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If anyone makes a decent detailed Survival Mode Guide, I'll pin it up in the Guides & Strategies subforum. Helicopters come in Waves 4, 7, sometimes 8 and 10 - unless the game glitches out and doesn't give you helicopters in one of the rounds for some reason. If you have access to a grenade launcher or RPG, use it on cars before they have a chance to stop.
It's a good idea to find a good hiding spot during helicopter rounds where you can't be attacked from above. Weapons of choice for a helicopter are a matter of preference and also the range required to reach the target.
A good tactic for taking out helicopters is to attack them with multiple players from multiple angles at the same time. In desperate times you can drop tear gas right outside your camping spot and sticky bombs too.
Summary: This is my current favourite map as I've become sick of the camping and waiting game. Camping Spot: This open-top tray-style rail car is the best place to camp as you are protected from helicopters. However, my favourite spot these days for non-helicopter rounds is on top of the brown container against the right hand side wall in the picture below, hiding behind the green container with "Thriftex" on it. If your username contains these characters, please register a temporary account and post in this topic. What are good strategies to use on the Sawmill Plant, Industrial Plant, Railyard, Sandy Shores, and Processed to better our 4 man team chances of survival? On Sandy Shores, on the edge of the map there's a food cart near a restaurant and some wooden fences.
There are a number of places that are decent on this map, but without question, the red dumpster is the best.
One person should hug the wooden wall (watch the first enemy spawn point) and the other should hug the side of a vending machine (watch for any cars). The long sled type dumpster has a slope of garbage, at the end with the least trash is an excellent spot with a wide vantage and superb cover.
I think the biggest thing I learned through experience that I wish I knew before was that the choppers land. And doing a survival is also great before doing other missions or death matches, because you have weapons and ammo you wouldn't normally have access to.
I've solo'd Sandy, Boneyard and Processed all the way to Wave 10 so it's possible even if you're having trouble finding good players to team with. Boneyard, as Dom pointed out, you hid behind that trailer and you can solo the entire 10 waves just from there, except you kinda have to switch between sides at times, although you will RARELY get intense heat from both sides at the same time because the AI is sorta dumb in this map. Sandy of course, same strategy that Dom mentioned in the dumpster, but you can solo this map with JUST the saw-off shotty.
Processed, for some reason I found to be the easiest map to solo (yes, I am a sole survivalist) just hide in that same barn, but there is an open dumpster you can hide in that only has one opening. Call merrywether for heli assistance, costs 5k but if you're struggling it can make a big difference!
I found using the rocket launcher hopeless, and it often leaves you too exposed, same can be said for the mini gun, great to play with but you can get to carried away with it and it screws up your hit percentage like nothing else. I would suggest booby trapping any parked SUV's or blow them clear so you retain line of sight. Headsets are shite, but you can learn a great deal from the other guys, just keep it friendly. I found a spot thats fairly good in industrial plant, its in between some containers and behind the wall. Tip for Processed: If you plan on taking cover inside the dumpster, then you can use the small concrete column which is just near the dumpster when it comes to heli waves.

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Do removed parts of a Druid's Wild Shape form persist after said Druid exits Wild Shape?
Can I remove one claw from a Two Handed Weapon at the end of each turn, so I can make Attacks of Opportunity with the claw?
In MTG, can you counter a spell that requires cards to be revealed after they are revealed? Here is a quick overview of all the PC graphic settings in GTA 5 to reduce your video memory and increase performance. There is a option to exceed your memory limit but I do not recommed this, because your game may crash. If you have a beast of a computer you can make the game look even prettier in the Advanced Graphics settings by activating high resolution shadows, high detail streaming while flying and you will be able to see even further with extended distance scaling.
GTA 5 Online PC Gameplay: Garbage Truck Mission with Live Commentary – Taking Out The Trash!
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My internet has been real shocking so I have been doing solo stuff on GTAO, might use the time to play some and write the guide at the same time.
I learnt how to navigate the map and round up the enemies and would take them down in bottleneck areas. You'll have a good vantage point of enemies coming at u from the distance, and the ones  that come from the opposite way youll have protection from the bus. This GTA is light years ahead of the original open world GTAIII in 2001, and we probably wont see a title on next generation for another 5-6 years, by then my daughter will be going into 5th or 6th grade lol. Despite the RP you get from killing NPCs, the majority of the rewards you get are equal across the board regardless of how many kills you get. Healing yourself in the midst of battle is often the difference between surviving a round and failing.
If you come out at the same time they have more targets to get and you increase your chances of taking them down before they lay into you. Ideally two guys hold off each end of this building but you can also do it with one person if you're quick about switching sides and watching the minimap for the proximity of the NPCs. There is a spot you can camp for all 10 rounds but I prefer to camp only for the rounds with helicopters (4, 7, (8,) and 10).
Ideally two guys hold off this position but its really easy for one person to do it as well as not many guys come up the backside. I cannot tell you how many times I have been shotgunned in the back at the start of a round just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Best way to stock up before each wave is to shoot the last NPC in the leg or body (I recommend a pistol or SMG depending on the wave you are on). It is important that both of you keep your heads on a constant swivel before jumping out of cover. Unfortunately, there is no "go-to" spot on this map, since they all pretty much have their pros and cons.
Myself and two friends were able to do 10 waves easily from in here, only venturing out to knock off stragglers at round end.
In the corner of the fenced in area, to your left when you first spawn, there's a shipping container that has one end open and is on the second level of containers.
Just keep an eye on the minimap and switch sides quickly to take them out, they have no cover on that side. You can do these silly pop-out pot shots then hide, rinse and repeat and you'll barely get a scratch.

Fired one of these at camp back in the day, great fun, and glad I don't have to carry it around for real. Some NPC's spawn near but only try to attack from behind in higher levels, most the time they go around the containers and right in your firing range, others spawn in front and run out in front, you need a gun that shoots far to get the guys right across the yard. I am using DirectX 11 because I think it’s the most optimized, but if you are really struggling with your video memory you can use another version.
I put my shadows on normal just to have some extra performance and a higher shadow quality will take up alot more video memory. I kinda gave up doing this though when choppers would wreck me, how do you usually deal with this?
But make sure u do not let too many get in front of u, they tend to bunch up so headshot as many as u can in free aim. It just took me a long time to write this so I won't bother if you no one wants to read it. If you all spread out there's more chance one will spawn randomly beside you and pick you off before you even realise. I highly recommend healing yourself to full health before heading out to take on a helicopter.
I find the accuracy of the MGs atrocious and personally have difficulty taking down helicopters down with them but others prefer them as you can drop a 100 bullet round before you have to reload. The narrow opening at the top created by the wall and the building prevents helicopters from attacking you 90% of the time.
The front side position gives you a clean shot all the way up the map and most NPCs will spawn in the same spots where you can pick them off with free-aim.
That gives you vital time to grab any and all the goodies you can before the next wave starts. Do this by opening up the Interaction Menu, go to Inventory, and select one of the various snacks at the bottom of the list (P & Qs, Ego Chaser, Meteorite Bar, or eCola). Deal with helicopters from inside unless you're too impatient in which chase, one or two can venture out and take them out.
Since it's elevated and at one end of the map, nobody really runs right up (sometimes they climb up though) and generally only come from one side.
Go with Dom's advice be careful of enemies popping out at close range as they can one-shot you out of nowhere. As I said before i wanted to play with high textures but you can put it on normal which will save you around 500 MB of Vram. The rest of the graphic settings do not have such a huge impact on your video memory, but to increase my performance i turned off reflection MSAA, Ambient Occlusion and Tesselation. The only place they get stuck is in the bus shell at the other end of the camping spot, below. When the helicopters come, the guy up the end that's closest to the middle of the map may have to retreat to halfway down the rail car as helicopters can get an angle to shoot you if you are right up the end. I recommend leaning up against the container, just a few feet back from the end on this one.
Stay in the back of that belly of the jet your in, and watch its flight pattern, wait till it gets behind you so when u come out side you will still have ample cover.
But from your camping spot you can take them out with a sniper and not even waste time walking across the map. Also I recommend using the AP pistol or a shorter gun if you're at this end as there are buckles on the end of the rail car that can get in the way of your ability to fire. I'll get rid of as many enemies as I can to give me breathing room to minigun one chopper, before another  round of enemies come.

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