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Step 2: After 110-130 days, gently unearth the roots with a digging fork being careful not to break or damage them.
Step 3: Cut off the leaves to within an inch or two (2-4 cm) or so and add feed the leaves to your nitrogen hungry compost pile. Step 5: Pack the roots upright in a bucket or pail and fill around them with sand, if you have it, or loose sandy soil if you don't. Thank you so much Roger, the simple explanation on the seed package, had me scratching my head a bit, but sure enough it was exactly as you described, although it was helpful to have some more detail about the temps. Like other leafy greens, endives enjoy the sun but tolerate some shade so they don't require the sunniest placement in your garden.
For me, Belgian endives provide summer salad greens as well as winter dinner meat substitutes, wrapped in thin prosciutto or parmesan ham or cooked ham or cheese, covered with Mornay sauce, baked in the oven.

KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same.
They are the "business end" of the plant and the storehouse of energy for the second phase of growth. Three weeks before you want to enjoy your first endive feast, move the bucket to a 50-60 degree (10-15 celsius) location within your house adding water, if necessary. Endive, perhaps the most famous member of the chicory family, is grown in two stages, once for the roots, and a second time for its yellow and white leaves.
If you started with thick, stocky roots, cut them as you did in step 3 as you may be able to get a second harvest from them. I grow my belgian endive for the tender green leaves from seed, harvested and steamed in summer and fall, till they get too bitter..

It is a particularly welcome member of the family in that it can produce crunchy salads throughout the entire winter if you grow enough roots.
Don't worry if your endives don't hold together tightly in a conical form, the flavor will be the same.
Belgian endive is known for its pleasantly bitter flavor that works well both raw and cooked. This educational pictorial wll show you how to enjoy some of Belgium's finest without leaving your own backyard.

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