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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! If you are one of your friends who doesn’t eat meat, you know that the issue of vegan protein is a pretty big debate. Well veganism is a bit more complicated than that, but the truth is that there are a lot of healthy,protein-packed meal ideas, so that even those who prefer to not eat animal products can build muscle mass and stay healthy and fit. Since this is the meal that fuels your day- and who doesn’t want to start their day off feeling energized?- it’s normal to treat it very seriously. With either of these two you can mix in a few teaspoons of peanut butter for an extra decadent breakfast! You probably know about soy from all those soy milk lattes on Instagram, but did you know that green soybeans are not only delicious, but also full of vegan proteins? And if you ever feel the need to eat something that gets you full really quick, and also has more calories, you can try beans- any kind, pinto beans, black eyed beans, white beans. DISCLAIMER: This site offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. Nothing makes your dog happier than the smell of a treat, whether during training or on their scheduled time for eating. Basically, your dog's anatomy is different from human anatomy and their bodies process food somehow differently.
Humans are to stay away from chocolates to avoid obesity, but dogs have more reason to do so than this. Because of their small size and sweet taste, it is easy to think of grapes and raisins as convenient treats for dogs.
Both alcohol and yeast contain ethanol, a toxic substance which is rapidly absorbed in the body. Aside from these, be careful too when giving your dogs fruits with seeds, meats with fats and bones, milk and other dairies. Keeping your dog healthy by deciding what to feed and not to feed your dogs is a huge part of responsible pet ownership.
Ms Dart explains if you don’t have breakfast, your brain and body won’t get the glucose it needs to function.
It’s a good idea to begin the day with something that’s high in fibre and low GI, like cereal. We’ve all heard this myth before, but in reality, it has nothing to do with what time you eat, and more to do with what you’re eating. Experiments have shown there’s validity to both arguments, but Ms Dart says neither is better than the other.
It all depends on the individual. No two bodies are the same and no two dietary requirements are the same.
And for those people who are more active, they may find they need regular snacks to help support their performance, so they eat more often. Fasting is bad for your health, and while it’s fine on the rare occasion, like during religious events, it’s not something you should be doing on a regular basis. If you are trying to lose weight, it’s better to have regular meals that are nutritious and healthy, whether that be three meals a day or even up to five or six smaller meals a day, whatever suits you.

Ms Dart says in the dietary world, eating slowly compared to quickly is called unmindful versus mindful eating. Another good idea is to enjoy your meals with other people, and switch off any distractions like the television or computer.Really concentrate on the flavours you’re experiencing and give your brain more time to signal that it’s full. Ms Dart explains it takes around 15 minutes for our brain and our stomach to match up their signals and realise we’re full and satisfied – so it’s far easier to overeat if you’re scarfing everything down in record time.
Check out Part 1 of our Food Myths Debunked series here on the relevance of the food pyramid and the importance of having a balanced diet.
Many international students live in or around the city because of the proximity to their colleges and universities, and that was where we decided to focus our efforts first. Pretty much every person who eats meat will ask, at one point, “How do you get your proteins if you only eat plants? For each hundred grams of edamame (cause that’s what they’re called when they’re fresh and green), you would eat 13 grams of protein.
You can eat it as it is, grill it, mix it in salads, and pretty much use it just as you would use cheese. They’re all a very good source of vegan protein, having as much as 12 grams of protein a cup. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. See their tails wag and their eyes sparkle by the sound of their names being called to share a bite or two of the flavorful food in your hands.
This means that some foods that are common and even healthful for humans may surprisingly be turned into poison when eaten and digested by a dog.
All kinds of chocolates contain a substance called theobromine which are digested and processed by dogs very slowly.
However, don't even think about doing so because ingesting even just a small amount of these fruits can cause your dogs to show symptoms of poisoning such as weakness, vomiting, decreased appetite and urination, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.
If your dog consumes uncooked dough or alcohol, they will quickly suffer from low body temperature, depression, and weakness which are generally symptoms of central nervous system and respiratory depression.
It causes imbalance in your dog's minerals and metabolic enzymes such as sodium and insulin.
To be safe, ask your vet about the best diet for your pet, especially when you notice that their energy levels changed after eating certain foods. After all, dogs would not know exactly what is harmful to them, especially if those foods are foods you yourself eat. Once again, we’re helped by Monash University’s Department of Nutrition and Dietetics senior lecturer Janeane Dart, who says eating healthy is not just about what you eat – but how and when you eat it. Some people, especially shift workers, consume all their meals when the rest of us are fast asleep. Some people may find having three big meals suits them better than having five small meals.
Ms Dart also reminds us to make sure we have a range of nutrients throughout the day by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and cereals. So every time you skip a meal or fast, your body will try to reduce your metabolism to conserve energy.

As a guide, some people chew each mouthful around 10 times – conscious way of slowing themselves down.
And look out for next week’s instalment, where we find out if foods high in carbohydrates cause weight gain. All you need to do is give it a quick rinse under cold water, and then boil it for a few minutes. You can have it either salty, by boiling it slightly with spices and eating it with grilled vegetables, or you can have the sweet version and mix in a banana, some chia seeds and a dash of cinnamon.
And when you think about the fact that they are high in fiber and antioxidants, you realise that beans aren’t just good for your protein fix, but they’re amazing both for the waistline and your overall health! No matter how they seem to like what you are about to feed them, there are certain foods that you should never even think about giving to your dogs. Even a small amount of it may become toxic to them causing vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, irregular heartbeats, internal bleeding, tremors, heart attacks, and eventually death within a short span of time. Toxins produced in the dog's body from eating grapes and raisins eventually cause their kidneys to fail leading to death. Make sure all caffeinated products are never fed to your dogs, including colas and stimulant drinks, because the effects could be irreversible. Too much salt causes sodium ion poisoning, while too much sweets causes an increase in insulin. They trust you so much that they would eat almost anything you give them, so it's up to you to determine those foods that they could and could not munch.
Victoria Brown gets to the truth behind these healthy eating mantras from dietary expert Janeane Dart. The key is make sure you’re eating because you’re hungry and not because you’re bored or need a distraction from studying. Then when you start to eat regularly again, your body will try to speed up your metabolism. Our editorial team is made of both local and international students, and it has worked to our advantage in providing local content in every sense of the word. You can either use it as a rice substitute (fried rice, anyone?) or mix it with honey or dried fruit if you want a sweet treat! And did you know that spinach (which coincidentally is amazing in soups!) has almost 3 grams of protein?
It causes serious damage to your dog's central nervous system, his heart, lungs, and kidneys. In the end, your body will become terribly confused and that’s when you start gaining weight. Signs that your dog is experiencing caffeine poisoning include restlessness, vomiting, labored breathing, panting, fast heartbeat, lethargy, and seizures. Reply Leave a comment Cancel commentFirst time visitors: please read our Comment Guidelines.

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