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This week our healthy goal of the week continues with a pledge to help kids eat more fiber rich foods. It is because of sponsors committed to supporting our free nutrition education website that more children, families and schools can benefit from our new interactive educational tools and healthy online games.
Here's some facts about fiber and grains for families and fun printables and games to teach kids about fiber and the Grain Food Group. Refined grains have been processed where the outer part of the grain called bran and then germ that provides nutrition to the grain is removed. Valentine's Day pages for kids- fiber and heart health theme printable activity pages and Healthy Valentines Cards for kids to share! Did you know you can send relatively healthy snacks to school that your kid’s entire class will love?
Because even though us moms would be tickled to bring a snack of fresh fruits and veggies, our kids don’t always want to be the ones to bring carrots and celery sticks for snacks.
To make it easier for all of you, I have constructed a list of 10 classroom snacks to share with you today, many of which are a healthier homemade version of children’s favorite staple snacks. 10 Healthy Holiday Treats for the ClassroomWhen the holiday season rolls around, so do classroom holiday parties!
6 Healthy Holiday Snacks for KidsThe holiday season is here in full swing whether we're ready or not. Renee – I understand your frustration with prepackaged snacks and unhealthy options for morning snack. When people are eating healthy snacks they are eating ones that are high in nutrients, low fat, and low in calories. When eating a healthy snack you are able to increase your nutritional intake, help prevent you from eating an unhealthy snack, reduce fatigue, and fight off hunger.

One important thing to remember when choosing a healthy snack is to make sure that these snacks do not add any excessive calories to your diet.
If you are on a calorie restricted diet or just watching your calories make sure that you figure in the calories of your snacks to the total amount of calories you are eating that day.
In addition to proteins, fiber is also another important component when choosing a healthy snack. Healthy snacks also include healthy drinks which include water, unsweetened tea, and diet soft drinks. Now just to junk products that do not work, eventually you will have all the advice you need. We have more information about fiber and tips for parents, and tools for teachers about the Grains Food Group and Fiber.
Why does that seem to be a common theme in motherhood…mom does the grunt work, the kids reap the benefits? So, when we get the dreaded note, I try to think of things that are the best of all worlds (healthy, kid-friendly, yummy, and easy to make in larger quantities). What are some of your favorite go-to homemade snacks that you send your child to school with for the whole classroom? I guess the snack is for all the kids whose parents don’t feed them food that sustains them. I do agree that they need to feed our children more wholesome snacks instead of overly processed and artificial flavor and colored junk. Let me assure you, though, that not all kids who need a morning snack aren’t fed well at home, as it seems you are implying. Not all of the prepackaged snacks are healthy so you need to read the ingredients before choosing the snack, even if the package states that it is a healthy snack.

You should make sure that you choose snacks that contain no more than two hundred calories.
It is a guide that will help you in a few days and with the right advice, to eliminate those Kg so annoying. They get to show up to school the next day with goodies to share and enjoy with their friends.
But it really sucks because they are fed Goldfish, Go-Gurt, and all kinds of other crap because it MUST come in a package and not have any nuts.
BUT, every child is different and maybe some get hungry in between and need a snack to keep them focused.
What type of snacks you choose depends on whether you have a sweet tooth or want something that is salty. You should also make sure that your healthy snack has protein because protein is very important for our body. Perhaps you could work with the teachers to find healthier snack options as there are some packaged snacks that are at least healthier than those you listed. Studies indicate that 16-18% of school-age children who have food allergies have had a reaction in school.

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