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It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I did our 30 day clean eating challenge! One of the most important parts of eating clean is having your kitchen stocked with the right foods. Above is my own Clean Eating Food List that you can print for yourself to help plan your meals and to always have healthy clean choices in your house.
Follow my “Clean Eating Recipes” Pinterest Board for loads of more great recipes! Recess has some great healthy after school snack recipes and ideas from mommy bloggers who understand the importance of providing their children with wholesome goodies. Here’s a video for making portable meals in mason jars.  Perfect for moms who have to take their hungry kids to after school activities and functions!
Recess thanks all of these awesome bloggers for sharing their healthy after school snack recipe and ideas.  If you have an after school snack recipe or idea, please share with us! About The AuthorChrista SchuelerUNLV graduate, wife, mother of three, blogger and aspiring novelist, Christa Schueler brings her writing, editing and research skills to Recess. There's a little improvement in my cake decoration on this one.  Using a chocolate ganache and some roasted sliced almonds to decorate my chocolate cake, I can't go wrong, can I? June 22, 2013 by Noreen 20 CommentsNo barbecue is complete without a nice chilled pasta salad. Although I made a smaller batch of this salad for the recipe (half a pack of pasta), you can easily double it to make a whole (1lb) pack of pasta, for a larger gathering. Instructions– Start by boiling the macaroni in a large pot of salted water, until it’s cooked through.
Thanks this is a wonderful dish I have made several times, and my family keeps asking for it! Yes you can just half the recipe and if you’re not a fan of sweetness start with just 1-2 tbsp of condensed milk and taste it.
Just as you set an intention in yoga class, setting an intention for your meal helps you focus and develop a mindful eating practice.
Using your senses helps you savor each bite and learn what foods you truly enjoy or don’t like. Apparently, the woman who started Pepperidge Farm with her homemade bread tried a similar cracker on vacation in Switzerland in the 1960s, and brought the recipe back with her. Now fifty years old, Goldfish have of course gone the way of the Milano and the Oreo: there are tons of varieties, many of which the average Goldfish lover is probably not aware. There are Whole Grain Goldfish, Space Adventures Goldfish, multi-colored Goldfish, baby Goldfish. Goldfish types can be divided into three groups: (regular) Goldfish, Flavor Blasted Goldfish, and Goldfish Grahams.
We're all familiar with the regular Goldfish; you know, the cheese flavored, fish-shaped (duh) ones. Cheddar has basically become "plain" Goldfish in the way that "plain" pizza is cheese pizza: the cracker that is actually named "Original" is ironically the one you've probably eaten the least of.

Flavor Blasted, the same crackers tossed in seasoning a la Dorito, we did not enjoy much at all. It's not impressive if a cracker tastes like cheese because there's cheese on it, in other words. The Graham series of Goldfish are crunchy little cookies, a bit flakier and thicker than a Teddy Graham (and fishier). With layers of brownie, chocolate pudding, cream cheese, whipped topping, and fudge, this dessert is absolutely amazing.
Mix brownie mix according to directions and bake in 9×13 inch greased and floured pan. A sweet gingerbread-flavored creme is surrounded by two golden oreo cookies which compliment each other nicely. Since I’ve been in a persistent baking mood, I decided to make cheesecake bars with the second pack of Gingerbread Oreos. Gingerbread Oreos will be available at Walmart beginning October 28th and will retail for $2.98 while supplies last. What started out as a way to chronicle my son’s first year of life has evolved into Rockin’ Mama.
Print this Clean Eating Food List to take with you shopping and to help plan your meals each week. I’ve been trying to eat a healthier diet in the New Year and I agree, it helps if you keep the good stuff on hand!
I’m always on the hunt for appetizing but healthy after school snack recipes and ideas that will satisfy hungry tummies. I know they will be a hit here in Las Vegas when it’s still record temps during those first back to school months.
And I am proud of it as I achieved my goal -  moist, not so sweet, and very chocolaty with the slight bitterness of a chocolate. I like cooking it a little bit softer than I would for a hot pasta dish, because it does toughen in the fridge when chilled.– While the pasta is cooking. This is a cold salad…and like mentioned in the post it’s best refrigerated for at least a few hours or over night is better still a it allows all the flavors to be absorbed by the pasta! The key to feeling satisfied and getting the most out of the foods you eat, is to eat in a relaxed state, without being rushed. You’ll also be more aware as you are eating, and you can begin to tune into your hunger and fullness cues.
It may be, “I will eat mindfully,” or “I will eat slowly.” Try out different intentions at each meal. They're ubiquitous: there's a handful in every sticky palm at the park, a snack pack in every lunch box in middle school, and cartons of them on the shelves of college dorms. So Goldfish have been around since 1962, although they didn't have imprinted smiles until 1997 (read more about the history of Pepperidge Farm here).
However Ben and his brother Jonathan, an extreme Goldfish enthusiast, were nice enough to offer us their expert opinion on the cracker's many forms.

It's bland, basically just an Oyster cracker (although, Ben pointed out that they're better in soup, because they're fish; they swim!).
Many of us were surprised how much we enjoyed them, especially for something that has travelled so far from its original form. I took this to a potluck dinner and people were seriously licking the pan clean, even after the dessert was gone.
The ginger is definitely more of a hint since it is immersed within the creme and doesn’t overwhelm the cookie.
I actually wanted to call this as Frederick's moist chocolate cake since he always requests for me to bake this cake.
One that will be a SUPER-DUPER HIT at any pot luck, 4th of July celebration or a large family gathering!! Bring your arms up and above your head to touch on your inhale, and down by your side on your exhale. If you don’t like Brussel sprouts or sardines after a few tries, then stop trying to force it down. It’s up to you to figure out what foods work best for your body and taste buds, and mindful eating can help you out. Even if we've gotten a little tired of rolling down the tops of the paper Pepperidge Farm bags, we were pretty happy to be gorging ourselves on something savory—all those cookies didn't sit so well, at least in the quantities we were eating them.
They're simply a great snack food: cheesy, baked, not too greasy and certainly not healthy but somehow guilt free. They take issue with the fact that Cheddar has become so ubiquitous: it's Cheddar that's made into a whole wheat version, Cheddar that gets shrunk down to baby size, Cheddar that is dyed into new colors. Jonathan, our expert, told us that not all Goldfish bags are the same: some of them are cooked more, and you can tell based on whether the crackers are lighter are darker. And while this Cheddar boom is certainly not entirely without reason, Parmesan and Pizza are pretty great and don't deserve to get left behind. Of course, he is a self-described Goldfish purist and "doesn't recognize the legitimacy of the Flavor Blasted or dessert style Goldfish." The excessive seasoning gives them the messiness factor of Doritos, when clearly people buy Goldfish for the cleanliness of a pretzel. Furthermore, the extra flavor undermines the impressive strength of the flavors that emerge from a regular Goldfish cracker.
This will also slow you down, so your brain can catch up and let you know if you’re full or still hungry.
Refrigerate until ready to serve (we also like to throw this in the freezer for a yummy summer dessert and it is sometimes easier to cut and serve when it’s been in the freezer).

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