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Whether you’re on a construction job or getting ready for hurricane season, it pays to have a dependable generator at the ready. Powered by a reliable Predator gas engine, this generator is ideal for emergencies, job site use, recreation, household, lawn and garden, heating and cooling.
I had equipped my house with a generator patch earlier in the year and had delayed purchasing a generator as I had not decided on the brand or size.
Item for sale outside California only – please refer to item 68525 for California compliant model. Filed Under: Emergency Preparation, Garage and Shop, Generators, Lawn & Garden, Recreation Portable Power that Packs a Punch! I use this generator daily to charge batteries, provide current for TV, and as a cheap alternative to electricity needs out here off the grid. A great feature that some gas generators have is an electric start, because they can make starts fast and effortless. Let the gennie run briefly before you plug anything into it, and make sure when you do plug something in, that the appliance is off. Winches are awesome, powerful mechanisms, but mis-mounted or misused, they can be extremely dangerous. Most importantly, of course, go to the Harbor Freight website and read the countless other customer reviews on the Badland 12K winch. Over the years we’ve written a number of DIY project articles for the purpose of making something for yourself. If your hobby is electronics, how’d you like to turn a WWII field phone into a Bluetooth phone?
Or if you’re looking to take care of a bunch of folks in one fell swoop, they offer 22 Altoid can kit ideas or custom-flavored toothpicks!
Those are just a few of the wide-ranging ideas The Art of Manliness offers in its comprehensive DIY Christmas Gift Ideas post. Whether you’re looking for a few extra stocking stuffers or you’re just on a tight budget this holiday season, Harbor Freight Tools has you covered.  You might be surprised at what you can find for under $10 with options ranging from specialty tools to entire kits! Maybe you already picked up a Multi-Tool or perhaps the person you’re buying for already has one. More of a portable inflator than an air compressor, this compact unit tackles a variety of jobs from airing up tires quickly to inflating sports equipment in a flash. Just like with the multi-tool blades, you can’t go wrong with some replacement Reciprocating Saw Blades.
Whether it’s securing tarps and covers or bundling PVC pipe or other items, these elastic tie-downs are just what you need for the task at hand.
No matter if you’re buying for an experienced contractor or a novice to the DIY game, this fantastic accessory kit is both useful and durable. This Triple Ball Trailer Hitch allows any 2” receiver to hook up to three different coupler sizes. Speaking of mechanics and auto enthusiasts, this tough little jack is ideal for any shop or garage. You’ll be forgiven for assuming this is a typo but the Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool really is under $50! This professional-quality thermometer is a safe, accurate way to measure the temperature of nearly anything. This amazing Polisher tool will clean up your vehicle’s finish or other large work surfaces without cleaning out your wallet.
Badlands off-road electric winches are rugged, dependable and give some of the biggest bangs for the buck. When the power had been out for 5 hours and still no updates from the utility company, I decided enough was enough. This portable power supply features a 63cc air-cooled 2 cycle gas engine, 120-volt grounded receptacle and circuit breaker protection.
Good move, it’ll be a valuable asset to you and your family, especially in times of emergency.
The more you know about your portable gas generator, the more apt you are not to do anything wrong, and it will provide many years of low-maintenance emergency power. This is done by connecting a #6 AWG grounding wire from the Grounding Terminal to a grounding rod (above) which is at least 24 inches in the ground.
If yours has an electric start, now’s the time to make sure the 12v battery is installed and connected.
Note the slight difference in the above chart between the Manual Start and the Electric Start. And don’t make any decisions until you’ve had the chance to look at the award-winning Predator Generators at Harbor Freight Tools!

Before you even purchase your off-road winch, you should know how it works, its limitations and how it runs. We at Harbor Freight agree, but we’re pretty sure there are some craft-minded women who would also find this interesting, fun and contain at least a few great ideas for the significants in their lives. Here’s a list of the top ten most wanted items under ten bucks that are the perfect balance of practical and affordable. Whatever the case may be, this terrific 3-piece blade set is a great additional gift for under ten bucks. With the included cigarette lighter plug, you can power the compressor directly from your vehicle, making it a must-have for certain roadside emergencies.
This general purpose assortment comes with 12 saw blades for just $9.99, which means the recipient of these fine blades will be able to handle aggressive cutting jobs on a range of materials! The Solid Rubber Wheel Chock is ideal for keeping vehicles in place during repair or maintenance and every automotive enthusiast should have several on hand. This pack contains 12 cords at assorted lengths for a variety of jobs and each include protective tips that won’t scratch surfaces.
From connecting air tools to cleaning and dusting with compressed air, the set contains everything you need to get the most out of your air compressor. The Automatic Battery Float Charger allows you to maintain the charge in a battery even while it’s in storage. At most tool stores, $50 won’t get you much but at Harbor Freight Tools, you’ll be amazed at the outstanding deals available on tools, accessories and other items for a price that won’t leave you out in the cold. You need a cool gift for the tool-lover in your life that won’t set you back a lot of money. In fact, for just $37.99, you can pick up a gift that is sure to be the most versatile tool in anyone’s garage, shop or home. Even getting the temp in hazardous areas such as engines or other machinery is easy with this handy item. This charger not only charges or maintains the charge in your vehicle’s battery, it also works as a jump-starter if you find yourself in need of some assistance. I was getting ready to write this article when I came across the story of Annabel, a late-40’s CJ2A that got stuck in the rocks while trying to back down a steep, rocky dugway.
We already know how it does with small jeeps, but this lightweight dynamo’s also got plenty of power to assist in ATV recovery, traversing rough terrain or loading a boat.
2 grand opening date for its Longmont location, going in the former Walgreen's pharmacy at 2320 Main St. Erica Meekins Rorrer represented the tenant in negotiations with the landlord, Malison LLC.
We cut out the middleman and pass the savings to you!Store Locator - Harbor Freight ToolsHarbor Freight buys their top quality major brand tools from the same factories that supply our competitors.
This item can only be shipped within the 48 contiguous states via Standard Ground Shipping.
As valuable as your generator is to keeping things going, it’s also a carbon monoxide machine. The grounding rod must be an earth-driven copper or brass rod that can adequately ground the generator. Read the reviews and research the YouTube videos, and you’ll learn for yourself what a great value they really are. It’s a heckuva lot of fun and a thrill to explore and experience the rougher side of nature. As it states in the manual, “The winch’s internal mechanism is permanently lubricated. If I could anything myself, it would be to choose a project that will be fun and rewarding for you. The Multi-Use Transfer Pump is a versatile tool that is primarily used to fill and empty engines, change oil, and siphon gas.
The set comes with three blades, one for cutting and two for scraping, that make quick work of a variety of tasks. For only $9.99, this portable and compact Air Compressor is a great gift for any mechanic, gearhead, or grease monkey. With these quality blades, you’re really giving a gift that they’ll be able to use all year long.
No matter how many someone has, they can always use more so don’t be afraid to pick one up for just $7.99!
This 100 piece set comes packed with bits for hex, hollow hex, Pozi, Torx, hollow-tip Torx, square and spline fasteners. This way, when you’re ready to use it again, the battery will already be charged and ready to go! Take a look at this list of the Top 10 Most Wanted Items for Under $50 for a few suggestions on what’s popular this year.

This Heavy Duty Circular Saw does just that and at only $29.99, it’s a price any gift budget can afford. Chrome-plated and featuring a rugged welded steel shank, the Triple Ball Trailer Hitch is durable and versatile.
The multi-tool lets you cut, sand, saw, scrape, and trim at up to 20,000 oscillations per minute and power through a wide variety of projects. The roller seat features a cushioned seat that makes it easy to work for hours as well as a convenient, easy-to-reach storage tray. Six speed, easy pad changes, and an all-bearing construction for smooth operation make this a must-have for any tool hound. It’s resistant to oil and solvents which means the creeper is easy to clean while staying durable. My buddy and I tooled it all over Utah that summer, ’til I finally rolled it at Arches Natl.
The owner, Carl, had taken Annabel up the hill, but then decided he wanted to get it on video, so he backed her back down. The series-wound motor stays cool while the 3-stage planetary gear system provides fast line speed. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings to you!Harbor Freight Tools - Gainesville, FL - Yelp10 reviews of Harbor Freight Tools "Love Love Love this place ! There are a number of steps involved in the prepping, running and maintaining of your generator that you should be aware of before you try to do anything with it.
The grounding wire and rod may not be included with the generator, so make sure you get those as well when you make your purchase. If, for whatever reason, you need a replacement power cord, choose one that matches the most powerful outlet on your generator. With the included inflation needle, the Pump can also be used to inflate tires or sports equipment like basketballs and footballs. At only $9.99, this is an affordable blade set that will greatly enhance the versatility of your multifunction power tool. And the whole thing comes conveniently organized in its own carrying case for easy transportation and storage.
Complete with a laser guide system for added accuracy, you can’t go wrong with this trusty cutting tool.
With smooth-rolling casters and an easy-carry handle, this portable trolley jack retails for just $24.99.
This is the ideal seat for the shop and is sure to light up the face of any do-it-yourselfer or weekend warrior. With this saw, you can add precision and accuracy to any cut and the rotating handle makes it easy to get to the spot you need.
With built-in tool storage smooth-rolling casters for easy maneuvering around the shop, this high quality creeper is available for just $19.43. And for only $34.99, you’ll still have plenty left over for a few stocking stuffers as well. Park and had to drive it (with a crushed body and intact engine) to a body shop where it rehabilitated for the next month. A 12-foot lead remote switch makes this winch easy to use even when you’re traveling alone. Featuring an automatic load-holding brake for safety, this electric winch is a must-have for ANY off-road adventure! And when you find you need a certain tool or supply to make it happen, swing by Harbor Freight Tools for quality, cost-conscious garage gear. Keep in mind, the charger won’t charge batteries, but ensures that they maintain their current charge while not in use.
With an included rubber grip for comfort, the Reciprocating Saw is a terrific addition to anyone’s toolbox.
Features include a three-stage planetary gear system for fast line speed, aircraft grade wire rope and a permanent magnet motor that draws less current, making it perfect for ATV use. In that case, my brother, go for it and there will be blessings in store for you in Off-Road Heaven. I was so impressed with the quality that I purchased a second one to keep around for other purposes.

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