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The name says it all – this pretty plant bears either white or pink blossoms, forming large clumps of deeply lobed leaves that are often streaked or speckled with red. The first thing I would recommend doing is to prepare Spring Gardening Checklist – noting everything you need to and want to do. Spring seems to be arriving sooner this year , it has been a long time since I was able to start cleaning up my garden so early- getting rid of all the dead leaves and flowers left from last season.
Simply beautiful is all I can say about this variety of petunia – a definite attraction in any garden, either in a planter of hanging basket. This is a great way to add colour to any garden without wondering about the plant blooming.
One of the best ways to have an easy to care for garden is to plan adding perennials – they do well taking care of themselves! Hope you enjoyed reading this information and please feel free to add comments and suggestions – I am sure you all have some favorite plants that work well with your garden! The area I am talking about is a natural slope – and that is a great place to put a rock garden. To build a berm, start with a pile of rocks, covered by a layer of sand – that will ensure good drainage and the sand will keep the topsoil in place. Start with collecting rocks – you can search through your area or purchase them at various landscaping outlets. We brought these rocks from Northern Ontario years ago – great place to pick up awesome rocks! Select your plants: I went to a garden centre and picked what I thought would be suitable and look nice in my rock garden.
I found these little pots in a local dollar store, buried them about halfway into the ground on a slight angle and planted plants into the ground just above them. The second is a second bog fed by our kitchen sink and laundry washer that go together or rather they both end up in the same bog.
I used a 5 bucket with holes drilled about 5" up the side to hold water that I used for kitchen scraps, any thing that would decompose plus occasional fresh source of nitrogen. Run an aquarium from your tub or sink out a window, once it started disconnect the pump and allow gravity to do the work. Put in a little bog or one sized to use the condensate from an air conditioner or just capture the water and use it on the plants. Use barrels to capture rainwater, use a barrel that can be turned off at the top then run a soaker hose from the bottom when needed, sort of carefree use.
IA‚ve designed a system in my mind to take sink water run to outdoor plants, the plants will clean this water then pipe it back in to use for a toilet.

The only water used in our home that goes to sewage is the toilet and that isnA‚t hard to do, it is just against the law in our state. Please donA‚t get a prefab pond, they break and no easy way to fix them and it is hard to seat them. You donA‚t have to go very deep (9-10"), no deeper than you would plant then use treated lumber for the wall then build up above like a mound or berm.
Prefers bright shade and humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil, but will tolerate average to dry soils and full shade. Very drought tolerant once established, they will look their best if provided ample moisture and light fertilization in spring. Really – there is something about it – it always works for me and even though my muscles are aching, my brain is happy! When you look at this pictures, you will probably be able to tell that I like to have an easy to care for garden.
And they can be put in early, since they are pretty resistant to cold weather, should winter have another blast. Nicknamed Purple Peepers, this plant is Blackberry Punch Calibrachoa and I love the look of them!
Not because I knew that they are a great addition to any landscaping, or because they can really add to colour and structure, but mainly because my grandpa built great rock gardens in the house I was born in. Make sure that you dig the parger ones about one third into the ground – that will make them look more natural. I had a specific purpose in mind – I wanted to get really creative and include faces and other artsy elements in my rock garden. I am not at all owrried whether or not all the plant I put in will do well – I am just going to watch them and those that are not exhibiting joy at being where they are will be moved. We are on water restrictions in NC and I was considering using laundry wash water to keep my hostas alive. They are just like a constructed pond with the pond liner then I dumped compost from my compost plant and planted and walked away.
Mixed this about the strength one would use for Miracle Grow and watered my potted plants, they responded really well. The septic tank people used lobbyist to block the use of bog septic systems which are much safer health-wise and very efficient. Each green leaf is rolled and folded into a tube shape, displaying the prominent veins on the back of the leaf. Many variegated varieties will lose some of their variegation in the heat of summer or when grown in deep shade.

He constantly worked in the garden – as soon as the last frost showed up, so did my grandpa.
If you don’t have a naturally sloping spot to build your rock garden, that is not a problem. You know me, I kept increasing the concentrations to determine the outer limits, proper concentration seemed to be 1-3 ounces per gal or a little more. We have wasted ourselves into the damnedest economic condition one could imagine only efficient use of resources will extricate us from our condition. The little bog on the left was the first, when it worked so well I put in the larger one to the right.
They are attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds and can be grown under black walnut trees. Sometimes there were still patches of snow and he would be out there with rake, cleaning up whatever he could. What would be more respectful of God than to use our bounty and leave the system unchanged or harmed.
I'm thinking if I can find a pre-formed pond that would be easier than using the pond liner plastic? They are so much closer to the laundry and we have a sump pump hole close to the washer and I could drain the washer into the sump hole and let the pump bring it out. Another thing I really want to do this year is to pay more attention growing herbs – I will be posting my update on that subject soon. All I did is pictured what a particular piece would look like in my rock garden and pretty soon I had a theme going. There was a huge Silver Maple tree next to the area I'm thinking about but the city took it down last fall (Hooray!) I'm going to have to see about using the grey water, all my plumbing is on the west side of the house, which is only a foot from the property line and the gardens are all on the east.
My problem with getting the water to where I want to make the bog is that it has to travel over 100 feet and cross the driveway to get to the corner of the yard! Now you've got me thinking I should rip out the evergreens, build a bog, and then have another big hosta garden that I'd have to get hosta for! With changing the landscape in our garden, plus using plants that grew way too much – I now decided to build a rock garden alongside a walkway to our backyard.
It seams like a great way to make an interesting border – so we will see what happens.

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