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With Back to School upon us, and my big kid entering Junior Kindergarten, I want to make sure he has enough energy to play and learn all day.
In their natural state or cut into strips or cubes (or fun shapes if you’re motivated), fruit is high in fiber and nutrients.
Crackers are an easy thing to take to school and can be eaten on their own or with cheese, butters or other spreads to provide energy and fiber to your growing kid. For kids that are less inclined to eat a whole fresh fruit, fruit and veg bars are a decent alternative occasionally.
Options such as raisins, dried apricots and dates are energy dense, high in protein and fiber, and kids think they are candy.
A handful of high fiber, low sugar cereal is an easy and nutritious snack, even without milk. High in fiber and kid-friendly, popcorn is a great alternative to traditional snack food like chips and cookies.
Bursting with flavor and real fruit these strawberry kiwi gummies are sure to be an instant hit with both you and your kids. Natural flavor is actually not that different from artificial flavor and can have the same impact on your child’s health and behavior. The flesh of strawberries and kiwis does not gel very well (trust me…it took three attempts to get gummies that would come out of the molds!).
I like to keep a batch of gummies on hand in the refrigerator for easy snacks and fun additions to school lunches. Heat the mixture over low-medium heat, whisking frequently, until the gelatin and sugar dissolve and the mixture is liquid (2-3 minutes).
The leftover fruit pulp can be used as is or pureed mixed into yogurt or oatmeal or as a topping for pancakes, waffles or ice cream. Kiwi fruits as well as pineapple, mango and papaya contain certain enzymes which dissolve protein – gelatin is an animal protein. They come in a box of 5 and are individually wrapped, like most granola bars, so they are easy to throw in a bag and take with us.

We are not endorsing this product for any reasons other than that we like them and we did not receive anything for this review. Through our participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), we serve USDA-approved meals and snacks to all of our children at no additional charge. Our posted menu listing breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack choices for a well balanced diet all week long. The allergy notice posted on the parent board, one of many procedures in place to ensure your child is safe, secure, and well-loved while he is here. A schedule which shows that snacks and meals are served frequently to ensure that children are well-nourished while they are with us, and ample time thoughout the day for play, outdoor activities, rest time, creative art, science experiments, and more.
Always at the ready, sitting cut in strips and in cold water, these are an easy and colorful snack. With so many more kids suffering from food allergies and more public awareness, less peanut butter should be showing up at schools and public places. Made of pureed fruit and veg, they are a compact, easy to transport option with high fiber and some nutrients found in whole fruit and veg.
You can put in whatever you want: fruit, veg, grains, and healthy fats such as flax, chia and nuts. Don’t offer to children younger than 4-5 years though, as they are a chocking hazard due to small, lightweight pieces that can be aspirated. Not to mention it’s important to avoid it if your child has allergies since it can contain anywhere from 50 to 100 unknown to you ingredients.
The juice of real strawberries and kiwis is combined with grass-fed gelatin for a protein-packed, nourishing snack. It is already sweetened and can be mixed into plain yogurt or oatmeal for a delicious breakfast. She has a passion for real food and will help you navigate the world of food allergies and feeding challenges such as picky eating, oral SPD and tongue ties.
5 of these ideas came from this site, and there are TON’S more!  Be careful with crackers!

I say to you, I definitely get annoyed while people consider worries that they just do not know about. Amy is a Social media lover turned blogger who writes about all things related to life: cooking, parenting, family events, drinks (Hey, we all need one once in a while!) and Local Michigan happenings.
Many parents end up sending sugar and salt-laden, highly processed foods, which, though yummy, will not sustain your child’s energy levels all day.
Full of nutrients and fiber, sliced veg are a great go-to snack for little (and big) hands. Smart companies now make peanut-butter-alternative butters such as Wow Butter that have fantastic protein and will provide your child with energy till dinnertime. Don’t eat too many though, they are much higher in calories than their fresh counterpart, with less fiber.
I don’t recommend drinking all your calories, but for picky kids, smoothies are nutritious and thirst quenching if you choose smart ingredients. She loves to share children’s health information from her professional and personal experience. This is a great recipe to use up any remaining strawberries from last year’s freezer stash before you go strawberry picking again. They have a variety of foods that are safe for many types of food allergies and intolerance’s.
Mom loves that they are a healthy, good for him snack that is not too filling but helps when he needs something to tide him over till meal time especially when we are on the go.

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