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Here are some great travels tips that help minimize your travel hassel while maximizing everyone's comfort in your next road trip getaway.
Of course no road trip would be complete without a map (talking or non), plus addresses and phone numbers of people and destinations. Before you leave home, make sure your family doctor’s phone number is programmed in your phone and make sure you put your health insurance cards in your wallet. Stopping for a break is an important part of any road trip - for the driver as well as the kids! If you have to travel six or more hours, you might think about making the trip over two days and staying overnight.
With this adorable bookcase library holder idea, helps you keep all books, toys and things neat and organized.
Bring along an assortment of snacks and drinks for your child, and remember to bring food for yourself, too.
Traveling with children can be exhausting and you will probably emerge from a long car ride or plane ride looking a bit worn out. If you are having your baby in hospital, print out this checklist to help remember everything you need. Find out how to use a birth pool, whether you just want to use it to help you with you labour, or whether you want to actually have your baby in the water. Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. Pump up the volume with this fresh cocktail that contains less booze and a lot more liquid.

When it comes to feeding kids and picky eating issues, you want to make sure you're reading information from credible sources. WARNING: ACTUAL PHOTOS OF MY PLACENTA IMMEDIATELY POST-BIRTH APPEAR AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POSTQ: Will this be a picture of a fake placenta? Adulting isn't really that complicated, so long as you go in armed with these 37 pieces of useful knowledge. If you know someone who has peanut allergies you're going to want to learn about these nuts. Your kit will vary according to how many children you have and their ages, but you should include basic instruments and supplies, such as tweezers, scissors, a thermometer, medicine dropper, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, bandages, gauze, and tape. If you're traveling in the East coast, consider getting an EZ Pass so you can sail sleeping angels through toll booths.
Make sure charging your phone beforehand, take along a phone charger for the car so your cell phone will be fully juiced in case of an emergency. And along with charging your phone beforehand, take along a phone charger for the car so your cell phone will be fully juiced in case of an emergency. Because the kids sleep all the way while you are awake and then the next day when you want to rest the kids are wide awake and full of energy! I bring one small makeup bag with my toothbrush, floss, paste, face cleanser, hand lotion, lip balm and lipstick to tickle me pink! Join us on August 17th for great conversation, empowering information, and your chance to win! For Dawn being organized means that when life throws you curveballs (oh, it will), you can bounce back faster.

Even fear of the best outcomes, like a normal childbirth, is part of the torrent of tender emotions that saturate your thoughts for the nine months of your first pregnancy.I wanted a healthy, normal, drug-free labour and birth. But, like any normal person on planet Earth, ever, I was pretty troubled by having to push a melon-headed, pointy elbowed, wriggling live human out of my vagina. Here are some excellent search terms to get you started on winning the battle of YOU versus FEAR:I know that medical professionals and anti-alarmists tell you to never Google health-related things. Be familiar with the way a head looks as it squeezes past the public bone and the fuzzy hairs of the not-quite-newborn are peeking through your legs.
See ALL of the things.By the time I was 35 weeks pregnant I had seen every normal and nasty thing the Internet had to offer when it comes to preparing for a drug-free labour and birth.
I was taking selfies with the nurses right until my water exploded, and I had my baby out in two pushes. Experience counts for everything when it comes to birth.Being an ostrich about your own labour and birth is a recipe for some really crappy emotions.
What else do you want to see?… Curious about what a colicky baby might mean for your sanity?

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