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Looking for alternative ways to feed themselves and the community, large and small alternative gardening ventures are popping up everywhere.
While the Urban Hydro Project continues to expand and thrive in Nashville, FarmedHere sprouted up outside of Chicago and claims the honor of being the largest indoor vertical farm in the US. FarmedeHere is looking to produce over one million pounds of fresh, organic leafy greens, free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. As more stringent government regulations are put in place controlling individual freedoms, and greater efforts are made to alter the essence of food by corporations like Monsanto, the availability of organic, life-staining foods will diminish. Permission is granted to copy the title and first one hundred words with the provision that the author's name be included and a link to the original article be added. JB Bardot is trained in herbal medicine and homeopathy, and has a post graduate degree in holistic nutrition. The information included on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease. Today, they're still grown for food, and not just for birds: their seeds make a wholesome snack and are pressed into vegetable oil. Empowering the poor through providing food independence.  While Roots of Health uses a vertical farming lease program, MAPULP is an educational diversified farm in the Heart of Quezon City. As I walked through the village, I saw the vast majority of residents were maximizing the vertical gardens.  Many requested more than one, while others created their own innovations to allow them even more planting space.
Similar to Roots of Health, the MAPULP also started small, specifically through one woman’s vision, Rosario G. As the private sector and intellectual property rights dictate agricultural research, it is the NGO’s responsibility to provide education to the poor that empowers them rather than binds them with the dependency of costly agricultural products.
Though where do you start?  How can we cut back on world hunger, and actively make a difference.
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A fast growing climber, Honeysuckle is seen by many as a traditional garden shrub, often seen in gardens growing up a trellis or trailing over walls and fences. Honeysuckle flowers generally appear from June-August and vary in colour from creamy white, pink, red and light yellow. The flowers are followed by bunches of red berries which ripen in Autumn and are often eaten by wild birds during the winter months.
Probably the most popular variety of honeysuckle is Lonicera periclymenum (Woodbine) a native species which grows wild in woodlands and hedgerows throughout Europe. Honeysuckles grown specifically for the garden can vary in that, some are deciduous others are evergreen and semi-evergreen. Wild Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum) is the primary food plant for the caterpillar of a rare British woodland Butterfly the White Admiral (Limenitis camilla).

Flowering later than most varieties, this, beautiful climber with pink and white tubular flowers that will fragrance the air with its distinctive perfume well into Autumn, before continuing its display with small, glassy red berries that are loved by garden birds.
Indoor, organic urban farms growing food vertically using hydroponic and aquaponic principles, are sprouting around the country. Smaller ventures such as the Urban Hydro Project in Nashville, Tennessee is the farm-child of Jeffery Orkin; and his efforts are paying off. Founded by Jolanta Hardej, it’s located in a huge 90,000 square foot abandoned warehouse in Bedford Park, Illinois. As the air and land are poisoned with chemicals and other noxious elements in an effort to marginalize life, alternative means of growing food will be needed for those who are willing to fight to survive the system. Some vertical growing equipment is portable and can be moved outside in warmer weather if desired. Additionally, small or large indoor community gardens are possible in smaller-sized buildings, allowing for groups to form gardens, purchase supplies and share fresh vegetables together. Bardot retired from a 25-year natural healthcare practice caring for both people and animals. JB Bardot does not provide personal consultations, treatments or suggestions for individuals regarding dosing or experiencing any health conditions or diseases. Do not use any pesticides, grass seed or other chemicals near the growing sunflowers.Check out the 'Mammoth' our largest growing sunflower!Share these sunflower growing tips!
As land is becoming infertile due to overwork and contamination, we must focus on restoring our lands’ fertility and nutrient abundance.  Therefore solutions will be found with reviving barren and damaged land, and allocating it for social projects.
As fuel costs are rising, we should stray away from our reliance on fossil fuels for the production of foodstuffs.
Research and outreach programs have been designed to facilitate a return to investment, usually at the hands of transnational agriculture corporations.  As for rice, the staple for a majority of the world, the future lies in incorporating techniques for cultivation that require less water, less seed, and less fertilizer. Thank you for jolting us to wakefulness that there is so much that can be done in the urban zone to help the poor and needy. While there are many different organizations, movements and initiatives working toward transitioning to more sensible and resilient food systems, the impoverished are frequently relegated to charity status. Angie is the 2017 President of the Board of Directors of Asian Real Estate Association of America.
Whether or not you believe homeownership is still out of reach, we can talk about challenges together. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notification of new posts by email.
They are mainly trumpet shaped, and give off an unmistakable sweet scent, most noticeable late evening and at night. The flowers also can be trumpets or funnel shaped, often forming clusters, although some can occur in pairs depending on the species. The push for alternative methods of raising food follow in part, on the heels of local governments outlawing homeowners from growing vegetable gardens in their yards, and forcing people to tear out existing, healthy gardens.

A cry for community support in late 2012 raised over $3,300 in donations, enough money for Orkin to buy materials to extend his fledgling indoor organic garden on the top floor of a condo building in Nashville.
Hardej had the vision as far back as 2008 to grow fresh, organic produce using aquaponic techniques, and no soil. The individual containers could be owned or operated on their own as gardens or livestock operations, such as for a restaurant to grow some of their own produce, or run as a single large urban farm, and because of the modular nature of the design, residences or office units could be interspersed with the growing containers as a mixed use building."The idea of this ecosystem is to bring farming down-town and grow fresh produce near their urban consumers. She converted a 3000 square meter plot into a diverse poly-cultural integrated agricultural ecosystem.  The soil has consistently improved in the three years of planting, as compost has been a consistent factor in restoring humus, organic matter, and indigenous microorganisms. Remember, if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime, and with Rosario’s and Roots of Health’s successes, I believe that the key to eradicating poverty is in incorporating the destitute into these charitable programs.  The poor must be connected physically, emotionally, and financially, to motivate them to drive the program’s success. Traditionally scented, some Honeysuckles can also have little or no scent, but make up for this with masses of spectacular flowers. Fueling the wheels of change are the county, state and federal government knowingly attempting to destroy the food chain with chemtrails, pesticides, growth hormones and GMOs, as they alter the very molecular nature of our food. Although the Urban Hydro Project has only 135 square feet of floor space, the room has 12 foot ceilings, and Orkin plans to plant to the ceiling.
Through studying several farming techniques, especially Korean Natural Farming, Rosario raises organic vegetables, pork, fish, eggs and more.
Regenerative agriculture is a great model for building this bridge and it is with it that we can return food independence to the poor as well as purpose and well being.
These actions move the heart, stimulate rage, hatred and fear, and force humans to change to survive or die.
Plants at FarmedHere are grown in multiple stacked levels and fed by mineral-rich water circulated throughout the system from fish tanks containing hormone-free tilapia fish. We must train the poor, urban dwellers to start somewhere, to start small and work hard for their own food independence.
We are on a mission to make real estate relevant to your lifestyle—and not just some responsibility to dread. Orkin says this is a more efficient method of production, and one that produces higher yields and better tasting organic food year round. Each sunflower needs a lot of nutrients from the soil, planting several together will just mean each plant will get less nutrients. When directly sowing into your garden be sure to cover with a screen until the plants have sprouted. You may also grow indoors until the plants are small and then transplant into your garden.8.
To keep them strong year after year continue this kind treatment while the plants are young every year.

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