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Type a keyword, Lot number or even coupon code into the "filter" box for a lightning fast search! First things first, you need a weapon.  Getting anywhere will be dangerous at best and suicide at worst. You also need to think about protection from the elements and debris as well as from the vicious undead so be sure to pick up some Cold Weather Work Gloves (Item #: 96606 and 96612).
The bottom line is you can never be too careful when it comes to prepping for the zombie apocalypse. In fact, you can keep all your limbs neatly intact with just a few select items from Harbor Freight Tools. If you want any chance at all, you’ll need to be equipped with a weapon that is lightweight, powerful and doesn’t require reloading.
The razor sharp machete also features a nonslip comfort grip and can be easily accessible when stored in the included nylon sheath. In a world where rules and laws no longer have any meaning, you need to be on constant alert for threats both alive and undead.
From weapons to equipment, Harbor Freight is the one stop shop for all your survival needs, but you can’t carry everything when you’re on the run from the undead!

The Ultra Ear Sound Amplifier (Item #:  66577) fits comfortably behind either ear and provides ultra sensitive hearing to prevent anyone (or anything) from sneaking up on your camp. You never know what type of tool or equipment might require batteries and in a zombie apocalypse, batteries will basically be like currency. These gloves are perfect for reloading your shotgun quickly in windy, cold or wet conditions. This handy device features tone and volume adjustment so you can keep an ear out in almost any environment.
Also grab a pack of 100 Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves (Item #: 68498) for any less pragmatic survivors you may come across.
The oil-resistant comfort grip minimizes muscle fatigue so you can handle a whole group of zombies with ease. The Nitrile hand gloves offer three times more puncture resistance than latex and vinyl, providing extra protection against sharp metal objects in dilapidated city ruins as well as zombie bites. And the solid steel rip claw is designed to withstand rigorous use, even if it’s smashing zombies in the noggin. Dull blades can easily become stuck in a skull or other decomposing body part, leaving you helpless and without a weapon.

They’re environmentally friendly (which is still important even in a zombified world) and these batteries can be recharged up to 800 times. Along with the 5 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Charger (Item #: 60449), all you need is direct sunlight to get those batteries back to full capacity. Free Shipping + Free Returns on Qualified Orders.More info Military knives and survival knives.
However, while the Pro Rip Hammer might be a bit heavier, it has the leverage you need to break through the skulls of the undead or to pry open boarded up windows in a hurry. In fact, it couldn’t hurt to pick up two hammers, either as an extra for a partner or one for each hand so you can deal out double the carnage.

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