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Watching the portion size and cooking techniques will help you choose a healthier Mexican meal.
Remembering a few simple tips will help you keep your calories and fat under control and you can still enjoy the authentic Mexican food without any guilt. Shamika Kulkarni suggests, “Mexican options are basically tortillas in which baked corn tortillas should be preferred. Most Mexican restaurants serve huge portions of each dish, if you are not careful, you can easily consume a full days calorie in a single meal.
You can add a healthy side dish such as a tropical food salad with guava, pineapple, mangoes, and banana all of which are fiber rich or an ethnic Mexican salad that is low in fat and sugar. To enjoy a Mexican food without guilt it is suggested that you question your server about the ingredients or cooking methods. With so much to be careful about what you should avoid eating, there is something that you can eat to your heart’s content.

If you are a foodie by nature, you can still enjoy the delicious, succulent Mexican cuisine by making simple changes in your meal. Marnie Simpsona€™s Geordie Shore tagline is a€?Ia€™m a natural beautya€?, and that couldn't be any more true, judging by these latest snaps. She told The Sun: a€?I wasna€™t happy with my body before and it really did affect my self-esteem.
Marnie previously revealed exactly why she and the girls choose to diet in between series' - because they were eating 4000 calories a DAY. The food that you order is sometimes driven by your taste buds while sometimes it is the waist line that makes the decision. Ask for the salad dressing to be served on the side so that you can control your calorie intake.
I love to eat the cheesy Mexican food but I generally avoid eating it as it will make me fat” said Alifiya who is a budding architect.

Either way, it is still possible to order a healthy and tasty meal from any Mexican restaurant.
While dining out in a Mexican restaurant you can opt for plenty of vegetables and opt for salsa to add flavor. The Geordie Shore girls have long bemoaned the drinking lifestyle (and subsequent kebabs) on the show for making them put on weight when they film, but Marnie seems to have got the healthy eating in between filming thing down to a tee. It has been seen that Mexican cuisine is generally labeled high calorie or unhealthy food to eat.

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