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As you recall, two or more kinds of tissues grouped together and performing a common, specialized function make up an organ.
Skin (The Cutaneous Membrane):The skin provides protection against external threats, including invasion by pathogens. The Epidermis:The epidermis (epi ? ?above? + dermis ? ?skin?) consists of stratified squamous epithelium and contains no blood vessels. The cells of the stratum basale grow and divide rapidly, and as new cells are produced, older cells get pushed upward.

As the older cells, called keratinocytes (keratino ? ?keratin-producing? + cyte ? ?cell?) are pushed upward, they undergo a process called keratinization. Normally, production of epidermal cells by the stratum basale balances loss of cells from the stratum corneum.
Specialized cells within the stratum basale known as melanocytes produce the pigment melanin, which they can then transfer to other epidermal cells. Collagen and elastin fibers are generally arranged in parallel bundles within the dermis and oriented such that they can most efficiently resist the stress that normally occurs on the skin during movement.

Needless to say, any competent surgeon will normally want to cut along the lines of cleavage, rather than across them.

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