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Here’s my list of what you should put in a hospital bag (with a free printable underneath!). Bathrobe for walking the halls: If the doctor gives you the okay to walk the halls during labor, you may want a bathrobe. Hair tie or head band: A hair tie or head band will keep hair out of your eyes when laboring.
Hard candies: Having some hard candies on hand, like Preggie Pop Drops, can be great during labor or even after delivery.
Birth plan: If you and your doctor have discussed a birth plan, make sure to have it with you when you go into labor so that the nurses and other staff are informed of your wishes. Comfy nursing pjs: After you have the baby, it can be nice to change into your own pajamas to be comfy.
Breast pump (optional): Often times the hospital can supply you a breast pump if you should need one, but I pack a small manual one just in case. Towel (optional): I like to bring a larger towel from home instead of using the small, rough hospital towels provided.
Boppy or nursing pillow: A Boppy or nursing pillow is great to have on hand whether your breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
Swaddlers or swaddling blanket: Hospitals often supply receiving blankets to swaddle in, but I prefer to bring my own swaddlers and swaddling blankets. Photo ID: Sometimes a Photo ID is required to be able to see mom and baby or to sign forms. is a free service providing a printable checklist of things to pack in your hospital bag when going to the hospital to have a baby. Ha ha - I had almost the EXACT same experience as Michelle!  Gavin came almost 4 weeks early, and my water broke at 3AM on my first official weekday of maternity leave!  This website seems great, and will help me get it together (before 36 weeks!) for baby #2!

My first baby was three weeks early, and I had not packed my bag by then either even though hubby had been bugging me about it for several days.
If you’re a first time expecting mama, you may be wondering what you will need to pack for your stay in the hospital. When you go into labor, run through it right before you leave and make sure you’ve packed everything on the list.
I’ve packed a hospital bag three other times now, so I have a pretty good idea of what you should put in a hospital bag when having a baby, and of course, what you should leave out. The entire list assumes you are expecting a natural childbirth, but it can be adjusted for c-section mamas too. Those thin hospital gowns don’t leave too much to the imagination, plus it can get chilly. If you wear contacts, you may be asked to take them out in case you need to be knocked out during surgery. I only had to bring forms in once, and for the other two times the forms were signed and sent in to the hospital around 35 weeks. Be mindful, though, that after delivery there is postpartum bleeding which can get on towels. Hospitals often check that you have a proper car seat and that it’s properly installed before baby can go home.
You may want to consider packing overnight bags for them if they will be spending the night at someone else’s house while you are in the hospital. You can pin the image above to Pinterest or use one of the options below to share on Facebook, Twitter, and more! Of course, I didn't think she'd be early because my first born was right on time so I wasn't prepared!

By doing this you can feel assured you haven’t forgotten anything at home that you’ll really be needing! I bring one pair for after the baby is born, and use the pair the hospital gives me for during the surgery.
I never had to remove my contacts, but I brought along my glasses and solution just in case.
For c-sections, you may want to bring 2-3 pairs, depending on how long your hospital stay is. Unless your on a specific diet, bring along some non-perishable snacks like granola bars, crackers, or dry cereal.
Many new parents like to just contact family and friends themselves before sharing on social media. My water broke at 11 pm at night and I had to scrammble around the house to get my bag packed - all while having major contractions!!!
A big part of being prepared is having your hospital bag packed with everything you need in it. I had just worked my last day of work and was looking forward to 3 weeks at home on maternity leave to rest and prepare. My aunt and Cousin did an awesome job trying to figure out what I would like and brought it all to me.

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