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Animals can live happily all their lives, growing, eating and moving around, but if they don't reproduce (make babies) they won't have anything to show for themselves in the future - their species will quickly die out.
But if you think the frog's way of doing things is a bit strange, imagine this: not all animals need two parents to reproduce.
Amazingly, some animals like sponges and the fresh water jelly fish Hydra can sprout babies like buds growing out of the body of the parent.

This lesson is about categorizing plants and tracing the process from plant to food products.
Marsupial mammals, like kangaroos give birth to tiny babies (about the size of jelly babies) that spend a long time in their mother's pouch before they are able to face the big wide world. Probably one of the most amazing ways of reproducing - and you can see it in your garden pond every year.

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