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The active ingredient that makes turmeric a worthy addition to your diet and health plan is called curcumin. Curcumin seems to delay liver damage that can eventually lead to cirrhosis, according to preliminary experimental research at the Medical University Graz in Austria. Rodent studies at the University of Texas indicate that curcumin inhibits the growth of a skin cancer, melanoma and also slows the spread of breast cancer into the lungs.
Researchers from the University of South Dakota have found that pretreatment with curcumin makes cancer cells more vulnerable to chemo and radiotherapy. Epidemiologists have hypothesized that the turmeric that is part of daily curries eaten in India may help explain the low rate of Alzheimer’s disease in that country. Derived from the ground root of a plant native to India known as the Curcuma longa, turmeric looks a lot like a ginger root. Cook it up next time you lightly steam your cauliflower — studies have been conducted that show this has the potential to prevent prostate cancer, and it just might stop the growth of existing cancer cells. Some studies indicate that turmeric might prevent (or slow) the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric might also aid in fat metabolism, thereby assisting dieters with weight management. This entry was posted in Healthy Dieting and tagged is turmeric healthy, The Health Benefits of Turmeric, what is turmeric, why is turmeric good for me. About Planet Matters BlogPlanet Matters and More is an information powerhouse, dedicated to bringing its readership the latest in news and opinion about healthy living and eating.

Students were asked to create and/or illustrate sentences and slogans connected to the topic (by means of one slide PPT presentation) and to present their work orally to the class. Healthy breakfast foods are an important for everyone as these are the ones that help you stay energized during the day. As a spice, turmeric has been a part of diets and cooking in India for more than twenty-five hundred years. The plant is dried and ground down to a powder, at which point its true bright yellow color is finally revealed, as it’s no longer able to hide beneath its protective brown skin.
Sponsored by Smalldoggies Omnimedia in Portland, OR, we believe in educating our audience, thereby creating intelligent and healthy members of a conscious society. Through the regular intake of healthy foods during breakfast, you’re assured of feeling happy and much more energized during the day. By eating breakfast daily, you’re able to have the right amount of nutrients in your body which can benefit your overall health.
Surely, with cultures reaching back hundreds of years, there have to be a few ingredients from other parts of the globe that can benefit us in a dietary sense? Often used to flavor many Indian curry dishes, turmeric is a major culinary spice that has also been used as medicine for many centuries. A healthy breakfast is integral to maintain a normal weight, keeping your energy up all day long, and preventing peaks and crashes in your blood sugar.
Acknowledged as a relative of ginger, turmeric has been noted in both cultures and scientific studies to prevent a broad range of diseases, principally due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
Healthy carbohydrates are essential for this, since they provide the glucose that fuels your mind. Here is the some healthy breakfast meals ideas which get you going all day long.YogurtYogurt is one of the top foods that promote .

Eat low-fat yogurt with dry fruits, honey, and berries.Peanut ButterSpread some peanut butter on your whole-grain toasts or give a tablespoonful to your oatmeal. Skip the sugary packets and add a little sweetness with dried fruit, applesauce or perhaps a touch of honey or brown sugar. Make use of your slow cooker to make getting a healthy breakfast even simpler.Cottage CheeseTop low-fat cottage cheese with fruit for an on-the-go breakfast that will make you satisfied. Packed with 16 grams of hunger-fighting protein and only 1 gram of fat, it’ll help get the day started.
Whole-Grain CerealA bowl of whole grain cereal and low-fat or skim milk takes only minutes to put together. See which popular brands reigned supreme in our cereal taste test.SmoothieShould you really can’t face breakfast try to have a smoothie instead.
All those antioxidant vitamins in the fruit will help boost your immunity, apart from giving you a tasty mixture of filling beverage.Breakfast Meals IdeasEggsScrambled eggs within the breakfast is considered as a healthy breakfast. Poaching or scrambling eggs after some milk is a good way to incorporate them to your diet they provide valuable protein. Fresh fruit in the morning can also be a great & healthy method to start the day, as they are simple to digest and are an efficient supply of raw energy for the day.

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