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I read this in college when I didn’t know anything but this book is so profound in every area.
By Victor Frankl Psychologist and Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl writes about the importance of self-realization and the meaning of suffering; at the same time, he explains his school of psychology by relating his experiences in various concentration camps. When I read that Frankl had lived in the Auschwitz concentration camp for three years, and lost his wife and mother in other concentration camps, I was even more moved by his words. I found Frankl’s philosophy to be so inspiring, because he was a man bound and forced to live in both physical and emotional despairi. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Rodrigo M Bastos on Our First Day in PortoLanyding on Why I Left My Dream Job at CNN to Come Home to New OrleansStop Telling Me to Breathe! Man’s Search for Meaning is a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl chronicling his experiences as a concentration camp inmate and describing his psychotherapeutic method of finding a reason to live. This manual-style book based on The Power of Now offers us a guide for practicing the principles for living in the moment. This brilliant book gets to the heart of what keeps us from living our greatest, happiest life: the mind. I came across a quote a couple of weeks ago that I thought was the most enlightening thing I’ve read about happiness.

How was it possible for someone to endure such unimaginable pain and suffering, and still maintain such a positive resolve? And often we don’t gain that type of clarity and wisdom until after the worst of it has passed.
Frankl offers anyone who may be searching for answers to life’s chaos and dilemmas a very critical call to action by not telling people what to do, but why they must do it.
Tolle’s very practical exercises and meditations give tremendous power to moment-by-moment living. This insightful Tibetan Buddhist nun says, “Our mind with its incessant stream of thoughts, memories, opinions, hopes and fears is our constant companion, from which we cannot escape even in our dreams. Man's Search For Meaning is short and engaging, and makes the case for a simple, inarguable meaning of life: You need goals that genuinely matter, and it's entirely up to you to reach them. Yet, somehow, Frankl found the strength within himself to maintain this most venerable attitude, which is evident through his writing. It is the second-most widely read Holocaust book in the bookstore of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This book will help you feel inspired to establish ways to live life from a place of gratitude and peace. Make it a habit of carrying a book around with you or leaving them in key areas in your house.

It also made me think of the people closest to me, whom I care deeply for.  So many of them are facing hardships of their own right now. If he could find a way to persevere through sheer attitude, then I could certainly strive to do the same.
Frankl became one of the key figures in existential therapy and a prominent source of inspiration for humanistic psychologists. Read one for awhile, pick up another and continue the cycle until I’m finished with the theme or get bored of the book. Here’s how you can have a chance of winning one book, mailed and delivered, for free. Some the most difficult trials in life–the loss of loved ones, the struggle to bear children, the end of life-long commitments, the struggle to find work.

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