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Jessica Simpson shows off her fab body on the cover of Women's Health magazine's September 2016 issue.
When you are being followed by E-money on Instagram, then you must really have something to offer him. Read statement below:- As announced in our blog, we will soon be ending support for certain devices. Over the next week I will be doing each of the workouts and tracking how many calories I have burned during each workout and to also give a brief summary of what each workout targets and how I like it. Country Heat is currently available to stream so you can get started NOW and even get your own free 30 day trial to see if it’s a program you’d like to invest in by clicking on the link below!  Let us know which of the workouts are your favorites and Giddy Up!

We love the 21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme programs for helping us get back into the best shape of our lives! Our website is designed to give you all the tools, recipes and resources needed to follow this program and get the best results possible!
Want to learn more about our progress with the 21 day fix and get more program approved snack ideas and recipes?
You can get a free 30 day trial membership to BeachBody On Demand by clicking here and stream all and any workout you would like from the full collection. And it is much harder to find an hour in the day to spare than it is to find a half hour uninterrupted.  This program will include use of the portion control color containers as used in the 21 day fix program.

We're Jeanie and Joan, best friends since high school and have battled the bulge together since the 80's!

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