whether your yarrow plants are grown from seed or bought as full plants, you will want to plant them in full sun. Some caution should be taken when growing yarrow, as in the right conditions, it can become invasive and will then be in need of control.
On the non-medicinal side, yarrow herb is an astringent and makes a good facial wash or shampoo. Whether you grow yarrow as a decorative plant or an herb, you can be sure that it will add beauty to your garden. Growing and harvesting broccoli is one of the more rewarding moments in the vegetable garden. Floret Size – The size of the individual florets or flower buds are the most reliable indicator. Color – When looking for signs of when to pick broccoli, pay close attention to the color of the florets.
When your broccoli head is ready to harvest, use a sharp knife and cut the head of the broccoli off the plant.
After you have harvested the main head, you can continue to harvest the side shoots from the broccoli. Now that you know how to harvest broccoli, you can cut the heads off your broccoli with confidence.
First, if you live in the northern half of the country, it may be the middle of summer before you see any blooms on your petunia plants. Second, if the petunias you grow and care for are hybrid varieties, the seeds you collect won’t breed true the next year. Clip leaves from the tops of the petunia plants, making sure you collect soft, flexible examples instead of older, woody types.
Growing holly bushes in your yard can add structure and a splash of color in the winter and a lush, green backdrop for other flowers in the summer.
The best location for planting holly bushes is in well-drained but not dry, slightly acidic soil in full sun.
If you are growing a holly bush for its bright berries, you need to keep in mind that most holly varieties have male and female plants and that only the female holly shrub produces berries.
The initial care of holly bushes after they are planted is much like other trees and shrubs. When growing a holly bush, it also helps to mulch around the base of the holly shrub to help retain water in the summer and to even out the soil temperature in the winter. If you find that your holly shrubs are being damaged in the winter by snow and wind, you can wrap the holly shrubs in burlap to protect them from the weather.
This may be due to insects (such as aphids), weather-related, or even due to poor tree health. Fruit trees require exposure to cold temperatures, a period called dormancy; then warm temperatures signal the end of the dormant period and the time to begin growth and fruit production.
Insects that chew the terminal ends, shoots and flowers will also cause no fruit on plum trees.
Do not plant where the tree will be shaded or has competition with other tree roots for resources. Planting triplet lilies in your landscape is a great source of late spring or early summer color and blooms. Plant the corms about 4 inches apart and 5 inches deep, or three times the height of the corm.
Planting smoke trees throughout the border of your yard is another excellent idea for a pretty border that separates your yard from your neighbor’s that both you and your neighbor will enjoy.

If you are planting smoke trees in your yard, you will want to know how to grow a smoke tree. The plant will also droop as it gets larger, so pruning your growing smoke trees is very important. In fact, most cantaloupes are ready to be picked once they’re fully ripened, changing from green to a tan or yellowish-gray color between the netting. If it’s ripe enough, the melon should separate easily from the vine with a light touch.
Whether you decide to grow yarrow in your flower beds or in your herb garden, it’s still a lovely addition to your yard. You can speed up the germination by covering the top of the pot with plastic wrap to keep in moisture and heat.
It doesn’t need to be fertilized and only needs to be watered during times of severe drought. It is commonly used as a medicinal herb that can treat the bleeding of minor wounds, swollen or cramping muscles, reducing fever or to help with relaxing. Since yarrow care is so easy, you have nothing to lose by giving this ancient herb a small place in one of your flower beds. If you were able to baby your broccoli through the hot weather and kept it from bolting, you are now looking at several well formed heads of broccoli.
When the florets on the outside edge of the head get to be the size of the head of a match, then you can start harvesting broccoli from that plant. Cut the broccoli head stem 5 inches or more below the head, then remove the head off with a swift cut. Proper broccoli planting and harvesting can put this tasty and nutritious vegetable on your table straight out of your garden. The best way is to begin with the absolute best example of the plant you have in your garden. After this time, gently pull on one leaf to see if roots have begun to grow on the stem underground.
Because they are such popular plants, many people have questions about the care of holly bushes. That being said, most hollies are very tolerant of less than ideal locations and will grow well in part shade or dry or swampy soil.
This means that in the location where you would like to plant a holly bush with berries, you will need to plant a female variety and you will also need to make sure that a male variety is planted nearby. Make sure that your newly planted holly bush is watered daily for the first week, twice a week for a month after that and, if planting in spring, once a week for the remained of summer. Pruning your holly bushes will ensure that they keep a nice compact form rather than becoming leggy and scraggly.
The colony collapse disease that is affecting our honeybee population may also be responsible.
Extreme cold during flowering will cause the blooms to drop too early, and a plum tree fails to bear fruit. Plums are not self-fruitful and need another of the same species nearby for pollen transfer. Plum trees are one of the least winter hardy plants and should not be grown in zones where temperatures may be -15 F. The plant’s reserves are depleted and you will just have to wait a year for it to rally. Triplet lily plants (Triteleia laxa) are native to Northwest parts of the United States, but easily grow in many areas of the country. These stalks have 20 to 25 small blooms in a 6-inch umbel, making them appear dainty and attractive when growing in the garden. Plant the corms in spring, when all danger of frost is passed or plant in autumn with other spring-blooming flowers. Prepare the area before planting with shredded leaves, adding compost and any other well-composted, organic material.
Plant in front of iris corms, so the blooms can detract from the foliage after the iris bloom is done. Growing smoke trees is something people do to make great looking shrub borders or even just as a pretty patio or accent tree in a front yard garden. The puff of smoke that is the flowers will last most of the summer before it starts to fall off and fade for fall foliage. Typically, cantaloupes should be ready for harvesting anywhere from 70-100 days after planting. As with any medicinal herb, yarrow herb should not be taken without first consulting a physician.

You may be asking yourself when to pick broccoli and what are the signs that broccoli is ready to harvest? Try to avoid sawing at the stem as this may cause unnecessary damage to the plant and ruin your chances for side harvesting later. By looking at the size of the florets, you can tell when these side shoots are ready for harvest. You’ll be making exact clones of these plants, so choose the ones with compact growth and bright, big flowers in colors you love. You’ll have bloom-ready petunias as soon as the frost leaves, first thing next spring. Instead, you can also try to find holly varieties that do not need a male plant in order to produce holly berries. They do not need to be watered in normal conditions, but if your area is experiencing a drought, you should give your holly bushes at least 2 inches of water per week.
Plum tree problems that prevent fruit range from age-related to disease and even pest issues. Fixing plum trees with no fruit sometimes just requires patience and good stewardship and you will soon be enjoying the glorious sweet fruit again. Reaching 15 to 20 inches, planting triplet lilies among plants that flower earlier adds a splash of color around foliage that should remain in the landscape until it yellows. Learning how to grow a triplet lily is rewarding when the blooms burst open and grace the garden with powerful, perky color.
When in full bloom, they have gorgeous reddish brown or dark mauve feathery flowers that make the tree look like a puff of smoke. Again, the smoke tree blooms are like feathery, fuzzy flowers and look like a beautiful cloud of smoke. Therefore, be careful not to hit it with a lawnmower or other gardening equipment while gardening. You don’t want to stop the tree from blooming as the smoke tree blooms are the best part of the tree.
You can get food for the tree or treatments for the soil if you feel you need them from your local garden center. However, if you harvest your cantaloupe too late, you’ll be stuck with fruit that is soft, watery, and mushy. Learn how to start petunias from cuttings to create dozens of new plants that are clones of the original and that will guarantee blooms earlier than any of your neighbors. They grow well in a high pH soil and should be located where they can get full sun or partial shade; however, they do prefer full sun and will bloom at their best in full sun.
Pulling may result in damage to the melon, which can lead to disease and poor quality fruit. Once you know what’s wrong, you can take steps this season to ensure a bountiful harvest next year.
There are different cultivars, so you can easily find one for heights from 20 cm to 60 cm.- Thyme, often used between patio stones, for it thrives in full sun and dry sandy soil. In addition, it has scented leaves and tiny flowers in late spring.- The ajuga, a fast-spreading groundcover which, in spring, has spikes of deep blue flowers over shiny rosette-looking leaves. Basically, the idea is to hold back areas of soil so that you can separate your yard into levels of flatter surfaces. ReplyAndrew Pelt says: August 9, 2010 at 8:44 pmHi there may I use some of the information here in this post if I provide a link back to your site?
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