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Created in 2012 by Janice Leung who runs the blog e_ting, Island East Markets is a local produce market installed every Sunday near Taikoo Place in the eastern neighborhoods of Hong Kong Island.
That’s it, I finally spotted the cart of plastic fruits and vegetables, I arrived safely !
It’s true that when we talk about the organic farming boom in Hong Kong, we imagine at first that concerns only the upper caste. In Island East Markets, it’s possible to fill up with fruits and vegetables from local producers. This joy ride ends but I also could talk about the milk candy from Cloud Candy or succulent ice cream from Happy Cow. Le Gastronome Parisien Je suis passionne de cuisine, j’adore aller au restaurant, j’aime decouvrir Paris, j’aime voyager, gouter de nouvelles cuisines, j’adore Hong Kong, je suis fou de cuisine chinoise … Comme j’ai souvent mon appareil photo avec moi, je fais un blog de tout ca ! About Me I love Hong Kong and sometimes a little Paris, I live in Paris and sometimes a bit in Hong Kong, no matter where, I still love to eat ! After a break of two months, Island East Markets comeback for a new season starting this Sunday, April 13, 2014. Here, Levain Bakery (if my memory is correct) left his Central neighborhood to come propose bakery specialties from all over Europe, Koughlof, Pretzel or Madeleines.

I walked over to CENG Coffee, a coffee beside Kowloow Bay for a vigorous Double Espresso from Guatemala. Unfortunately for me, I missed Robynn & Kendy (which I definitely fan) but the young singer of the day looks good. I enjoyed strolling through the market because the atmosphere is peaceful and merchants are adorable. Enjoying the attractiveness of hongkongers for local productions, both in terms of food and handicrafts, Island East Markets experiencing a growing success and attracts more and more producers, artisans, brands and sometimes Chefs. No anxiety, if you turn around, you’ll be pleased to discover a little more neighborhood reported a nice street food and small lovely shops. For this new season, I understand that the famous Bread Elements of Chef Gregory Michaud and Grassroots Pantry also be part of the exhibitors. This same scene sometimes hosts Chefs for demonstrations including Chefs involved in the promotion of organic farming in Hong Kong. Of course, I could criticize the over-representation of western brands (found for example French foie gras… ) and the presence of food chains like Mr Bing probably less concerned with environmental issues but the initiative remains remarkable and the project deserves to be supported and developed. Organic markets initiatives in the New Territories such as Tai Po Farmers Market, organic stores openings in popular neighborhoods or the Sunday gatherings in Fanling organic farms clearly attest to this.

Also very present, beet which is very popular and one comes in vinegar or refreshing drink. I recommend without reservation to go for a sunday joy ride in Island East Markets and continue with the discovery of the nearby neighborhood. We meet young couples but also people concerned about the quality of the products they buy. With other products such as strawberry and apple, beet is one of the standards of organic farming in Hong Kong and many farms grow.
Don’t forget to visit their website and Facebook page to keep you aware of the many events organized in the first place the egg hunt scheduled for the next two weeks.

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