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Now go out there, grab your bathing suit and remember these helpful tips to look even better by the end of the summer!
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En espanol l The AARP 2014 Almanac features useful information about topics ranging from financial scams to film trivia to how to get free stuff! Flossing may protect you from Alzheimer's, says a British study that found bacteria from gum disease in brain samples of some people who died of the disease. March is National Kidney Month, the perfect time to remind adults 60 and older to get an annual urine test to screen for kidney disease. A 15-minute walk after eating can lower your blood sugar level for hours, and significantly reduce your risk of diabetes.
Fitness trackers for logging information about summer workouts are getting smarter — and cheaper — all the time. For National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we remind men that mindlessly popping omega-3 fish oil pills may not be a good idea. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. When execs notice their workers overdoing it on the chips and soda, they attack the problem the “Google way”: scouring research, conducting surveys and crunching massive amounts of data to help their employees make scale-friendlier choices. In what is being called “Project M&M,” the search engine leader analyzed extensive data on its employees’ snacking habits to determine how best to curb their over-consumption of the chocolately treat during office hours. Similarly, in a 2013 Journal of Marketing study, researchers found that people are more likely to overeat small treats from transparent packages than from opaque ones, perhaps because seeing more of the goodies makes them tougher to resist.
The company, which provides its employees with complimentary beverages, rearranged its refrigerators so that bottles of water sat at eye-level while sodas lived on the bottom shelf. Do you own refrigerator shuffle: Prominently display healthy drinks like bottled water and unsweetened iced tea, and hide not-so-good-for-you guzzlers like soda and energy drinks. To help reduce employees’ calorie intake, Google embarked on an experiment to encourage decreased portion sizes.
The company discovered that when both large and small plates were offered in the office cafeteria—as opposed to only large plates, as was the case previously—almost a third of staff members not only chose the smaller plate, but also resisted the urge for seconds. Prevent overeating by avoiding large, oversized dishes whenever possible; you’ll be less likely to serve yourself an equally oversized portion. I have not heard of these Google experiments, but it does make me incredibly jealous that their employees get so many great benefits (and probably a nice salary, too!). I’ve learned to make mass healthy meals to help, and sometimes a video is just fine for our daughter while I eat a salad.
Even though I post a lot of sinful recipes that will tempt your will power, over all I try to eat as healthy as possible.
Whether you are trying to maintain weight or lose some extra pounds, there are a few things I do to keep it all intact.
Something that I do when I slip up and eat a whole piece of chocolate cake is to drink a cup of coffee with it. Subscribe by emailEnter your email address in the box below to receive notifications directly to your inbox each time there is a new blog post! So while you're sampling Valentine's Day chocolate, remember your dentist's advice: Brushing is not enough.
The National Kidney Foundation recently changed its guidelines in light of research showing that 59 percent of Americans will at some point have moderate kidney disease.
More important, taking a short walk after meals can be much more effective at preventing blood sugar spikes than taking one 45-minute walk daily.
Some 3 million Americans have celiac disease, which means they're unable to digest gluten — a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. A study of nearly 94,000 women found that those who ate three or more servings of blueberries and strawberries a week had a 32 percent lower risk of heart attack. Studies show that men with high levels of fish oils in their blood — either from pills or from eating fatty fish more than twice a week — are at increased risk for the type of prostate tumors most likely to be fatal. Although coffee certainly isn't a cure for serious depression, a recent Harvard study, based on 16 years of data from more than 200,000 adults, found that drinking two to four cups of java a day may lower suicide risk — by half. Serve up bite-sized indulgences like candy in dark bowls to help you resist the urge to keep going back for more.

A 2012 study published in the American Journal of Public Health also reported that people are more likely to choose a beverage if it’s clearly visible on a shelf. Plus, seeing a full (albeit smaller) plate will trick your mind into thinking you’re eating more, leaving you feeling satisfied and less likely to dish out an extra helping.
It’s time to get back on track with your life, your weight and a healthy eating plan to get you ready for Spring Break (it will be here before you know it).
However, I will never turn down a fun dinner or cocktails with friends even though I might be watching my calories. Before we get into healthy eating tips, remember…to always love yourself for who you are at this moment. If you are trying to lose extra weight or maintain what you have, the hardest part is not feeling miserably hungry while you’re doing it.
I realize this might not work for everyone, but eating a little later in the morning helps me eat less during the day. It tracks everything with its built in GPS and then you download the information into your Nike account. Pre-made patties are usually made with a fattier meat, they're more processed and you don't necessarily know what's in them.
Carbohydrates give your body the necessary energy it needs to keep up and at 'em during the day. With peak mosquito season here, it's important to remember they spread diseases to humans and animals. One model about to hit the market not only measures how many steps you take and how well you sleep but also recognizes more than 100 different exercises; it also measures your heart rate and blood oxygen level and tabulates how many calories you burn.
That is not life and you will miss a lot if you don’t leave room for a little indulgnce.
If you follow this blog you know I am constantly preaching about purchasing a kitchen scale that measures grams and pounds.
If you have the ability to eat a little later in the morning and have dinner early, it’s a good thing.
Coffee keeps me going in the early hours until it’s time for a healthy, filling, very low-calorie breakfast (which I will share with you on another day). Sure we can scoop the yogurt out of the larger container or cut off a hunk of cheese from the larger wedge, but getting the serving size right is tough. Beer is about 150 calories for a 12 oz bottle and mixed drinks are where you can really get into trouble calorie wise.
It is nothing more than a motivator, but does have a program online to upload your progress. You can eat more for the same number of calories which makes you brain think you're getting more food! Resolve to get on a regular sleep schedule, avoid caffeine and long daytime naps, exercise regularly and keep stress in check.
Electric fans are an effective way to keep mosquitoes away from people and pets in the backyard.
If the onset of shorter days fills you with dread, you may have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that comes and goes as the brain chemicals called neurotransmitters — which are sensitive to light — fluctuate throughout the seasons. You can do it too, but you must resolve to being committed and investing in yourself, because you’re worth it. Not only does this help you with many, many recipes, but it’s a must if you are trying to follow a certain calorie intake. And while I don’t have any scientific data or studies I can point to, I just know this stuff is not good for you. I hadn’t found any good, low-calorie meals I enjoyed eating, until I came across these entrees from Healthy Choice. It is an amazing tool tracking your weight, calories eaten, nutrition, goals, exercise, how many calories burned…I could go on and on.
It even has a device to monitor the same information while inside, where GPS may not be available.
Drinking water also keeps you full and makes you think twice about whether or not you need that snack.
If you're unlucky enough to get bitten, a dab of simple household ammonia will counter some of the chemical reactions that make your skin itch.

Remember that a full cooler stays cold longer than one that's partially filled, and be sure to keep frozen meat and poultry securely wrapped and away from produce or snacks. By promoting balance and muscle strength, yoga not only helps prevent falls but also lowers injury rates. I have had many kitchen scales but this is my OXO scale, which I absolutely love (bowl not included). And even though diet soda is a zero calorie deal, I really feel those artificial sweeteners and all that sodium have other consequences. The facts of life are, I am not always home during meal times, in fact, I’m usually running around trying to make it all work. If I am forced to grab a bite through the drive-thru window, I find a McDonald’s and order a Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken and Southwest Dressing. I am all about the small packages of food, the ones you can grab and leave the kitchen with. Keep a stash of your favorite chocolates or candies (small-sized) in the house or in your purse. If you go back to what I suggested in #2, you will often have room in your daily calorie allotment for a glass of wine or beer. I may have a cup of coffee from my Keurig once a week, but again, I need a splash of almond milk or creamer and some sweetener. Another study found that waltzing around your living room three times a week can also reduce your risk of a fall.
This means you’d have to take in 3500 fewer calories than you usually do, over a period of time, to lose one pound.
You can use it as a pick me up during the day or evening without it wreaking havoc on your diet plan. However, I’m often somewhere near a microwave, where I can pop one of these in and have a quick, satisfying meal. Some of my absolute favorites, that live in my fridge constantly, are The Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Wedges (35 calories), Babybel Cheese Rounds ~ Light and Mozzarella (50 calories each), Chobani Greek Yogurt Bites with Coffee & Dark Chocolate Chips (100 calories), Sabra Hummus small packs (150 calories) scooped with grape tomatoes or celery (almost no calories).
It also has a phone app, allowing you to barcode scan anything you’ve eaten into your daily calorie counts. In the scheme of things, it’s really a short period of time to do something for yourself.
It will help your body absorb the nutrients from your salad and give your body the fat it needs to keep going strong!
It is almost impossible to follow a whole foods diet and keep track of calories without it. And I had to mention Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce…I put this on EVERYTHING, but especially steamed veggies. As you log your weight, it decreases the amount of calories you can eat in order to keep losing. The key is having good coffee available as there is nothing worse than bad, burnt, black coffee. It’s not hot like regular Tabasco and has the perfect flavor to liven up bland food, without the calories. You can choose the amount of pounds you want to lose per week and it will keep you on task. And consider light therapy — sitting next to a type of bright light that mimics natural outdoor light.
If you are age 55 to 79 and smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day, or have within the past 15 years, you should ask your doctor if he recommends a CT scan, which can catch lung cancer early. I have a hard time fitting pasta into a low-calorie eating plan and this lets me get a taste of the noodles when I need to supplement a meal. But again…use that scale to measure all your whole foods and enter them in for accurate calorie information. I know we all want to look good in our bathing suits this year, so here are some healthy eating tips to follow for this summer!

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