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Lately, have you been craving to eat some fast food meals, but wondering about the calories you might add on. Via de facebookpagina van 24 Kitchen chef Roberta Pagnier vond ik een recept voor glutenvrije courgettepannenkoekjes. Do not worry further for there are a handful of healthy fast food restaurants in the world which is good for you. Ik ben Andrea, 30 en een beetje, levensgenieter, hardloopster, bonusmama, communicatieadviseur, keukenprinses, groenvoer- en kaas-addict! You should also know that there is nothing bad in eating those yummy juicy burgers and crispy pizzas on an occasional basis.

But, it can get ugly if you are a regular eater of fast food since it can affect your overall health. According to most experts, it is said that if you eat these certain types of fast foods, fat gets accumulated in the blood vessels. A daily routine of healthy home cooked meals and strict diets can lead us to a meal at a fast food restaurants from time to time. On one hand, there are some mums who love to avoid these these fast food restaurants since they are unhealthy for a growing child.
You can also order your sandwich without any mayonnaise or fattening dressings and top it with a bag of baked potato chips.

If you are in the mood to eat spicy Mexican food but do not want the grease and heaviness of a sit-down restaurant, Chipotle is the best. However, at Jason Deli they offer you brown bread sandwiches, vegetables salads, chicken wraps, pastas, paninis and much more.

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