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Thyme is a popular cooking herb that’s also got medicinal properties and a pleasant smell.
Planting Thyme: Thyme is not a plant for the impatient—seeds are slow to germinate, and seedlings grow slowly at first. While waiting for seeds to sprout, keep soil damp but not soggy—misting lightly with spray bottle of water works well.
Let There Be Light: Thyme needs lots of sun—at least 5-8 hours of direct sun daily or about 12 hours under a fluorescent light. The Common Blue Violet, Viola sororia, is the state flower of 3 states in the USA: Rhode Island, Illinois, and New Jersey. True Violets have been known for centuries with the ancient Greeks cultivating them about 500 BC or earlier. Crossings of a number of plants were developed and these were known as the 'Quatre saisons' violets. The Ancient Greeks considered the Violet a symbol of fertility and love; they used it in love potions. African violets have fleshy downy leaves and produce throughout the summer, five-petalled flowers, usually with a distinct eye while true violets have large to small heart shaped leaves, sometimes smooth, sometimes with varying degrees of hairiness. Violets are best grown in the dappled shade of deciduous trees thus allowing full winter and spring sunshine. Prick out the seedlings into individual pots when they are large enough to handle and plant them out in summer. Carrots, Lettuces, Arugula, Summer Squash, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Basil, Sage, ParsleyI'm a Proud Member of the Daring BakersMy Recession Kitchen is now on Facebook!
Doyenne du Comice is one of the finest eating pear varieties.  Comice is often grown against a wall in the UK, and the delicious, juicy ripe pear just melts in the mouth. When is the right time to pick pears?   Pears will ripen according to variety, weather and location. This seasonal box of British apples and pears contains juicy, well flavoured Comice pears and crunchy crisp Cox apples.

A ?10 voucher and Thompson & Morgan Fruit Collection catalogue is included to encourage  growing your own delicious fruit.
Click this link for more details about this wicker-effect basket containing 10 British Cox apples & 10 British Comice  pears which makes a delightful present.
Wasps have been a big problem this year and have caused a lot of damage to the pears on the tree. Pick Pears before the Wind damages them.  Branches and twigs hitting the pears will bruise them and the pears will rot quickly on the tree.
But the damaged, bruised and pecked pears have been seperated as they will not keep.  So we will use these first.  If we are not eating the raw pears quickly enough, I will simmer them in red wine before freezing them for a special occassion!
Traditionally, pears were put in a drawer (so dark) in a chest in the spare room – which was cool. Winter pears, such as Anjour, Comice and Bosc require 3 or 4 weeks in the fridge after picking to ripen properly. This low, bushy plant produces small gray-green leaves that are high in anti-oxidant capacity, antibacterial properties, and nutrients such as manganese, iron, Vitamin K and calcium. Thyme is not something I’ve ever had a lot of success growing but I do love fresh herbs so will have to give it another go. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Bright blue flowers bloom continuously on aromatic plants with a creeping, prostrate habit. Ordinary Violets, Common Blue Violets, Sweet violets and Garden violets are some of the popular varieties of violets. The shape of the petals defines many species, for example, some Violets have a spur at the end of each petal. Both the Greeks and the Romans used Violets for all sorts of things such as herbal remedies, wine ('Vinum Violatum'), to sweeten food and for festivals. Along with the so-called 'Russian Violet' introduced in the latter part of the 19th century, these horticultural efforts gave us the Violets we grow today.

Pliny recommended that a garland of violets be worn above the head to ward off headaches and dizzy spells. Violet flowers are edible, used in medicines, as a laxative, and the flowers are candied for decoration in jellies, etc.
They are shallow rooting plants that enjoy a good amount of light as long as it is in the shade.
The flowers are produced from September through to March and most, apart from the Parma Violets, which are frost tolerant.
Violets also like well-drained, fairly rich soil, so work in a spadeful or two of compost at planting time for best results. Violets should receive extra moisture in dry weather, as Red Spider Mite is liable to attack if they are allowed to get parched. Larger divisions can be planted out direct into their permanent positions, though it is best to pot up smaller divisions and grow them in light shade in a greenhouse or cold frame until they are growing away well. If you live in an area with harsh winters, you probably want to grow thyme in a container that you can bring inside once the weather gets cold.
Violets are native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere and are also distributed in Hawaii, Australasia, and the Andes in South America.
Most Violets are small perennial plants, but a few are annual plants and some are small shrubs. Flower colors vary among the Violets, many of which are violet as their name suggests, and some are blue, yellow, white and cream.
Occasional feeding with soot water or liquid manure and even a top dressing of blood or bone is helpful for good blooms.

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