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Check with your baby's healthcare provider to determine if now is the time to introduce solid foods. At this age, if she still wakes up several times a night, talk with your healthcare professional about possible causes and solutions. During the day, your baby will be wide-awake and active for extended periods, and should be taking two or three short naps totaling three to four hours. If your 6-month-old cries when you leave the room, she might be suffering from a new fear known as baby separation anxiety. Healthy diet is very imperative for your six month old baby since it is time when the entire bone structure gets rigid to support him to crawl and walk.
A 6 months old baby can sit up by himself and his reach and grip are becoming better and better with each passing week.
To improve the baby’s dexterity with fingers, give him bits of food items to pick up at meal times.
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We know you want to learn tips for raising your kids, but you also want to know what’s going on in the world.

When you do start to introduce solid foods, start gradually and one at a time to check for allergic reactions.
At this period solid food is included in the baby’s diet along with the usual mother’s milk. Babies feel fuller with this food and nowadays even special baby rice is available for the infants. Introduce fruits after vegetables since fruits are tastier than veggies due to sweetness so the baby will not like veggies after fruits. You are beginning to enjoy your little one’s new amusing antics and look forward to his further development as the hard part of parenting is over. Segal, author of the book, Your Child at Play, has given some tips on the physical development of a 6 months old baby. This helps him develop balance and control of his body, besides the amusement of looking at things from the altered perspective.
Development of a baby at 6 months should reach certain milestones but even though some are not reached, it is not something to lose your sleep over. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider.

To help you stay up to speed, we’re gathering the news in one spot for you to read when you get a break. Repeating this pattern, at progressively longer intervals, will help her realize that you always come back. Initially the baby will consume very little but with little patience you can get him through weaning. You’ll be in the know and the most interesting person in the room at the next dinner party—or playdate. Follow the tips for a 6 months old baby’s development and more than anything else, enjoy the parenting experience.

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