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An impressive, full size, heavy weight copy of the famous Glock 17 handgun in heavy metal and ABS polymer. The gun is 19cm in length and comes with a protective case, cleaning brush, allen key and instruction manual. Barnett's Black Widow Slingshot offers a soft touch grip and foldaway wrist brace for support, accuracy, and power. You can purchase special ammunition or use small stones or similar hard, small objects you might find in the wilderness; pieces of glass, petrified wood, scrap metal and so on.

Contoured and stippled grip, trigger safety, and a double stacking metal mag, which holds 15 8mm blanks.
If for any reason we cannot verify your age through our system purchases must be made in person with valid I.D.
This fully working replica weighs the same as a real Glock 17, and is as close we can come in England to shooting one… without a prison sentence. The gun works just like the real thing, ejecting spent rounds and then locking back on empty.

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