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RELATED POSTS My Healthy Meal Plan for March…1 CommentCheat Days0 CommentsEat 5 Times a Day? Well, it’s that time of year again!  Time to start thinking of back to school deals!  It is important to keep in mind that NOW is the time to start buying the FREE and CHEAP items each week leading up to school starting.  The hot deals will be around now and  you will be paying full price the closer we get to school actually starting. Each week I will do a post with the back to school deals that are available at the Drug Stores and the Office Supply Stores.  Check them out, check the online ads when they start on Sunday and go get your deals!  You will be glad you did!! Make sure you check in on our facebook fan page or our facebook chat page to say hi and hang out with all of your coupon freak friends! Coming into contact with the poison ivy plant can cause an itchy and irritating rash in about 50 percent of people. Cucumbers are cooling and they can help to soothe the rash and improve the health of the skin which may slightly shorten how long the rash persists.
Using banana peels to soothe poison ivy is an old wives’ tale, but it actually works.
Apple cider vinegar seems to be helpful for just about everything and poison ivy is no exception. Most people avoid rubbing alcohol when it comes to the skin because it can burn, but it will not burn when used for poison ivy.
Suggestion:A balanced diet, eating healthy food especially those that contain a high amount of iron. You can simply slice up a cucumber and apply the slices to the affected area and let them sit.
This vinegar helps to draw the toxins out of the rash to accelerate healing and reduce the discomfort. A paste that is thick so that it stays in place usually requires about a teaspoon of water and three teaspoons of baking soda.

An oatmeal bath soothes the itching related to the rash, but if you do not have time to soak in oatmeal, there are other options. If you do not have access to a fresh aloe plant, there are drug store options that are all-natural that will work pretty much the same. This works when you apply it right after coming into contact with the poisonous plant because it can break down the urushiol so that it is not able to do as much damage.
It is said to break through the toxic oils that cause the rash when you apply it right after coming into contact with poison ivy.
Some recommendations: lentil soup, spinach, egg yolks, dried prunes, broccoli, turnips and whole grains (with hulls). If the anemic conditions persists, especially in the case of pregnant women, consult your physician. Mild rashes will not require medical treatment, but they can still be incredibly irritating. You can lightly wrap some gauze around this to keep the slices in place if you need to move around a bit.
Take apply cider vinegar and a brown paper bag, soak the bag and then apply this directly to the rash. Make some plain oatmeal and make sure it is not hot and that it sits for a few minutes so that it gets really thick. For some people, this prevents the rash completely, but for others, it helps to minimize the severity of the rash and the symptoms it causes.
When applying ice, make sure to put a washcloth between the ice and the skin and do not leave it in place for longer than 20 minutes or else you put yourself at risk for skin damage. You can find the workout on my website or a Challenge Pack (workout & Shakeology at a DISCOUNT).

You can also make a paste with the cucumbers by mashing them up and then apply this paste to the affected area. There is no need to keep the peel on the rash, but once you rub it on, make sure to not wash the affected the area for at least 15 minutes so that the effects have time to work.
You can also soak a washcloth or sterile gauze in cool water and apply this directly to the rash. These remedies can help to promote comfort and ease the itching and irritation so that you feel better while waiting for the rash to completely go away. If you have oozing blisters from poison ivy, take a quart of water and two teaspoons of baking soda and mix them together. Grab some sterile gauze pads and allow these to fully soak in the mixture, then take them out wet and place them onto the blisters for 10 minutes. Never pop the blisters first because these help to protect you and popping them increases the risk for infection.
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