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Thermomix is the solution to wholesome, healthy cooking in a fraction of the time needed for traditional meal preparation.
Jackie Sereda of Be Kitchen Smart  demonstrates in her classes and events how to cook delicious and healthy foods  with this amazing food processor started in Europe but available in Canada.
Food has always been a mainstay of human growth; good food consumption has been integral to our comfort and synonymous with family, love and friends. While eating healthy, nutritious food has not always been at the top of our collective lists, times are changing — Together let’s change what we put on our lists and what we choose to feed ourselves, if for nothing else then the love we have for our bodies.
Clean, real, properly prepared and responsibly sourced food is required for health and healing. Visit the Events page to discover informational and hands-on classes about food and Thermomix!
He has made a great transformation in his body and appearance, over the years and has become a handsome and charming crooner. Crowned by Forbes as the highest paid DJ of 2014, Calvin Harris hits the gym every morning, for that perfect body of his.

Even though he has not divulged much about his diet, the popular DJ has admitted that he eats a healthy breakfast before heading out to the gym each morning. Eggs – Every morning before hitting out to the gym, Calvin has a home-cooked omelette. Salmon – Apart from being a great source of Omega 3, the salmon fish is also a great breakfast option for the daily dose of nutrition.
He also believes that living in Los Angeles is the main reason that he is able to follow a healthy lifestyle. The wisdom of our ancestors has been forgotten with the consumption of convenient modern processed foods. He has over 2 million followers on his Instagram and he recently took to the social media site to share his current look and fitness secrets with his fans. Calvin has let the cat out of the bag and here are some of his fitness and diet secrets that can help all of you who want to maintain a healthy and fit body like him.
The Scottish man works out in the gym with a female personal trainer, who is doing quite a good job. A scrambled egg-white omelette is the best meal before a workout session, which not only helps provide lean proteins to the body but also makes one feel fuller.

Calvin eats smoked salmon every morning before his pilates workout session and it helps him in getting all the energy that he needs. Getting back into our kitchens and reconnecting with our food is necessary for overall health and well-being.
The arrival of the latest model, the TM5, has revolutionized food prep and the way to cook clean, healthy food.
High quality food is a priority in our family and creating new recipes with the TM is a fun way to be creative. Calvin Harris recently posted a shirtless picture on Instagram, while he was preparing for his next Armani shoot and voila, the guy looked absolutely breathtaking. The combination of these and other modalities I have collected for my own healing allow me to share my passion for assisting others to heal.

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