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Fill in the details below and an e-mail will be sent to your friend telling them about this product. The amount of thought and attention to detail that has been added to this manual is waaay more than needed almost like he has inside information! Alien encounter levels explained and also alien encounters worldwide throughout history explained with detailed defense strategies from Sean's own knowledge and military background. I am buzzing about both these books as if your a complete geek like me and love anything to do with aliens, apocalypse and zombies, get both of these Haynes manuals; they will make a gorgeous pressie for someone fascinated with the unknown or with learning about survival techniques.
I think there will be some people who will believe every word, but on a more serious note I would like to add to any friendly alien out there; lets have coffee round yours and talk ray guns! Could you protect your family, forage for food and hold your own if confronted by a horde of the walking dead? It may be a fun book to read but the amount of information collated in this book is amazing.
If you need to get rid of some zombies just ask Gadget Girl or better still go get your own Zombie survival guide.

With Christmas creeping closer and Halloween in a few days time this would make an excellent gift.
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Hiya apocalyptic lovers yes Ive yet another zombie fueled book for you to read and yet another 5 star one too. Iain writes with gusto and realism; as a group of strangers from all different walks of life find themselves in 2 separate groups which will lead them to Ripley Heights amusement park and zoo high up on a hill away from the town.
Sector 64: Ambush is an easy, fast paced, unputdownable read of alien invasion and race against time to save the Human race.
What I won’t include is getting bundled out of my local council office for daring to raise the issue of the undead menace at a public meeting or my unanswered letters to our Prime Minister on the same subject. Since pre-history, the undead have been with us, with documented outbreaks from the Babylonians and Egyptians right up to the present day. Some of you may remember my Omega Man blog last year, my next challenge was to survive a week in the Sinai desert which I have done in May 2014.

Giving us detailed knowledge and training of how to protect yourself and your family when and if we are invaded. Sean explains its published by the Ministry of Alien Defense in London who have access to the US air UFO files, abduction cases, evidence from UFO crash sites and alleged top secret plans about the newly created Earth Defense force.
I cannot stress enough how well written Alien invasion is with so much time, effort and detail put into it; whether you believe it will happen or not its an absolutely fascinatingly fun book to read.
Plus how too sections on prepping and combat with different alien species and still maintaining a deadpan face its just a brilliant super-duper read! So you know you will be getting a wonderfully blended mix of facts and fiction with light hearted assumptions and its up to you what you want to agree with, feel free not to believe, but don't come running to me when the probing starts. Would our brave police and armed forces take control or would they disappear under a grey mass of hungry ghouls?

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