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I’m a food writer, chef, competitive French fry eater, and owner of one too many frilly aprons. During The Wellness Project, one of my hardest challenges was deciding what food rules to live by. Choosing seafood that is both healthy for you and also poses limited environmental risk is a tricky business–even more so than sourcing sustainable meat.
I’ve been lucky to get a lot of practice trouble shooting the latter during my summers on Martha’s Vineyard.
A few weeks ago, when I returned to my favorite island for a few weeks of frying up flounder and broiling bluefish, I had the fortuitous pleasure of hearing Paul Greenberg give a talk on this very subject. For starters, 90 percent of the seafood we eat in this country is imported, while much of the catch from our oceans is sent overseas.
So why do we readily give those nutrient-dense options away? According to Greenberg, a central issue is that we don’t want them.
As a food blogger, I’ve become intimately acquainted with the art of “giving the people what they want.” So the statistics that Greenberg relayed—-that shrimp, salmon and tuna represent more than half of all the seafood we eat—-didn’t surprise me.
To kick things off, I’ve put together a definitive guide to shopping for better seafood, including a list of the best and worst buys, and more importantly, what to do with them once you’re back to your kitchen. Unfortunately, you’ll have a harder time finding a more diverse array of seafood at your regular grocery store. The best species—those with low mercury, high levels of beneficial nutrients, and minimal environmental impact—are mollusks like clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops. Shellfish also happen to be very high in some essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, iron and B12, and low in saturated fat. To add some extra protein without making fish the main event, try adding anchovies to your vinaigrette (like in this recipe), or to your tomato sauce. These darker fish tend to be plentiful in Northeast waters, and therefore, very affordable at the fish counter. Note that in some areas, flounder and haddock are overfished using environmentally destructive methods. If we want to eat more seafood at an affordable price, farmed fish is not just here to stay, it is a necessity to meet the rising demand. Salmon and Arctic Char are among the healthiest from this list in terms of Omega-3’s.
According to Susan Blum, one of the most well-studied toxins in relation to autoimmune disease is mercury, which occurs at high levels in larger wild fish because their diet is primarily other fish. Heavy metals accumulate overtime, which is why it’s important to limit your consumption on a weekly basis.
For Hashimotos sufferers, mercury can inhibit essential enzyme production that helps our body convert thyroid T4 hormones into active T3. I do, however, have a healthy hedonist tip for all your sushi addicts: add some cilantro to your meal! From 2005 to 2010, a quarter of food-borne illnesses from imported commodities involved seafood, more than any other category. If you see a farmed sign at the seafood counter make sure to ask where it originated from, and avoid varieties from Asian or South America.
Species that work best: Any very thin white fish fillet like sole, snapper, flounder, or catfish. Species that work best: Thick, semi-firm fish fillets like haddock, hake, pollack, halibut, mahi mahi, or Pacific cod.
How to do it: Have the fishmonger clean and butterfly the fish so that the cavity is clean.
How to do it: Follow any standard paella recipe using a lidded saucepan and add in the shellfish at the end.
There are many more techniques that I didn’t get into – but this should give you a good start! I put this in the medium mercury category since I doubt that most people eat more than a few servings a month, unlike Tuna which sushi enthusiasts consume much more of. You may have seen big hungry plants eating humans in a dark forest in lots of Sci-fi movies. These plants have evolved six times independently in 5 different orders of flower bearing plants and today they are represented by several genera. There are two major categories of the Carnivorous Plants, one with the active traps and other with the passive traps. Venus Flytrap scientifically known as Dionaea muscipla is the most famous kind of Active Carnivorous plants. In some cases, bugs reside on these plants; these bugs eat up the insects that get trapped and serve the plants with their waste products. Pitcher plants come in two varieties that are, Tropical pitchers and North American pitchers.
This image recently went viral on all over the social media and image sharing websites including Reddit, Pinterest, Stumble and a few others.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) maintains a complex system of rules for transporting both carry-on items and checked bags on flights. When we hear the word whale a giant sized monstrous fish comes to our mind, but Beluga whales are just the opposite of it.
All facts and images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners mentioned in source.
Ever since my son was born with life threatening food allergies and eczema, we knew that we needed to avoid toxins and eat as natural as possible. Most of the time I try to keep things simple in the kitchen since my life is really busy, but sometimes I like to have a little extra fun with some food coloring to jazz things up a bit. Now, I’d found other ways to use natural items to make natural food color, like in my Mint Fudge and Easter Fudge, but blue natural food coloring was a new challenge for me. Recently my son had a season finale for his ice hockey league (the Griffins Youth Foundation), and each team member was going to be presented with a cupcake decorated with colored frosting to match his uniform. Why couldn’t he have been on the Green Team?  Then I could have used parsley like I did for my Mint Fudge. Or if he’d been on the Purple Team or Red Team, I could have used the colorings in my Fun Fudge.
Well, I initially told him not to get his hopes up — that there was no way that we were going to be able to make blue frosting naturally, but then I found out how.  And now I am going to share it with you! The top photo, “Blue in the Ware” is copyright (c) 2012 Peter Taylor and made available under a Attribution-Generic 2.0 license. I got a great color blue from the red cabbage water and a tiny bit of baking soda but when I added it to the cream cheese-powdered sugar frosting, it immediately turned purple like the original cabbage water. Note: Information on this web site was obtained from a variety of resources, including medical and nutritional publications and is provided for educational purposes only. Yoga can also be an inexpensive, fun, and healthy way for families to play and learn together. If you are interested in trying Family Yoga, please consider attending Backyard Family Yoga this summer. The class starts by reading a story or singing a song then adding playful yoga poses to stretch and grow the entire family.
AboutGo Valley Kids is a complete guide for family activities, events and information in Northeast Wisconsin. I know summer has pretty much come to an end and we are more focused on pumpkin and squash than pasta salads..but OH WELL! Studies show that cinnamon may help to prevent Alzheimers.  Compounds in cinnamon seem to inhibit the build-up of a particular protein in the brain called tau, which is one of the hallmarks of Alzheimers. Cinnamon lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and so has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.
Studies at the Department of Internal Medicine, Kangnam Korean Hospital have shown it reduces cytokines which are linked to arthritic pain. I have mentioned Alzheimers but cinnamon has been shown to reduce chronic inflammation linked with other neurological disorders including Parkinsons and Multiple Sclerosis.  With regards to Multiple Sclerosis neurological scientists at Rush University Medical Centre have said that it may help to stop the destructive process.
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A broken and wounded heart might pretend to not care and scream, “I don’t give a rat’s pituty about what others think of me,” but deep down we all care.

About a month ago, I was with a group of about fifteen younger people who were going to carpool to a meeting downtown. A few years back (more like a decades ago), I was the guy most everyone wanted to be around. But then my hair went gray, my potbelly went global, and my Hawaiian shirts went out of style. Thanks for reminding me that I used to think the same way and that someday he’ll understand. This is where I share my recipes for healthy hedonism, gluten-free finds, and tips on living a more balanced life beyond food. And I quickly learned that devising those healthy hedonist parameters for the land was a lot easier than doing so for the sea. And since August is probably the month when you’re most likely to step outside your seafood comfort zone, I thought it would be an opportune time to take on a #summerseafoodchallenge and dedicate a few weeks on the blog to talking about the best fish to eat and how to cook them. The best-selling author of Four Fish and American Catch, has dedicated his career to unpacking the layers of commerce, infrastructure, and biodiversity that have created some pretty funky imbalances in the American seafood system.
I know that’s what you’re cooking on a regular basis, and to feed your cravings, I’ve tried to provide recipes for those three species more than any other.
Because the number one way to eat healthier, more sustainable seafood is to seek out more diversity on your plate.
If you’re out at a restaurant, skip the salmon, tuna and shrimp in favor of another species.
Look for “previously frozen.” A lot of the time, signs at the seafood counter will indicate whether something has been previously frozen.
While most of the above are farmed, the process actually improves the areas of ocean they’re introduced to.
In recent years, there have been several innovative proposals for reintroducing oyster colonies to particularly polluted areas because of their filtration powers. Anchovies and sardines get a bad rap for being the bachelor food of our father’s era. Sardines, which are slightly larger, are also great broiled and folded into pasta, or pressed inside a sandwich. Many people get turned off by their grey flesh, but once cooked they mellow into very delicious fillets. Use the state-by-state guides from SeafoodWatch to determine if they’re sustainable in your hometown. Like grass-fed cows, fish feeding in their natural ocean environment pack a bigger nutritional punch. As our oceans become ever more polluted, and our seafood populations begin to diminish due to over-fishing, mariculture doesn’t seem quite as bad from a health and sustainability standpoint. It’s also not necessarily as healthy as other more omega-3 heavy varieties like farmed salmon. That doesn’t offset the heavy metals, but it is one of the healthier choices of these higher mercury fish. Since our thyroid only makes 10 percent of the T3 our body needs, that conversion is essential for our endocrine and metabolic systems to function properly.
In China, The New York Times found shrimp and tilapia being raised in industrial waste water that contained high levels of pesticides and other agricultural runoff. Here are some general guidelines below that you can use again and again, no matter what species you bring home. Cut up your seafood into large chunks (2-inch cubes), and simmer in the sauce during the last 10 minutes of cooking.
Once home, stuff it with herbs, lemon wedges, and any other sauce or condiment you want to use.
Like, I always thought catfish was sketchy the way it’s farmed, but now I want to give it a try. It’s refreshing to know that US farming practices, at least for seafood, is on the safer side.
And I think the omega-3’s and healthy oils are at least a boon to other areas of your health. There are over 630 species of these plants, and also there are additional 300 species that have some of the characteristics of Carnivorous plants. Some of these plants have specially designed brightly colored leaves that are used to trick and trap unsuspecting animals and insects.
The active traps are those with spiny hinged leaves and tend to move really fast, where passive traps are plants having leaves shaped like a vase.
This astonishing little plant occupies a narrow strip of land, 100 miles long and 10miles wide in the coastal area of North Carolina.
Sundew plants have hundreds of tentacles all over its leaves that produce a shiny sticky substance that is often confused with the dew, as sunlight like makes them glitter. Inside the pitcher at the bottom water is present; the trapped insects drown in this water and are then digested by the enzymes that are released in it.
These glowing blue creatures are actually known as Glowing Firefly Squids and considered to be the most beautiful creature of marine life on earth.
Some objects are prohibited on planes at all times, while others may be checked and not carried, or vice versa. The Beluga whales are the smallest species of whales and are easily identifiable due to their unique colors and distinctive features.
I started making everything from scratch, including dairy-free milk, homemade seasonings, and even ketchup, plus making whole food substitutes for things like DORITOS®, marshmallows, and white chocolate chips.
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When you make a batch of coloring do you know how long it will last if you don’t use it all up. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission but your price will not change.
The information on this site is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals.
The best part of Yoga is that it can be done anywhere, your home, backyard, school, or daycare without a lot of equipment, all you need is a Mat (optional), blanket, beach towel or grass.
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As we walked out the door to depart I said, “Hey, I have room for three people to go with me.” No one replied, in fact, the look on their faces said, “Thanks, but we’re going in the cool car!” It was awkward and certainly not what I expected.
Somehow I went from the trendy pastor who was like a hip big brother to the grandpa with hair growing in embarrassing places. I suppose I could dye my hair, stop eating what I love to eat (like pizza), and spend an inordinate amount of time exercising with the hope of recapturing my youth. Honestly, I remember thinking in my younger days about some of the old folks in my life, “What do they know? That awkward stage where the 20-somethings are pretty sure I have one foot in the grave, and the 50s=plus still call me a whippersnapper. So buckle up and get ready for some recipes this month that will help you think outside the shake-n-bake shrimp box.
When possible, find an independent fish shop or stand at the farmer’s market that sells more than your standard trio of salmon, shrimp and tuna.
Because you want your fish to be delicious first and foremost, it’s always best to buy local.
If you’re buying farmed seafood, it’s best to source it from either Europe (Iceland, Norway), the US or Canada—places which ranked highest in terms of compliance with the UN code of conduct for fisheries.
Yes, with wild fish you get the benefits of a natural diet—free of pig feces AND corn—but you also run the risk of consuming other toxic substances as a result of industrial waste seeping into our oceans. The problem, similar to the problem with factory-farmed meat, lies in the transparency of these practices.
While farming practices help protect specific species from overfishing, it’s still not the most efficient use of marine life when you consider how many more pounds of fish is needed to feed farmed salmon versus wild.

Considering these varieties fall outside the salmon-tuna-shrimp magic trio, I doubt many of you will have an issue with following this quantity guideline. In 2012, Bloomberg reported scenes of seafood on Asian farms standing in unchilled rooms covered in flies, and in some cases, the fish were even fed a diet of pig feces. It’s a complicated dance creating your own healthy hedonist rules around seafood, but I hope that this gives you some insight into how I balance the various priorities. There are some predatory species of the plants that can trap, kill, eat and digest animals and they are known as the carnivorous plants. The reason is that these plants exist in rocky areas or bogs, where the soil quality is very poor and lacks essential nutrients such as nitrogen. Some have a sweet scent that helps attract animals towards them while others have sticky slippery parts that makes it difficult for the prey to escape. It comprise of tiny sacs that resemble a bladder, located on the leaves and the stems of the plant. When steeped in hot water, the blue pigment seeps out and the pigmented water is used as a natural colouring for food or enjoyed as a tea. Most products that I link to I use personally, but some may be for illustrative purposes only.
Consult your practitioner before beginning or making changes to your diet, supplements, exercise program, diagnosis or treatment of illness or injuries and for advice regarding medications. Simply put yoga is the union or coming together of mind (thoughts and feelings) and physical body.
Kristin currently teaches at the Apple creek YMCA and volunteers at NDLC charter school in Kaukauna teaching Kindergarten yoga. There is something so fun about seeing a lot of beautiful things on one page and getting to save them in your own little space to use later.
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But sooner or later my wrinkly, wart-ridden and worn-out body is going to outpace my futile attempts to look good. They’re out of touch.” Of course, when it came to technology, music and attire, they were behind the times.
But even varieties that taste more like the sea shouldn’t necessarily smell overly fishy in their raw state.
I know it seems counter intuitive that something in the freezer aisle would be “fresher” than the same product at the counter. Flash freezing seafood (like most wild salmon) preserves the integrity to some extent, but it also leaves a lot of room for human error as it makes its way from Alaska to your plate.
Farming practices in South America and Asia, where the majority of farmed seafood comes from, have exhibited some pretty shady practices that are bad for the environment and your body.
The biggest red flag toxin is mercury, which is found in larger deep-water fish, and is known to cause a host of inflammatory conditions in the body.
If you’re shopping from a local market, chances are you’ve only heard of a handful of fish in the case. And tins of anchovies and sardines remain as cheap and readily available as they were 40 years ago. Atlantic salmon, which is effectively extinct in the wild, is a well-worn Nantucket red versus wild Alaskan salmon’s glistening scarlet. I thought it was the really big fish (tuna, swordfish, king mackerel) that had the most heavy metals. For cod, you can use that in a stew like the Marmitako or en Papilliote like my recent Moqueca packets. Here carnivorous does not mean that these plants are capable of eating big sized rabbits or rodents, but the term refers to small amphibians, insects and arthropods.
The poor prey is then enclosed within the tentacles and digestive enzymes start their work. My 3 year old and I loved doing this experiment together and we look forward to a healthier way of making food coloring in the future. Peperocinis would be a great addition in this recipe (I just didn't have any on hand) as well as grilled chicken or chopped roasted red peppers. Of course, I should do whatever I can to stay healthy, but perhaps it’s time to become comfortable in my skin (such as it is). But regarding the things that truly matter, like wisdom and life, I too often failed to listen and learn from these wise old saints. But maybe the next time you have the opportunity, you can hit the pause button for a moment and ask the old guy or gal in your life a few questions.
As Greenberg uncovered, it’s also often shipped overseas for processing before being returned for sale in this country (not-so sustainable). The first treatise about these plants was written by Charles Darwin in the year 1875 by the name of, “Insectivorous Plants”.
As soon as an insect touches the tiny hair present inside the leaves the fringe of spiny hair found around the leaves snap shut trapping the prey inside. The inside of the pitcher shaped leaves are covered with slippery waxy scales that make its prey slip at the bottom of the pitcher where digestive fluids are present.
The tiny sacs have a thin flap like membrane that acts like a door, this mechanism is also known as “trap door”.
It does NOT track personal information about you, such as your name, email address, physical address, telephone number, social security numbers, bank account numbers or credit card numbers. We might choose to be in with the out crowd (like my skater, tattooed, dreadlocked god-daughter), but we still want to be a vital part of something and linked to others in a way that matters.
Remembering how I once was helps me have grace toward others who act the same way I did in my youth.
Sadly, in our western culture, we tend not to revere age, but whether others want it or not, I will share what I know out of love whenever and wherever I can. With seafood, even more so than produce, you can really taste the difference when something is plucked straight from the ocean that day. See below for some specific species that are generally ok to buy farmed, and others that you should always be skeptical of. They can point you to some lesser known species that are a lot cheaper than the “name brand” salmon and yellowfin tuna you’re used to. Without the algae in a typical wild diet, farmed salmon’s flesh often develops as a dingy grey color. Salads, being one of my favorite things to eat, is an addictive thing to “pin.” Check out all of these good looking salads … anyways, enough about that. They’ll also have great cooking advice, since they usually go home with the catch that no one else wants. The plant is slightly oval in shape which forms a vacuum that helps trap insects triggering its hair. My point is that I have seen a lot of pasta salads floating around the Pinterest world and realized I haven’t made my Greek Pasta Salad in some time.  I love it because it is full of veggies and it’s something I can bring to work for lunch or have as a side to a meal.
If you’re concerned about species that may be overfished, you can cross-reference your choice on, or see my specific guidelines below. Soda is not necessary to get a blue with this, but adding an acid or base will shift the color. Gradually add baking soda, ½ teaspoon at a time, until you get a nice blue hue (see photo #2 below). If you are using the color for something you will be eating then you need to be especially careful how much you add. Since it is the alkaline quality of the baking soda that causes the red cabbage juice to turn blue, you can also add spinach juice, green tea, or another alkaline ingredient. Notes: The color in the cabbage juice, itself is not particularly sensitive to temperature, but the mixture of the baking soda with the juice is. So you will want to add the color after the food item has cooled, or else only add it to food items that will not be heated.

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