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I do have MY hospital bag packed, but in preparation for baby’s arrival, I wanted to put together a little something special for my husband. I actually did a bag like this for him last time around and he really appreciated it, so I knew that he’d enjoy having another one. Unless otherwise stated, all words and photos on this blog are my own and are copyrighted by unOriginal Mom.

While I had all kinds of adrenaline pumping through my body, I know that it must have been hard for my husband to stay awake and alert by my side all through the day and night.
If you'd like, you may use 1-2 photos (without altering them in any way, including removing the watermark), but you must attribute proper credit and a link back to this site. Look around, stay a while, and I hope through my unoriginality I can provide some inspiration to you, too!

I hope it goes without saying, but the text of this blog or multiple photos should NOT be copied and re-posted elsewhere without permission.

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