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About UsNourish the Planet (NTP) is a Low Profit Limited LIability Company (L3C) dedicated to enabling aspiring and existing agribusiness related entrepreneurs. The HFFI is a collaborative project between the Treasury Department, Health Human Services, and the USDA. The HFFI is intended to enable grocery stores, small retailers, corner stores, and other sellers of food to offer fresh, healthy food. The ERS also designated low-income communities as those areas having either a poverty rate of twenty percent or higher or a median family income at or below eighty percent of the area’s median family income. The places where low-income communities overlap with limited access to a food source are food deserts. Click on a food desert and a box pops up with surprisingly specific details about the area. Since most food deserts are urban, farmers and market gardeners can use the Food Desert Locator to find untapped markets for their fresh fruits and vegetables. Heather Carr Heather Carr loves food, politics, and innovative ways to make the world a better place.
Eat, Drink Better is part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener place. This map shows the areas within a 15 minute walk from corner stores and grocery stores in Detroit. If quitting isn't an option, or you choose not to, know that you're still influential in helping your kid quit, Hunt says. Dictating where smoking is prohibited is also one of the few ways you can curb your teen's friends' smoking, too. One resource you might want to explore with your teen is the National Cancer Institute's SmokefreeTXT program. Other resources for quitting include the National Cancer Institute's SmokeFree Teen website, which, under the "Your Call" tab, includes a mobile app for quitting and a link to an instant messaging service for live support and more. Pharmaceutical smoking cessation aids used by adults, like nicotine patches, are not approved over-the-counter products for teenagers, Hunt says. Are you planning to start a hair, nail or beauty salon & spa or a barber shop business?
To help you with salon business plan writing, this article will discuss the details to be includes in the business plan, examples of useful business plan content, and guidelines to use samples and templates. To answer all these questions, here’s the step by step process to write business plan for a beauty salon.
Follow the steps below and by the time, you finish last step, you should be ready with a business plan. Start with a few good lines about how the business is focusing on customer satisfaction, i.e. Now add an interest for potential investors; Explain how well you are growing and so you need finances to meet the anticipated growth. Remember, when you are attracting the attention of investors, you must tell them clearly how will you pay back, i.e. Start with the details like where the salon will be located, area, strategic importance of the location etc.
Now, organize all the numbers; the start-up capital that will be used for the design, leasehold improvements, and equipment of the salon. Do study your competitors and add up all the points missing in their business, by offering the best rates, advance packages, more flexible hours, weekend services, midday offers, ease of access (something like home service etc). Marketing is the key to acquire more customers, and you must know all what works for your industry. And yes, the marketing plan must not be just a collection of strategies, but should be an action plan with deadlines for every task.

Having this action plan in Excel makes it easier for you to sort the plan according to upcoming deadline, check who’s assigned with what and when to do what and so on! Remember, that the Financial Plan is a document that saves the life of your salon or spa business. You may not need a separate document for a salon or spa, rather a section included within the business plan will suffice. Using a financial plan template can work great, but as there’re too many samples and templates available online, you must not use just everything. Everything, from expected sales revenues to expenditures go under this head; and you have a clear picture about the gross profit and the net profit as a milestone by the end of a specific period. Milestones are just the smaller parts of bigger goals; you want to have 100k revenue in one year, so set quarterly milestones. Adding the details about people behind the business is always great idea to make your business plan stand out.
Well, the business plan summary is the first page of the document when it is presented to a reader. Remember, you can use samples for ideas, while templates can be used where replacing content works great like in the Marketing and Financial plans.
I am a home based business coach with years of experience in empowering hundreds of people to find their true potential and changing their lives to the better. This program maps out areas that are considered food deserts within the United States based on census data. Isn’t access to farmer’s markets, small grocers, and family farms just as important as big grocery stores? Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries.
How would you feel if you spotted your 16-year-old son taking a drag of a cigarette before passing it along to one of his friends? Here are tips for parents to effectively communicate with teens about their smoking and help them quit.
Upon finding out your child smokes, "It might be natural for parents to feel upset, angry, scared, worried or like they're losing control of the situation," says D'Arcy Lyness, a child and adolescent psychologist and behavioral health editor for Parents should be calm and clear as they tell their teen they feel strongly that they do not want him or her to smoke. Disclose your own struggles with tobacco, and perhaps remind your child about the many times you've tried to quit without success to hammer home the seriousness of the issue. Declare your home smoke-free, Hunt suggests, which means no one a€“ not your child, their friends, guests or you a€“ can smoke inside.
While you can't parent another person's kid, you can set limits to his or her behavior around your own child.
Simply telling your child to quit smoking a€“ like you used to tell her to clean her room or do her homework a€“ usually isn't very helpful. You don't have to know all the answers, but you can certainly point your child in the right direction for quitting. When teens sign up for this service, they're sent about two or three unprompted texts each day for six weeks that aim to help them quit smoking. For example, they can text "WANT" when they're facing a craving and receive an encouraging message to fight it, or they can text "BOOST" when they're feeling down or stressed and receive a tip to help them lighten up without lighting up. She gives the example that teens using the service may receive a text early in the morning, when they often smoke before school.
Helping your child to quit smoking "is not a talk-about-it-once-and-you're-done type of thing," Hunt says.
You’ll need a business plan on each step of progress, let it be the growth of single outlet or you plan to sell franchises.

The same process can be replicated for a nail salon, a spa, hair salon, a barber shop or just any other business falling in the same category.
However, to make it more attractive develop various packages and make sure you are offering the best value packages. Let it be the local promotion via pamphlet distribution or entertaining prospects on Facebook & Twitter, you need a plan for everything to be done rightly. For the action plan template, here’s a simple yet highly effective sample and you can use the same heads to develop your own action plan template. Not having a proper financial plan means, no clear picture of budget and spendings and you may end up as bankrupt. Reviewing milestones will boost up the performance and you can tackle an issue right there rather than waiting for one whole year to identify what’s working and what’s not!
In case if you have not hired specific experts for now, write in detail about the expert profile you plan to hire. You must make sure that your business plan covers everything mentioned above and is ready in the same order. But, for the creator of the plan this is the last part as it summarizes step 1 to 8 in one or two pages. Since, all the detailed information is provided in the respective sections, the summary should only present the crux of each. I am a proud working mother of three beautiful daughters and I love building relationships, coaching, training and supporting the community. With these emotions brewing, you may feel inclined to find your teen and bark out a lecture or ground him or her for eternity. Ideally, with this respectful tone, parents can open a dialogue with their teen as opposed to a lecture. Setting limits helps control your teen's smoking behaviors, and also your own if you smoke.
Expand no-smoking zones to your teen's car and other spots where he and his friends smoke, such as garages, driveways, porches and decks. The business plan will also serve the purpose if you are looking for investment from private investors, banks or any other lending institutions or public grants.
A business plan represents the soul of your business and it must be unique as your business. The idea of the healthy corner store is part of the Obama administration's Healthy Food Financing Initiative, which provides financial incentives and support for corner store owners who sell fresh produce. While yes, it would have been ideal if he or she had never started smoking, at this point, you and your teen can only work on quitting.
Instead, take a moment to collect yourself and decide how you want to react, Lyness suggests. Modeling the positive behaviors parents wish to see is much more effective, so try to quit smoking a€“ perhaps together a€“ with your teen. Nicotine is a powerful drug that acts on the brain, and teenagers' brains are still developing. Both frequent and occasional teen smokers can still experience cravings and withdrawal, and Hunt says their attempts to quit on their own are often unsuccessful.

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