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Survivorman has led many to ponder whether they have what it takes to survive in the wild, foraging for food, building shelters and connecting with nature in some primordial way.
Book a Basic Bushcraft Skills program with Canadian Bushcraft, a Hiawatha First Nation-based operator specializing in wilderness survival courses throughout Central Ontario. Survivorman wannabes and those who want to venture into the backcountry and be sure they make it out.
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On a three-day program, you will learn how to build a debris hut (a shelter made with scavenged branches and readily available materials from the forest, which is secured using string derived from milkweed and dogbane plants). You'll learn how to identify edible shoots such as cattail, the roots of which are a source of starch and taste like a sweet potato when roasted. Here we’ll provide you with fresh suggestions where we will continue to make even better ones as we get to know you better. The right snare trap can work, but ant larvae and bullfrogs will provide protein in a pinch.

This training isn't meant for people planning to venture into the wild with nothing; it's insurance for the well-equipped in case things go awry.

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