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Here’s some good info everyone should have at their disposal, whether it be for camping or emergency situations. Find an area where you can have a fire, hopefully a spot protected from any present elements like high wind and rain. Keep a bucket or other container of water nearby in case, for any reason, you need to put the fire out.
Using your serrated blade or backside of a knife, strike a spark to ignite the magnesium on the tinder bundle. But instead of sliding the blade down the flint toward the tinder, hold the blade stationary, down with the tinder bundle, and slide the flint up toward you. Before you start, if your pan is used, scrub any rust and gunk out of it with fine steel wool.
When the time is up, turn off the oven and leave the pan in there, leaving the oven door open a crack. Harbor Freight has an extremely affordable, quality 3-piece set of Cast Iron Frying Pans #44707, ready to go along on your family trips and excursions! April 21, 2015 by Dave There are two things that you don’t need in the Navy: a wife and a car.
In camp and when cruising about the woods, there are certain essentials, and many other small articles of constant use which one should always have handy.
As for us 21st century landlubbers, we’ve got a slightly modified list of necessities for our travels.
April 17, 2015 by Biff In a recent MIT engineering study, an experiment was conducted moving large loads of materials using devices and methods employed by average Joes. February 6, 2015 by Biff Not all jacks are created equal… and that’s the way it should be because different jacks are designed for different applications. The pitcrew style and lightweight design of this aluminum racing is a favorite among auto enthusiasts!
This heavy duty low-lift transmission jack is designed for transmission work while the vehicle is on jack stands. This trailer jack is great for stabilizing and leveling RVs and travel trailers when parked at the campsite!
This convenient boat trailer jack is easy to turn and has greater stability thanks to its dual wheels which swivel 360 degrees with loads up to 1,500 lbs. And don’t forget  to check out Harbor Freight’s complete selection of tarps available at all of Harbor Freight’s 500+ stores! The Portable Halogen Shop Light from Harbor Freight Tools delivers 500 watts of bright light to your workspace when handling a variety of jobs. December 8, 2014 by Zack For many people, visiting the family for the holidays doesn’t involve hooking up a trailer and hauling it across the state. The Swing-Back Trailer Jack mounts easily to the tongue of your trailer and provides support up to 1,000 pounds when parked. Compact Camping Concepts of Salem, Oregon has recently released a guide for do-it-yourself building of tent based camping trailer. Unsatisfied with his desire to find a small RV that could be towed by a small car while still being comfortable in it, Scott found roof top tents, typical of the kind found on vehicles on a safari. Once he found the type of tent he liked, he ordered one, built a diamond plate trailer to put it on, and with that, Compact Camping Concepts was born.
While Scott will build his trailers for his customers, his main focus is helping do-it-yourself builders achieve the trailer to their specifications. To get started on the Explorer Box DIY, the cost for the 85 page manual is a mere $30, which includes step by step instructions with photos, as well as material and tool lists.
The Explorer Box AL brings some of the same conveniences as the DIY version, yet the AL has a lightweight aluminum box with a welded steel frame.
Both models are designed to handle the tasks of being either a hauler for your outdoor gear, or that of a tent topped camper. If you’re handy and like tent camping, Compact Camping Concepts looks like a fun way to utilize your technical skills and get that tent off the ground at the same time.
AboutThe Small Trailer Enthusiast is a home for news on small travel trailers, typically 20' or less. Level one blnkt emergency blanket - How hospitals mark up the cost of over-the-counter supplies like aspirin and q-tips as much as 1000%. If you have a boat, vintage car, or just need to tow a lot of stuff around, then chances are you're going to need a trailer. 2014 ram 1500 ecodiesel vs 2015 nissan titan diesel, The 2015 nissan titan diesel took the 2014 ram 1500 ecodiesel’s sloppy seconds after ram denied the v8 cummins diesel, but was it the right move for ram?.
Nissan city cars, electric cars, crossovers, sports cars, [2] on the road price includes vat 2011 rate of 20%, 12 month government vehicle excise duty (determined by co2 emissions figure and fuel type) and government first. Car reviews – new cars for 2015 and 2016 at car and driver, Research 2015 and 2016 cars on car and driver. The three go-to designs for a campfire are Teepee, Log Cabin and Lean-to (or variations of any of the three).
Once your structure is built, make a bundle out of your tinder that will catch the sparks from the fire starter.
Then with the other hand, hold the serrated metal blade that came with your HF Magnesium Fire Starter at a slight (45?) angle against the block and shave tiny flakes downward onto the bundle. You might want to use a couple of sticks to push the bundle under if it’s too hot to handle. Find larger sticks and logs to keep the fire growing and happy for the endurance you need to stay warm, dry and protected.

It’s not enough to have your magnesium fire starter, you should be ready in an instant to know how to use it. If that doesn’t work, stick it in your self-cleaning oven for the shortest time period and wipe clean. Set the greased pan on the upper shelf upside-down, so the foil can catch the excess drips.
The cast iron pan needs to cool slowly; a sudden change from hot to cool temperature might cause it to crack. They also have a nice 12″ Cast Iron Dutch Oven #44705 for your camping trip Mountain Man breakfasts, stews and cherry cobblers! They aggregate about two pounds weight and if disposed about one’s clothing will not only make these garments heavy and uncomfortable but will fill them with knubly protuberances which make sitting down or lying down a matter of much struggle and remonstrance. And Harbor Freight Tools carries a lot of items ideal for the ditty-minded dude in all of us. And you might want to deviate a bit from our checklist depending on what journey you have in store, but not much. There are a few types out there, some in cloth, some nylon, some in leather and some in canvas.
Some may consider this a nearly impossible task, but at Harbor Freight, we’ve got you covered. Out of the 30 loads tested, 29 loads ended up strewn across the highway from point A to point B causing several fender benders and numerous traffic delays. The Rapid Pump® high performance aluminum racing jack has a dual parallel pump system that lifts most workloads in just 3 pumps!
The multifunction jack is designed for lifting tractors, heavy trucks, pulling posts and poles and even serves as an all-purpose hoist or winch. Harbor Freight offers over 90 different kinds of jacks alone, not to mention all the jackcessories you’ll need to pump, lift and support your way through virtually any application.
However, in a survival situation, a tarp could literally mean the difference between life and death.
With the Portable Halogen Shop Light (Item #: 66433), you can work long into the night with optimal visibility in nearly any environment. Indoors or outdoors, this item is easily adjustable to 180 degrees so you can achieve the ideal lighting positon while painting, plumbing, remodeling, and more. But for some, the trailer is an essential piece of the road trip and so is all of the cargo it’s carrying. With this handy item attached to your trailer, it will stay stabilized and level until you’re ready to head back out.
Sturdy and convenient, the Swing-Back Trailer Jack saves time and stress after you’ve been on the road for hours or even a few minutes. Perhaps you find yourself with a flat tire on the side of the road in the middle of the night. As the name implies, it’s a do-it-yourself trailer, which can be used as a tent topped trailer or a trailer to haul your gear.
The open-sided concept to the Utilitarian gives it the versatility of being a tent-topped camper one weekend or a trailer for hauling supplies or loads the next weekend.
It comes with an integrated dome style tent that doubles as either a camper or mobile shelter. Here you will find info on new models, industry news relating to small trailers, and any other stories I think you might find interesting.
But, if you just happend to have left those at home, dry moss, pine cones, dry pine needles, tiny twigs, dry grass and thin shreds of wood all make great tinder. Then, as you prepare for the next phase, maybe feed it some more leaves and grass to keep it stoked. As your structure starts catching on fire, blow on it and feed it by gradually adding slightly larger and larger twigs and sticks. Whether you’re stranded in the cold and wt woods or the arid, desert wilderness, knowing how to make a fire in a SHTF situation will give you life, comfort and security.
Whether you buy the pans unseasoned or preseasoned, it’s good to know how to season your cast iron pans so they can remain non-stick, easy to clean and stored for long periods of time without threat of rusting. If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, spray it with oven cleaner, stick it in a plastic bag overnight and wipe clean the next day. There’s some debate as to what kind of coating to put on, particularly when you factor in the non-meat eaters who lobby for vegetable oil.
It would probably be a good idea at this point to open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan, ’cause the place is gonna get smoky  real soon.
We prefer canvas, preferably waxed or otherwise weather-treated, the kind that slings over your shoulder like you’re in an Old Spice commercial.
This is a great industrial quality jack for professional mechanics and hardcore automotive enthusiasts.
The trailer jack also bolts to your vehicle’s frame or can be welded to your RV for permanent attachment. Featuring a rugged cast iron base, precision machined steel ram, safety spring ram retention and a twist top for additional height, this outstanding hydraulic jack is ideal for a variety of agricultural, automotive, industrial and construction applications.
You can also use this versatile farm jack as a come-along to stretch fence, recover a vehicle or uproot saplings. If you spend any time hiking, backpacking or on any other activity that may put you in a survival situation, click on the story link above.
Sure, it works just as well inside your shop or garage while you’re finishing a metalworking project or working under the hood of your car, but this lightweight and portable shop light is ideal for the outdoors when there are no light sources available as well.

Featuring a steel protector grill around a tempered glass lens, the shop light is shatter-resistant as well as water resistant to ensure a long shelf life. Whether it’s presents for your relatives or a new piece of machinery for the farm, you want to protect both your trailer and its contents, especially during colder weather when the ground isn’t so stable. Because when you’re ready to secure your trailer, you want to do it with the least hassle possible. A cushioned pistol grip makes it comfortable to hold while the cordless feature allows you to take the light with you while looking for firewood or during a power outage. Of course, it’s easy (and smart) to keep the Spotlight fully charged but it’s designed to last so you’re never left in the dark. After 26 years working for a major electronics company, Scott found himself unemployed from his career as an information technology  program manager in 2006.
It lacks the enclosed storage like the Explorer Box models do, but offers a little more diversity of use. Sitting on a 2,000 lbs axle, the LGT measures in at just a tick over 10′ long from hitch to tail. Made of modular fiberglass components, the Dinoot is designed to be built incrementally, which helps spread out the cost of your camper and thus take the burden off your wallet.
Construct a teepee of twigs and small branches (like the picture below on the left), evenly distributing so it can bear additional wood after the fire takes. On top of the tinder bundle, place a dry leaf or an old receipt to contain the magnesium shavings. You may have to urge the young flame on by very gently blowing on it and giving it additional oxygen. These seafaring men were expected to make their own clothes, so the sewing kit meant more than just a way to restore a button.  The origin of the term, “ditty” has been obscured by time, though. Ratcheting Tie Downs 4 Pc set during Harbor Freight’s 50% OFF Sale running through April 27th at all Harbor Freight stores! Now sing along with me… “Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O, and on this farm he had the 42 in. For just $11.99, you can take high-powered illumination with you to the job site, the camp site, or any site within sight of an electrical outlet! And when you get to your destination, the jack easily adjusts to fit the terrain, so your trailer is level even when the landscape isn’t. And that’s exactly what this great Trailer Jack provides: Hassle-free stability for your trailer and protection of your cargo. A high impact housing even protects the lens if the Spotlight is dropped and an auto shut off feature automatically powers down the Spotlight when it’s fully charged.
Great for emergency repairs, evening hiking, power outages, and camping trips, the 3 Watt LED Rechargeable Cordless Spotlight is portable, lightweight, and reliable.
However, he seized the opportunity and put his personal interests and previous experience with mechanical engineering CAD to use and combined his two loves: designing and camping. Keep going at it until you have a pile of magnesium shavings on your tinder bundle about the size of a quarter. You may also need to adjust it a little here and there it to allow the young fire to spread. If you drop a log on it too soon, you’ll be back to square one, rummaging for dead grass. So you could fry up a big batch of bacon (ooohhh, yeah…) and then leave the grease in there to harden and then spread around. It might have come from a cotton cloth known as ditti or a fabric called dutty which was used to make sails. Ratcheting Tie Downs 4 Pc (item #: 61524) set from Harbor Freight Tools to secure various loads to truck beds, roof racks and trailers. On the other hand, if you’re paranoid about transporting large loads and not being able to find your way back without leaving a trail, then by all means, stick with duct tape and a prayer.
Just take it by the carrying handle (complete with foam comfort grip, of course) and take it along as part of your tool kit. No matter what the situation may be, the 3 Watt LED Rechargeable Cordless Spotlight (Item #: 61777) is just the tool to shed some light on it.
Or, if you strike out and happen to have a chunk of change you can part with, the Best Made Co. Not only is it fun to say its name, but the Swing-Back Trailer Jack also won’t set you back too much with a lightweight $24.99 price tag. Available at Harbor Freight Tools, this extra-bright spotlight charges directly from your vehicle’s 12 volt cigarette lighter socket (or any 120 volt outlet) so it’s always ready and you’re always prepared!
The ratchet handles made it easy to adjust the strap length and the handle levers allowed the test subjects to pull the straps tight. You may also be able to find dry moss, pine needles or tiny twigs in these protected areas. Or, if you’re not having much luck doing that, put the least damp tinder in your pocket for a while and let the heat dry it out.
If you see any larger sticks or wood that looks useable, grab that aw well so it’ll be ready when needed.
I was so impressed with the quality that I purchased a second one to keep around for other purposes.

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